His Legacy

The Legacy of Paul Twitchell is a gift to the Earth.

Paul Twitchell, an American born around 1908, intensely studied Soul Travel and spiritual awareness for decades, and wrote many books to tell about his tales of spiritual exploration. His Books and Talks about his journey, and what he has learned and discerned from reading thousands and thousands of books about the spiritual life, exploring almost every religion and philosophy known to man are a treasure to this world. His contact with and studying under some of the great spiritual teachers on the planet gives greater depth to his understanding, and are evidenced in his writings and talks. May you feel the energy , the wisdom, and the love that flows from the words of Paul Twitchell. And may you achieve your goals of Jivan Mukti, spiritual liberation this lifetime. Remember however, there is no time and space.

This whole journey is itself a form of illusion. Paul Twitchell explained in one of his talks that All he was doing was presenting to Us and to the world , a Path, a Path to freedom, a Path to Total Awarenss. This IS a Path of Freedom, a Path Of Total Awareness. He never said anything was true. In the dualistic worlds of time and space, its not whether something is true or false or real or not real, it is whether it assists you in awakening from the illusion that there is anywhere to go, and to simply recognize that you are there now, or here now. Good luck on that one, though. These written transcriptions of Paul Twitchell’s many talks are indeed a great treasure which can help you dispel myths. Compare the words here to even things written in the 2010’s, and you may find that the depth of the spiritual wisdom of Paul Twitchell will find a home in your heart.