Understanding Love – Las Vegas, October 1968

World Wide Seminar

I have a great deal of gratitude. I have a great deal of feeling for all of you because you’ve traveled so far, many of you, to hear the message of ECK. I’m not so presumptuous to think you came to see or hear this. But, I know and I understand why you came to hear the word of ECK itself. Now, of myself, I’m only a vehicle. In all modesty, I say that if It wasn’t for this thing that we call the ECK, this physical self couldn’t perform. And, neither could it perform with you or could it perform with anyone else unless you allow it to.

I’m only going to say a few words this morning. And then this afternoon, I believe according to the program, I come back to speak on consciousness. Anyway, what I have to say this morning is one keynote word and that keynote word is the effect and the feeling that I have for you, which is all summed up in the word love. Now, we speak of this and so many times we speak of it in the sentimental value. And, it isn’t what I’m speaking of.

But, because of this feeling I have for you, I will go to the end of all extremes to do whatever I can for you, in all the terms of the spiritual needs that you need. I will do, as it says in the Bible, I will give you my coat. I will do anything that you need in order for you to reach this level, tp reach this height which we call the God consciousness or the total awareness or whatever name that you want to give it. Words, of themselves, mean nothing. And, I’m only having to use the vocabulary because that is the known and the proper way of doing it at this time that we’re here in the body.

Now, I want to say to you, that to love one another, be worthy and follow me. Don’t follow the physical body. Follow this that we call ECK. And, unless you follow this as we call ECK, then you’ll never know where you’re going or you’ll never have any direction in your life.

Follow the path. Follow it and go on into the high areas in which that we have often talked about and that we have often spoken so much in writing and in discourses and in the words. Words, of themselves, are only trees in the forest. But, we have to have the words in order attract attention in order to get back to that we call soul. Each of you is an individual. And, each of you is privileged to come to, not only meetings like this, but sit into any house in which that is a path to God.

If you are sitting in any house, it matters not, what that house is or wherever that path is, that’s going to lead you at that present time. If it will get you eventually get you to Dodge, then you are a privileged person. And all people who seek God are privileged people. Now, I want you to know this because this makes you different. It makes you different from anyone else. And I want you to know that to be worthy of that, you have to go through the struggle. You have to go through the terms. You have to go through the hardship. You have to go through that dreaded night, that so many times, that so many of us know and hear about.

I’ve had my hardships. I’ve had my struggles. I’m still going through them as you or anyone else. And, don’t think, that any man who has claimed that he has reached all and had all the ultimate of God, is telling the truth. He is not. Because we do not receive that in the body. It’s very strange that they do tell us this. But it isn’t true because no man, no being, even in the other worlds, has reached the ultimate.

Every one of us, including you, including myself, including those strangers who came here, always had a plus element. They had one more step to go. Because no thing. I said no thing. I didn’t say nothing. I said no thing can reach God in all the full entirety because if you and he are It, of Itself, it’s too enormous. It’s too great. It’s too magnificent for any of us who have been created out of part of it, itself.

Now, if we were. If we were that great we would be God, itself. And since we cannot be it, of Itself, we can only be a part of it. And, we have known in ECK, known for a good many years, there is only one thing we can do to reach this area and still be ourselves and still be the individual and still be individual souls.

Now, we come a coworker with God. We do not become one as the Orientals say, because when we become one, in the sense of becoming one, then we enter into it and we become a nothingness as they say in becoming, in entering into Nirvana in Buddhism, because we do not want to become a nothing. We want to become a something. And, in becoming a something with God, then we go out into the world and serve our mission. We go back into some world, someplace. Somewhere, whether it’s in the spiritual world, whether it is in one world or not, then we become a worker of God because that is our mission then.

Now I tell you, and to be frank with you to bring everything down to the minimum of the basic truth, ECK has only one thing to offer you and that is the way to God. I, myself, cannot give you this. I cannot give you the spiritual realization. No one can give you this spiritual realization. And so much has been written and so much has been told, that is not true. The factor is that they have romanced and they have dramatized all of this so much in the writings, these people, sometimes we wonder what’s really going on. Those who tell us so many things, it’s quite beautiful to read this and have the inspiration. But at the same time, we are always standing on the outside saying, “Could this happen to me?”

In a sense, it could happen to all of us. But, remember, as I started this talk is, that all these people can do and is all the rest us can do, is point the way. This is what Jesus said and Christ said, “ I am the way shower.” And, this is all that I can do for you and this is all that the rest can do for you. Because I’m not sure in maybe this statement, but I don’t think that any place in the Bible that it’s said at the time, that he gave God consciousness to anyone. That he touched them and lifted them up to that area in the great God consciousness of himself, in which we read and hear so much about the Indians who are saying they are touched by their master on that. This is true. So many of them can feel it. But they won’t do it because we must earn our way and earn the right and be worthy of having it. And, this is something we have to work for. We have to make the effort. We have to get it in this sense. And, if we do not do it. If we do not take this then we are trying to work for a welfare program.

And there’s no such thing as spiritual welfare. Now, there are so many who teach us this. That if we go into the heavenly state, we are going to get everything. God is going to be to bestow all his gifts upon us. He’s going to give us everything. This isn’t quite true. Until we have learned, until we know, until we gain these levels just like in the scholastic work, these certain levels in this, then they will not come. We cannot take a fifth grader and put him in as a freshman in college and expect him to gain the same knowledge as he who has earned his way into the freshman year. So, the same principle, and the same idea and the same parallel comes in with the spiritual field. We cannot gain it until we have earned it.

And, this is why so many people wring their hands when they come to me and say, “I have studied so much. I have read so many books. I have gotten it and they say I want this and I deserve this.” And I have only one thing to say to them. “Think it out. Have you really deserved it? Do you really deserve this one thing?“ And then they have to tell me. I will not tell them because in no circumstances am I going to interfere with your thinking, with your rights, with your understanding.

Because I will go with you and I’ll walk with you at your side every step of the way. And this is not a literal statement in the sense that I am using it as an impracticality. I mean when I say, that I walk by your side, I walk at your side. And those, who do not understand this statement, will soon learn it, will soon learn that I am with you and present at all times, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. You may be on the far sides of the earth but i still will be there with you.

Now, the next thing that I want to say, and I will lay it down again to a basic principle, you must understand one thing when you come into ECK. And if you don’t get it and if you don’t understand it at this time, please be patient. ECK is the original and the primitive and the main source out of which all other things flow.

All religions, all life, everything flows out of this. And, you must understand this and if you don’t get it at the moment, be patient. Because, eventually, you will understand this. You’ll say, “Well, this looks like something else,” I had a very dear lady come to me one time after a lecture that I did in San Jose and she said, “Oh gee. that’s all you’re doing is talking about Christian Science.” And I said, “How did you arrive at that point?” And then she explained to me, very lengthily, how she believed that.

We understand at our level and no more and this is the reason why that we can only gain so much at a certain time and then we must go to on to another point. We must really be patient with ourselves. We must not allow ourselves to want to go ahead and gain. when we know we cannot. We cannot force the opening of the road. Neither can we force the opening of the consciousness.

And, the other thing that I have to say that I am careful, at all times, when I work with people because of the level of consciousness. I say this because we are working with states of consciousness. And, we are running into certain areas which I am regretful to have to talk about in and regretful we have at times. And that is the borderline of consciousness. Now there are a few groups in the world who say they are working these borderline cases. Some are good and some are not good because they are forcing these people across the borderline. And, I’m sorry to say that they’re ending up maybe under medical care. And they are ending up in places that we don’t like them to be.

So, therefore, we have to be, in ECK, very careful in bringing a person to this point and not pushing them on farther because there are areas of consciousness that we cannot explore except when we’re at certain levels.

Now, the other point I want to lay down is that until we get to the soul plane or the fifth plan, we ourselves, are not going to deal with anything but the material world. You will say, “Well, the astral, the causal, the mental and the unconscious worlds are all spiritual worlds,” Not completely.

Because they’re still dwelling in time and space when we dwell in any of these worlds. They are still, what I term, and this is only my own coinage, spiritual/material world. The material world starts at the fifth plane, or the soul plane, sometimes called the at-ma, if you want to use the Indian word for it. So, therefore, we have to get to this area before the start working in the pure area and above that. The dividing line is very sharp. And as we come down from that, into the solid world that we know as this world, then we are working with gradual field on the lesson of the spiritual power or spirit itself until they come here and then it begins to solidify. All these worlds are still under the negative rule. The negative power, of itself, rules these worlds. And, until we learn this, then we are not going to get the full impact of ECK. And when we begin to get the full impact of ECK in knowing what we are dealing with, all the illusion, all of these things, the disillusions that come within this, whether in thought or anything else, then we know that we are running into this problem. We’re running into this one problem of saying, “What’s the dividing line between this and this?”

And, this is the discrimination that we have to develop and which we will develop when we follow the high course and the high path of ECK. Now, I want to say to you, that we must develop this one great theme, this one great thing with ourselves. And I will go into this later and go into it much deeper than what I’m dwelling on it at this point.

We must develop this thing that we call love. This, of itself, isn’t going to change the other fella. It isn’t going to change the world. It’s a tying-in force. It’s a force that has the adhesion or a holding together of the things of this world. It holds together all things, in all the universes of God. It’s that one great thing that comes flowing out of the Godhead or the center. And it flows in a way that is like the beams on a radio station. It comes outward and outward in a circle to the edges of the universes. It hits like a pebble in a pond. The waves go out until it hits the edge of the pond. Then it goes back again.

And we are traveling back on that one wave, on that wave that’s going back into the Godhead again. And I say to you, that all you who are interested, all you who want to come back to that original Godhead and that original center again, that is what I’m interested in. I’m Interested in taking you back to all of this until we reach this.

And, the love that I speak about is this goodwill, this feeling, this thing which we give out to people in a detached manner, a manner that does not interfere with anything in their lives and gives and grants them their freedom and the independence, and their individuality. This is what I call the term of love. And, this is why that I feel for you and that I feel for all people. But, I have the greater feeling for you because you don’t belong to this, the plague, but you belong to me, which is inside of me, of which we call the living master. This great thing, this great ECK, this which is beyond the senses of ourselves, it belongs to. And, when I speak to you here, all during this meeting, I’m not speaking to you from the physical standpoint.

I’m not saying to you, “Your souls or any of this or because my soul, because I’m speaking from the physical level.” I will say soul, because when I say your souls, I’m dividing you from one point to the other point. And, I’m speaking to you in the sense of the spirit, the human level, when I speak to you on this level. And I speak to you on this high level because I’m speaking to you as a spiritual being.

And, I want this message to go with you all during this seminar, and all during the time that I’m here because it should mean something to you very deeply. It means something to me so deeply when I have a letter from one of you saying that they have a problem or that they want to know something. Or that they are writing from the fact that they want to express themselves on a certain thing. This means so much to me because I’m not compelled to answer to you. I never work under compulsion but I feel the depth of your love. I feel the depth of my love to go out and meet you and say, “Alright, you have asked. I will answer I and will answer as fast as I can.” The physical vehicle sometimes takes time to get there and it takes time to answer.

But if I can’t answer you and if you are not developed enough to be answered on the inner plane, then I know and I’ll answer you on the outer plane. And, so many people write me and say, “I had my answer before I even wrote my letter.” It comes into their mind and I know that the inner master has answered them. It has tagged them because it knows more about us, the puny human nature, than we can think that we had any conception of. It’s so magnificent and so great, that we, of ourselves, cannot have any idea of how great it is and how well it can direct our lives, and how much it can do for us if we leave it alone and let it take us over and carry into areas that it wants to take us to.

Now I say to you in closing this, I’m so grateful that you have come and I feel very humble in your presence that you, yourself, want to come and hear the message of ECK. Please do not hesitate. Please do not feel reluctant to ask any of us, Dr. Blue or any of the people who are working here, anything that you want to ask concerning with ECK or concerning with any other spiritual matter. We’re very happy. And, we’re more than happy to do what we can for you. And, that doesn’t mean, that we’re doing for you. But it means, that what you are doing for us. Because I always say, “If the people didn’t come to listen, there wouldn’t be – we wouldn’t be here.“ And that is true.

It’s like the time when I started out with three little gentle ladies and they all were very enthusiastic and they were all wrapped up in this. And I had expected a crowd of about hundred or more people. And I looked at them and I was a little surprised myself. And one said, “Well, there are only three of us here.” I said, “Well, I can talk to three as well as I can talk to 300.”

And out of that grew, I will say this, thousands of people, it’s not shown here, but thousands of people who are interested in ECK. And, people all over the world stay with this and it goes into 64 countries of the world and it is translated and being translated into several languages, our books, our discourses and everything of that nature. So you see, ECK as a message, is getting out to all people.

And in concluding this, I say this. I have deep feeling and love for you. And, please accept this for what it is because it is a spiritual gift. And, I’m not giving from the physical point of view. I’m giving it from great ECK or the spiritual point. Thank you.