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Talks (currently unavailable here due to copyright laws)

Here is a list of talks by Paul Twitchell that can inspire you !! / you can purchase them at the following link. Worth every penny !

The Links Below will not work, since copyright laws prevent us from allowing you to hear these tapes, here. You can buy them at the above link.

We will continue to educate you about the value of these recordings, since the words of Paul Twitchell, heard on these audios, are very magical.

Clarence Hensley – 1971

Compassion – Chicago, 1971

Love, a Powerful Force – Los Angeles, 1971

Daydreams – Portland, 1971

Love – Portland, 1971

Being a channel for Light and Sound – Salt Lake City, 1971

Influence of Music Upon Society – Salt Lake City, 1971

Paulji talks to the Children – Salt Lake City, 1971

Children in the age of Great Fantasy – Chicago, April 1970

Principles of the Creative Process – Chicago, April 1970

Personality vs Message of Eck – Cincinnati, 1970

Gift of the Master – Las Vegas, October 1970

Influence of the Astral upon this World – Las Vegas, October 1970

Law of Silence – Las Vegas, October 1970

Message of Eck – Las Vegas, October 1970

Presence of the Master – Las Vegas, October 1970

Secret of Spirituality – Sacramento, 1970

Leave it to Spirit – Vancouver, 1970

Varaigi Eck Masters – Vancouver, 1970

Eck and the Individual – Dallas, 1969

Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad Questions and Answers – Los Angeles, October 1969

Way of the Initiate – Los Angeles, October 1969

Soul in the God Worlds – Dallas, 1968

Understanding Love – Las Vegas, October 1968


Awareness of Spiritual Experiences – Milwaukee, 1967

Spiritual Exercise Techniques – 2 Cd’s – Milwaukee, 1967

Youth Training

Communication in Eck – Long Beach, 1971

Your Psychic Space – Coming Soon

Special Recordings

Contemplation Techniques for the Individual – November 1968

Influence of Eck – 1968

Burdens and Joys of Living – 1967

Contemplation, Meditation & Soul Travel – 1967

Doctrine of Eck – 1967

Master and the Chela – 1967

Name of God – 1967

Philosophy of NO-Thing – 1967

Top of the Mountain – 1967

Two Faces of the Master – 1967

Message of Ekcankar CD Set – 1968 to 1970

CD 1

The ECK Chela

The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

The Chosen People

CD 2

Soul Travel-The Path of ECKANKAR

Reincarnation and Karma


CD 3

The 3 Jewels of ECK-The Doctrine of ECKANKAR

Death is the Doorway of Life

The Dangers of Prophecy

CD 4

The ECK – Vidya – The Science of the Akashic Records

The Dream Master

CD 5

The Vairag – The Detached State of the True Chela

The Eternal Concepts of Divine Wisdom

The Power and the Glory

Way of Eckankar CD Set

CD 1

The Purpose of ECKANKAR

ECKANKAR as a Path to God

CD 2

The Paradox of the Universe

Reading the Akashic Records

CD 3

Levels of Understanding

Keystone of God