We have created this website for the many tens of thousands of people in this world who have wanted to hear Paul Twitchell’s Voice and listen to his talks.

The Time is NOW. Congratulations to all of us !

Of all the men and women whose books I have read in the last 50 years, Paul Twitchell’s words speak to me like no other. Paul Twitchell also has the ability to work inwardly with those who read his books or listened to his talks. He can work with you while you are meditating or contemplating, or he can work with you in your dreams, and can guide you into greater freedom, and greater understanding to help dissolve the confusion that is rampant in this world, and hence in the inner worlds of its inhabitants. Paul Twitchell is also aligned with a group of spiritual masters who have been guiding those on the planet earth for centuries. Many of them are also available to you in your inner world to assist you on your path to total freedom.

As indicated in a number of his books and talks, Paul states, “You can have oneness and security, or you can choose Individuality and Freedom!”

After [a while of] listening to these talks, if you have questions, ask him inwardly, and you may be surprised that magic may happen in your life, and you will get an answer immediately or perhaps later in the next day or two, or perhaps even in the dream state in the following days or weeks. Brad Steiger wrote a book about him many years ago, called “In My Soul I am Free,” describing the many letters he received from people throughout the world attesting to this inner communication that they were experiencing with him.

The books (over 30) that Paul Twitchell authored in the late 60’s and early 70’s are more than profound. I would say that his spoken word is perhaps even more profound, as the subtle wisdom that comes from his mouth can be witnessed by you in the here and now. When you hear his words from his mouth, then you are experiencing him first hand, and don’t have to rely on what anyone else said that he might have said. You know. Remember these talks are all from 1967 to 1971. The world was a very different place then as it is now.

I have listened to each of these over 40 talks and special recordings that Paul Twitchell gave and/or recorded many years ago. I have re-listened to them in the last year and am totally amazed at how insightful these words are. They go in and cut through so much confusion, and simply express timeless wisdom. Those great books written since the 1970s by many others have echoed what Paul Twitchell was saying the late 60’s and early 70’s. Paul Twitchell was decades ahead of his time. Even in the last few years, books are coming out expressing important principles that Paul Twitchell emphasized in those early years. Listening again to each of these tapes have so much broadened my understanding of how life works.

We want these recordings to be available to everyone. We feel that world is ready to listen to Paul Twitchell’s voice, and actually needs to listen to his talks so that many can awaken from the maya of this world, and experience greater freedom, and minimize confusion of what’s going on in this world at this time in the earth’s transitioning.

Until now, it doesn’t appear that the average person has had access to these talks. So we decided to do something about this, and I trust from the other side, Paul Twitchell is delighted. The Light that he brought forth in the 60’s and early 70’s needs to shine as brightly today as it did then. So we are doing our part.

You will find a list of each special recording that he gave, and each of the talks he gave by year. Get in a receptive mood, close your eyes, and let yourself be transported into another state of consciousness. Listening to any of these talks or special recordings can get you connected to the Allness and freedom that lies within you, and we wish you greater happiness, greater freedom, greater wisdom, and greater love, which we see as the byproducts of truly listening to the timeless wisdom contained in these recordings.

May you find that special connection with the “Real You” while listening to these recordings.

If you are not familiar with any of the books that Paul Twitchell wrote, we highly recommend you read several of his books as well. Some of the most popular ones are: “The Tiger’s Fang,” “Flute of God,” “Stranger by the River,” and “Eckankar, The Key to Secret Worlds.” If you wish to purchase any of these or other books written by Paul Twitchell, you can find them listed at the Paultwitchellbooks.com website, and can purchase them online on Amazon or other websites.