Paul Twitchell is my hero. Absolutely, absolutely.

Many years ago, after many months of fervently searching for someone to guide me to my next step of spiritual unfoldment and freedom, I came across the books of Paul Twitchell.

I had reached a place in my spiritual growth where I was looking for someone to “tell me” what to do next. I had had an out of body experience and did not even realize it. But my life was changing drastically (to the good), as I was being propelled into meeting more and more individuals who synchronistically were having similar experiences to me. And we could excitedly talk about our explorations into new vistas of personal experiences.

I had had an out of body-experience, as I said, but didn’t even realize it. It was 3 years later when I was able to see deeper into the “supposed realization” I had, and saw clearly that 3 beings had come to bring me out of my drama (trauma), and took me to a place in the “Other Worlds” and showed me my solution on how to dig (and probably drag, as well) myself out of the hole that I had dug for myself. So what I originally thought was simply a “Realization of what I needed to do…” was really an out-of-body experience where wise spiritual beings were showing me what I needed to do to begin a “Journey to Freedom,” that I had previously not really known existed.

Then I met a yogi at the college campus. We talked for a bit. Then we went to my place, and he showed me some rather interesting techniques on how to move into a place of much greater awareness. And Oh my, I went to a place of incredible freedom, and it was grand, and I was clear, and I was electric. The next day, the Yogi left, giving me the names of a few books to read, and letting me know he was from Venice, California, and I might in the future be able to contact him there.

Once you are thrown into another new world, of greater freedom, you don’t really want to ever leave it. So, for months, I tried desperately to hang onto that incredible awareness I was experiencing. I really was a child in the wilderness. I was reading a book by Kierkegaard, a well-known existentialist, and I was experiencing what he was talking about in his book, “Fear and Trembling.” I was still having a lot of fun, doing yoga, meditating, fasting, taking college courses on existentialism, Plato, and Perception, and finding incredible books that were describing the secrets of life that I never knew existed.

I was essentially doing everything I could do to be so tuned in, that in every moment i would know exactly how to respond in this physical world. The inner guidance would be so strong that all I needed to do was to step into it and become that energy. This tuning in and listening to the inner guidance caused incredible wisdom to flow through me, giving me an experience of incredible freedom. Certain quotes That I read in those “Fervently Seeking” days are still dear to my heart. “When the Student is ready, the Master Appears,” is one of them.

After the school year ended, and my apartment lease was up, I sold pretty much everything I owned. There was nothing else I wanted to do. I left a few suitcases of my stuff with my brother, and off I was on an adventure to find “The wonderful Wizard of Oz.” Well … not quite .. I went to a yoga retreat, the rainbow festival, and then landed in the city of Boulder Colorado.

Boulder was a hotbed for spiritual seekers. Hanna Kroeger had her “New Age Foods” health store in Boulder, and the Rainbow Festival letting out just a few miles down the road made this early July time a place in Boulder where one could think they were transposed back into time and space and celebrating one of those holidays they celebrate every 12 years in India. It was there that I saw a poster of Paul Twitchell on the window of Hanna’s store. A lecture was going to be given in a few days on The Ancient Science of Soul Travel.

I had read an article in the college newspaper in February about people gathering together at the College Student Center, doing “Soul Travel.” A few friends of mine came by my house all excited about that article. I, being very involved in my own thing, let them know “I would check into it,” being thankful, but very pre-occupied in my own experiences and discipline I was partaking of. Somehow none of us ever made it to those classes.

While reading Plato, I ran across a quote from Socrates, “What is fear? …. The answer coming … The Expectation of Evil.” That quote totally totally floored me, and probably literally. I think I popped out of my body, and entered into a different world, where the worlds of physics were different than the ones on earth. Sitting at the desk facing the wall, reading this quote, my body jumped straight up into the air about 3-4 feet, and then landed on the floor into a half-lotus position, my head against the table, my body being in a meditation pose, and I left my body. I was gone into a space sort of like sleep, but when I came back, it felt like about 20-30 minutes later, I was energized, and felt very cleansed and purified, as a man with golden hair, who was wearing a white spiritual gown and a white shawl over his hair, was using something that looked like a spade, and he was using this to dig this “wet” black asphalt-like ”goo” out of my 3rd eye. About 3 years later, I realized that this was the Spiritual Master, Gopal Das, that Paul Twitchell referred to often, who was a Spiritual Master in Egypt about 3200 BC when the pyramids were being built.

There is something one learns when one starts to get drawn into this loving inner guidance that is not only very comforting and soothing, but is seen as a great sense of direction bringing you where you always wanted to go (or really BE)   After I got involved with his teachings, in a very real and vivid dream (which I remember today as vividly as when I had the dream), Paul Twitchell and I were having a very casual conversation as he sat on a not very special couch talking to me, mentioning that he had been guiding me for about 6 months before I went to the talk in Boulder.   Surprisingly enough, that was almost exactly when I had the inner experience of the golden-haired man with the white shawl, digging the gunk out of my 3rd eye.   

After attending the talk on Paul Twitchell and the spiritual teachings he started, I went up to the man who gave the talk, and we had a nice chat. His beautiful blue eyes twinkled in a special way that made me know that something special was occurring to me.  A few days later I followed up with their contact person, and bought about 9 books written by Paul Twitchell, and a few days later left to my parent’s place, where I hung out for a few weeks, and totally devoured all of the Paul Twitchell books that I had purchased.

Paul Twitchell is my “hero.” I have many others, such as the “Mad Hatter” since he found a way to celebrate almost every day, and of course (Saint) Jiminy Cricket, for he told us a secret when we were little kids, “When you Wish upon a Star …. Your Dreams come true.” I honor all Great Teachers who have done something or said something that gave me an “AHHA” and uplifted me by their words. However, when I look at, let us say, the 50 most profound quotes that have changed my life and altered it in a way to make me more free – I bet about 25 of those quotes ARE from Paul Twitchell. So, He is my hero.

More importantly, within a month of going to that talk in Colorado, Paul Twitchell appeared to me in the dream state, and explained a lot to me, giving me the knowingness that I was connected to an inner guidance of great beauty wisdom and freedom. And many times, Paul would be a part of those inner experiences. And many times, other spiritual masters would appear to me and impart great wisdom and understanding and love into my beingness.

I was taught about the Blue Star, which is the form that the inner master often takes when guiding you into the inner worlds.   This was probably the same Blue/white light that they called the Star of David, that appeared to many in early biblical times, and certainly was not explained properly to those practicing the Jewish Religion, that it was the inner light that guided individuals into the inner realms of great freedom. Some teachers call this blue light a blue pearl. I have been getting this blue star, this blue flash of light ever since I heard that this is how Paul Twitchell or the spiritual presence makes itself known to an individual.

Paul Twitchell appears many times (to others) in his radiant form, but I must be more comfortable with the blue star, since I have seen it appear out of nowhere, literally THOUSANDS of times in the last 50 years. I have experienced this blue light while in the shower, while talking to people, while doing spiritual contemplation exercises, or while walking down the street or enjoying the scenery of looking at tiny mountains. Spiritual teachers always want to make you comfortable, so they usually appear in a form that you can accept. And not be afraid of. It’s the consciousness that appears to an individual. It then can take the form of an individual who has achieved that state of consciousness or one that you have a connection with, or simply appear as. in my case, a flash of blue light that sometimes stays for just a smidgen of a moment, and sometimes for as much as a second. A key to happiness and contentment and inner freedom is to know that that that presence, that inner guidance is always there.

To this day, in 2019, Paul Twitchell’s presence hovers. His many quotes come to mind. For years, I have been sharing with the world secrets I have discovered – Not really secrets – knowledge, information, and wisdom, all of which have helped me to develop a certain level of freedom in life. It is one thing to learn about a spiritual principle. The idea is NOT to practice it, but to BECOME the PRINCIPLE, so that you and the principle are one, and it works through you. Paul Twitchell gave the world much information and knowledge. It is our task to distillate this knowledge and information into Inner wisdom which we incorporate into our beingness or become. Paul Twitchell lists hundreds of books that he recommended in the book, “Letters to Gail.” Paul met his future wife Gail at the Seattle Public Library. where he would take about 10-20 books home each night and bring them back the next day. One of Paul’s gifts to the world was the Fruits of his Labor, distilling out the Pure, and being able to discern the differences between the wheat and the chaff.

And when one experiences more and more of this nectar in life, there are only 2 things that such a person can do. Delve Deeper, Deeper and Deeper into this wisdom, and become it more and more and more until I am totally consumed by it, like the moth to the flame, and Secondly, and Simultaneously, come out of that depth to communicate the fruits of my travels into the depth of the inner universes to others.

To share my insights, my AHHAs that are Free-ing me from the shenanigans of my mind is such a great joy, inspired by Paul Twitchell and many others.  I see so much angst, sadness, guilt, shame, embarrassment, and craziness in this world. I am so grateful I know that I am just a visitor to this planet. I know it with my beingness. The planet itself has a consciousness. And if many of the cells of your body were going through dismay and whatnot, then your body might get sick. Similar for the planet earth. We humans are like cells in our body. We all have consciousness, and we are all working on survival mode. Earth is a holding ground, a domain, a place for so many souls to gather up experiences in order to become more loving and more free. I have shared the wisdom of Paul Twitchell, and my own discoveries based on what I learned from Paul Twitchell to thousands of others.  I have seen how many friends and acquaintances have been very appreciative of the words I have shared with them over these years. And I know with my whole beingness that there are so many souls out there – that are desperate, destitute, locked into drama, and trapped into their own mental puzzle box, and are really looking for ways to get out. Many of these individuals have pure hearts. This is for them. There were times when only the words of Paul Twitchell could uplift me. There is a certain healing spiritual rhythm in his writings and in his words, that are unique to Paul Twitchell. Very few others resonate like he did and does.

Purity is what I Look for in another being.  I am uplifted by purity more than any other quality.   For when you are pure, you are NOT trying to FORCE your views upon others. You may present your views, but as one unfolds spiritually and becomes more aware, and start to see clearly beyond the worlds of the mind, one sees that allowing people to be where they are is one of the greatest joys in this world. Be who you are and be totally indifferent (or detached) on whether they can hear you now or not.  If someone cannot hear me now, I have dropped a seed, and it will sprout when the soil is ready. It is as Simple as that.  These are just a few of the principles I have gleaned by listening to the talks (CD’s) and reading the books that Paul Twitchell has given and written. 

My happiness can no longer be based on what happens in this world. Happiness has become a constant in my life. Paul Twitchell has been instrumental in offering me the Fruits of his wisdom, and I am dedicated to keep the Legacy of Paul Twitchell Alive.

It has saddened me that the Torchbearers of this great wisdom have not done what I feel they could have to keep the teachings and legacy of Paul Twitchell in the forefront of Great American Literature.  Paul Twitchell to me has his place on the list of Great American authors.

It saddens me even greater to be re-listening to all of these Paul Twitchell talks and private recordings that the did from 1967 to 1971, Listening to the incredible wisdom in Paul Twitchell’s talks, so relevant today, has been quite illuminating. Paul says it so succinctly.  I can feel the vacuum that is present in this world, that can be partially filled by acclimating people to the Spoken worlds of Paul Twitchell. I have thus recognized that one of the gifts that I can give those living in this world is to make the spoken word of Paul Twitchell available to all.  That is the motivation behind creating this website – give access to the Paul Twitchell talks to all.

The books of Paul Twitchell are rather incredible.  Yet, after Paul left the earth plane, there was a little controversy about his books.  Paul knew what he was doing.  It was his task to get the message of life – beyond the control of the mind – out to the world.  He had to do what he needed to do to get this message out, and frankly I would have done the same.   Man-made laws are man-made laws, and really have very little to do with spiritual wisdom, and unconditional love.  I find it humorous to watch little minds go into a tizzy about trivia, when the great wisdom of Paul Twitchell’s words are staring them in the face.  I find this akin to arguing about how many angels can dance on the head of the pin.  Who the hell cares?  That’s mental Shit.  Excuse the expression, please. I guess I have a bit of disdain for those who argue about who first said something, when what matters is the depth of what was said, and the spiraling depth of understanding we can extract from the “something that is written”. Many fail to realize that in order to communicate the essence of the spiritual teachings, Paul had to separate the very subtle restrictions that teachings in ancient days promoted.  Paul stripped these restrictions from the older spiritual teachings that very much resembled what he was bringing out.   To have referred people to these older teachings would have been a dis-service, since it would have been too easy for those looking at these so-called roots to get sucked into the trappings of those teachings that was making it impossible for their followers to experience the spiritual freedom that Paul Twitchell was alluding to.

Generally, man-made laws have little to do with justice, or with spiritual laws, that we are all accountable for.  These spiritual laws are subtle.  Perhaps it is better to call them spiritual principles. Their purpose is to show you the effects of your actions, and to teach us to learn to live in the present moment, to see that everyone is doing what they need to be doing, and by observing them, and honoring them (instead of judging them), you are freeing yourself from influences that would otherwise drown you into the worlds of the mind, instead of lifting you into a state of great joy, and spiritual liberation.  And with that great joy and freedom, all there is left to do is to feel the great love of that which is, and let it flow through you to others who can feel its presence.  

Paul Twitchell stands alone as the single most influential person in this world that has guided me into the realizations that I have had.  He is also responsible for taking me on the many inner journeys I have had in the inner worlds to have these discoveries.  He is truly a great spiritual master.  I am linked to him.  He is linked to me.  I also learn from and honor many other great teachers, such as Rumi, Milarepa, and many others.   I have met many in this world who have great wisdom and understanding and am grateful for all these teachers I have had.  There are many great books and wise women and men walking the planet giving talks at many conferences all over the world who have much to share about the love and wisdom they have gained by making a study (and Jumping into life itself) of the spiritual life.   I honor all of them.   They are all contributing to the awakening of each soul on the planet to their true nature.

Paul Twitchell’s books are incredible. However, the subtlety of the wisdom of Paul Twitchell as evidenced in his spoken world is as crucial to his legacy as are his many books, such as “The Tiger’s Fang, The Flute of God, and Stranger by the River.”  His words are unmistakably his and can help you break up limiting thoughts of what it is to be a spiritual great one, and a person living the spiritual life.  There is no pretense.  This man is humble, and pure, and is doing what he can to lift others into greater states of awareness and freedom. 

What’s REAL is the purity of the Truth that Paul Twitchell brings out in these books. When Paul Twitchell popularized misunderstood spiritual principles in 20th century American English, tens of thousands of individuals besides me were lifted into greater states of awareness and consciousness. The state of consciousness that Paul Twitchell attained to was so phenomenal. I do not believe that those who have followed him, have been able to speak so succinctly from that special level of consciousness and understanding.

Bringing back the spoken words of Paul Twitchell in written form is one of the gifts that I am offering this world, and I hope that many can avail themselves to this great man and his wisdom, and his love. Paul Twitchell and the Masters of Detachment, that have worked with him for decades and probably centuries, are available to those who avail themselves to them. After listening to these talks or reading these transcriptions (which we are providing here) of his many talks, you have the total choice to communicate directly with Paul Twitchell or any of the spiritual teachers that work with him.  If your heart is pure, they will be more than willing to work with you and assist you in your spiritual growth.  If your heart is not pure, but your intentions are pure, they will work with you.   What’s humorous is that you are the one who decides whether or not you are a pure soul.  If you think you are, there is a good bet you are.  If you are lying about this to yourself, spiritual assistance can still be yours for the asking.  It certainly is NOT for ME to decide.  You are the creator of your universe, and in the Moment of NOW, you can decide if you are ready to do whatever it takes to experience freedom, happiness and love. The Choice is yours. You are the director of your life. Paul talked about becoming a Co-Worker with That Which is. You make an effort, and guidance or direction is there, and then you make another move, and then you see more. It works like that. You are never alone, and Paul Twitchell aptly said to his followers, “My Love Always Surrounds You.”

It is more than a surround sound, for sure. You are engulfed in a large cocoon of love. It’s not so much what Paul Twitchell said, it was the Love that imbued him when he spoke that you felt and uplifted you into another state of consciousness. That is what is real. Not the words, but the energy and love and warmth that surrounded the words that he wrote and that he spoke.

Almost all of Paul Twitchell’s books can also be purchased used or new from Amazon, or elsewhere on the web.  Feel free to email me about any questions or concerns about Paul Twitchell that you may have.  You can do this by going to the contact page