Uplifting Words

Many find Paul Twitchell’s words very Uplifting!

Paul Twitchell gave about 60-70 talks from 1967 – 1971. Many of these talks have great wisdom in them, and are as relevant today as they were then. Paul brought out ideas that were foreign to the public, that are now commonplace today. He was a fore-runner for sure. We feel that the spoken words of Paul Twtichell are as important to his legacy as his written works, which includes over 35 books. The spoken talks given by Paul Twitchell, transcribed on this website is one of the gifts I am giving to this world. Probably over 1/2 of the 50 most potent quoes that have helped me on my spiritual journey can be attrributed to Paul Twitchell. The words of wisdom that are in these transcribed talks are sometimes so subtle. If you have the perception to see, just reading these words, and/or listening to them as well — can transform your life. There are many great teachers and beings on the planet. I honor them all, if there is pure intent in their hearts. Paul Twitchell communicates to me in a very special way. His words are truly poetry to me, and I wish you all well on your journey into the land of That that I Am, to experience the Real You, and to Recognize yourself simply as an atom in the body of God, as Paul Twitchell so aptly called it.

here are some quotes of Paul Twitchell’s:

“Thinking without feeling brings about woes. Feeling without thinking brings grief.”

“Being for or against anything exiles you from the God-consciousness state.”

“My Love always surrounds you.”

“So, you must remember that those who want to be with me after they leave this world, they can be with me. I will never reject anyone. When I go over and those who come after me want to be there, they may be there. But, I do not feel that this is a necessity on your part. You may be of interest to be someplace else. You may be of interest to do something in the work of ECK in another area which is alright and which will be. This is my last talk for this group. I want you to know that, no matter where you are and who you are, that if you want to accept the Master, he will always be with you. May the blessings be. ” – Paul Twitchell 1971 in Los Angeles, Ca

“The weakness of the human consciousness is that we do not realize that we make our own laws or considerations, but generally we follow out what somebody else, or a society, has given us. The root of all success, be it spiritual or material, is this: we make our own laws and follow them out, and if anything goes wrong, then we are to blame ourselves and nobody else.”