Soul in the God Worlds – Dallas, 1968

Everybody ready back there? Well, this is the last of these lectures. I always get up at this point, you know, whether I have two lectures or whether I have five. And, in the last lecture, I’m never going to make it. You know, I always got up to the platform and I think, “Well, the next moment is going to be the last moment I have so I’ll just make the best of it.” But, you know, I just keep on going and going and finally, after a while, I’ve finished the whole lecture. But, this is always one of those things that it seems that we are living moment by moment. And this has been, in the last few years, actually the pattern of my life, that I always lived from moment to moment rather than hour to hour and planning the next week or the next day or something like that. Because all I do is just set out to work and the rest of it takes care of itself.

Now tonight. I promised you that I would go into talking about some of the exercises. And, that I want to review some of those that we did last night. We’ll take them up in a few minutes and we’ll talk a little bit about. And, we’ll work them on the board. Now, I want to say that one of the things that we must think about in this work that, instead of sitting in silence and going within, we are working in the pattern of sitting in silence and going out. Now, this sounds a little strange to those people who have been working inwardly because it always means to them that we have been trying to do what the instructors have told us. The instructors have told us to sit in silence and go inwardly. Well, we have to reverse this.

Because actually, we’re going outwardly into the other states of Consciousness and into the larger States Of Consciousness. So why go inwardly? Now, if we go inwardly, and this is one of the things which I dislike about this inward travel is a matter of fact that it is an introversion. And, once we become introverted, it is an awfully hard trap to work out of. And this is one of the old traps of the Kal, is the negative power and trying to get us introverted and trying to get us worked into that area in which it can take control and be the leading factor and lead us into hold being held in these lower worlds.

Now, actually, I’ll go over to the board here and begin to work some here to show you how some of the ideas that ECK presents to its audience, which we say is a good plane, or what we call the Soul Plane, which is the dividing line between the spiritual world and the dividing line, down here, are the Universal Mind worlds or what we would call the psychic worlds.

All right, and in this is, actually, the physical plane, the astral plane. the causal plane, the mental plane. And, these are our names, generally, but actually, they’re plane upon plane upon plane and levels of consciousness creating these areas. Now, it’s very interesting that when Christ had spoken to his own disciples at one place in the Bible, that he said to these people, “Follow me.” A very interesting thing happened here. They said. “Lord, that we’re following you.”

He had no intentions of speaking to these people on the physical level. He was, actually, working here in these worlds because he has to have them to follow him into these worlds. Because almost within the same area of time, he said to them, “In my father’s house there are many mansions and I’ll go there to prepare a place for you.” All he was saying to these people at this time was simply the fact that, within these worlds, here, were many planes. And, by having these many planes, he had to go alone and prepare a place for these people down here. And that, if they reversed them and said Lord, “We will go with you anywhere that you wish for us to go. We will follow you any place,” he would have said this, I suppose, that we will go into my father’s house and we will prepare a place for others. So, those who are to come will walk into these worlds and we will be able to take them into these worlds because we have a place prepared for them. So you see, what he was actually saying, that within these worlds, are places for each of us, individually, to go, whether it is here or here or here.

And all this program is offering you in ECK is a factor that, out at the end of the road when we come here and we are through with this life, we are able to move into some of these other worlds where the place is prepared for us and we do not have to return. The return is our own choice.

Now, I want to point out to you that here at the end of the road, generally the last year, this year, and he eats with a person and he goes around, he places them upon one of these planes where they have earned,  And, many times he will, also, have prepared a place for the loved ones of these people to come and meet with them if they want them. But again, it depends upon the affinity and the bond between those people here now who stay here while the others go on.

Now, of course, we have to remember in this work, when we’re working in the field of soul travel, we’re working in the state of consciousness with a body, with the body here, with the astral body, with the causal body, with the mental body, going from one to the other, each of these planes up to this plane. And, then we’re working in the field of liberation. We’re working in the field of freedom. All these Masters, who have come before, generally have reached these whole worlds that we are to go into, the high areas, and obtain freedom.
Now, they have never talked too much about what bodies we are working with because they never wanted to confuse the individual. In staying, he has to have worked in his astral or his causal body, or his mental body, but he must work in soul body and work it in the term of freedom. And, this is why that he is always, or rather, all of these people are fully in the terms so the masses, and even the intellect, would have some general understanding of what he’s talking, that he or they were talking about.

So, you see, they say these psychic worlds here, which are the worlds here and here, are the spiritual material worlds which means, actually, that they are not yet the true spiritual world and this, of itself, and the coming down here, meets with this negative power which controls this world from here to here. And, it’s moving in only through the same consciousness of the entities that are on every plane here. And, that is why that we are valuable to whatever we want to call this thing that’s up here. Whether it’s God or the own unknown factor or what name that you want to give it all, or any name that you want to give it, it is using every individual or every state of consciousness that it can get to pass out this power that comes down into the worlds. And, that is why that each of these worlds has a ruler upon these worlds. And, that it comes down and comes in and comes in and goes out and works through all of these in order to work and overcome what we call this Kal or this negative power down here. And, this was all put down here for a particular reason by God because this is the training world for soul.

This is where soul learns all of the bitter experiences of life and what we generally call the education of the University of Hard Knocks, in the mundane language. Because, actually, what it’s doing, it’s getting the training in order to learn how to be the perfect vehicle or what we would call the, well I would say, the instrument of God.

Or, sometimes, we are called the channel of God, that sort of thing. So, you must remember that it has put it and reincarnates here. It will go to the astral plane and come back and the astral plane and come back and the astral plane and come back, many lives. But, then it graduates from this plane one day and moves into this world, the astral world. And, then it pulls up to the causal world and backing up and backing up and back, in the exact method, back from the causal world to the astral one day and moves into this world, the astral world and then it goes up to the causal world, and backing and up and backing from the causal world to the astral. Once it graduates up there and then it goes into the mental plane and up and back and up and back and then it goes into this world and that’s the finish. But, what I’m trying to get across to the people here, there’s a factor that this, when we’re listening to some talk, it begins to teach us how to move from this body, the physical body, into this state here and come back while we’re still in the body. It’s the same thing as St. Paul said, “I die daily.” Meaning his body has left and the states of consciousness that we call the soul consciousness travels into the other worlds.

And, then he returns and he goes about his daily business on a physical plane and by doing that he has enjoyed this life up here and he knows what immortality is and never again is he interested here except living out his life.

And, those who commit suicide will have to come back and repay that as a penalty for trying to escape from the body and get into these other areas. It’s like the one time that I had a lady who was 86 years of age and I used to have to go visit her quite frequently and had the general bedside social chats with her because she was bedridden. And one time, she tried to get me to show her and teach her a lot of this. And, I said, “Oh no. You just want to get out and never come back.” See? She kind of laughed and she says, “That’s true.”  I says, “Don’t you think this is a form of suicide?” And, she says, “How?” I says, “You are born and live this life after the in-here and then you go naturally.

Then, about six months later, she did go out but it was always a little joke to think that she would have wanted to use this to get out and just leave the poor old body there. But, anyway, these programs, or this program rather, is a type in which they want to help people get back into this area, the God area. So, he could become a co-worker and, eventually, establishing himself on one of these planes down here to do this work here, but being the perfect child or the vehicle.

And, this is the wholeness of the program. And, then he doesn’t stay in this for eternity. Because as many jobs he can do, and he’s always using what we would term in terms of centuries and years eventually, he would move over and do another job. And, move from point to point and place to place in doing this for co-working with God because this, up here, says this person or this entity, known as the soul, must be the perfect vehicle in order to rejoin this area here. So, we want to begin to think then in these terms. That all of these worlds, then, and all these side issues like Karma and all these things must be the side issues. Reincarnation is also a side issue.

And, I want to say here now without, I don’t know what word to use here, but I want to say that these two are synonymous. One works with the other back and forth. The reincarnated state will bring the karma back into the last here. Now, what are the other things which people do not understand that all this is so subtle? All of this has such a vast asset about it. That one must think in the terms, “Well, what am I going to do to create more karma or to lose a certain amount of karma?” Now, for example, let’s take the Indian way of doing it. We think of it as a spool of thread. And, they told me about sanskara and these sanskaras are like little threads that are to be wrapped around the spool and this is soul and each one of these is wrapped around soul for another rope of karma. They are like the strands within the roll. And, every person that we come in contact with, every person that we make an issue with, every person that we have some dealings with, I don’t mean that we need them casually and then we’re gone out of their life, results of something that’s working in here in this area.

Now, let me say this and I don’t want to upset people on this sequence, but every marriage entails more karma than one thinks. That, in other words, there is a family on the husband’s side. There is the family on the woman’s side. Now, there’s a certain amount of karma that has come down like this. And, each of these must also accept the karma that is in this area. They must also accept the Karma that comes down like this and these karmas come together for both of these. Now, when there is a man, and I’ll take the exaggerated case of Tommy Manvil who married, I think 18 times. Would you stop to think how many how much karma that he took on from all these people in a marriage state that went back and forth like that? Well, this is a factor that many have to think about. When they stop and that they go ahead to three or four or five, sometimes, into these marriages, that they don’t think why that some of these things are getting such a mix-up? Now, this is one of the strange factors of this because that they’re getting into such a very strange area.

I had someone to write me not long ago and they were about meeting a man, a woman who said she wanted to marry. And, she wanted to leave her husband. She wanted to marry this man. She had children. She thought he was a perfect man and all that and asked me what I thought and I wrote her back and said, “Just know. You’re making a mistake by this. And, I pointed out that she had to live her life out with this husband to a certain period. And, she was quite upset by this and in the exchange of letters, she accused me of not examining what was the matter here. And, she said her husband was quite a wrecker and did all these terrible things to her and all of that. And, I said to her, “You wouldn’t have been in this state. If you have not earned this particular piece of karma. to come here in this and it’s going to take you so much time to work this thing out with him before this release comes and if you let him go before that time, it’s going to cost you because it is going to come back.” And, I think I gave her a period of about three years. I said, “It’s going to cost you so much in payment, again, someplace down here in a future life or maybe towards the end of this life, of how you come back into this sort of state. And, what you are doing, you are earning, also, the karma of this man that you are marrying on top of that.” So, I says, “You, it’s your choice of what you do. I don’t care. I think it’s not my life, but it’s your life.”

Well, I don’t know But, I say that there’s so much more beyond that meets the eye, that we have to look several times and more than that, in the seeing what is behind all of these things. And, if we don’t, we might meet the penalty, someday, that we never want to meet. And, we’re like the fellow who’s sitting out here and he’s writing letters and saying, “Why isn’t God listening to my prayers?” “Why is it that I got into such more troubles when I married the other fellow? And, of course, this man whom I knew, who was very bad and very horrible to me and I married this man expecting a greater life and he didn’t work out. What is wrong God?” So this is a question that we begin to ask.

So, you see, it isn’t a fault here. In this marriage, but it isn’t so much the fault over here, but it’s a fractured back behind all of this. They are a great number of things, of hidden factors, that they didn’t know about and they had no chance to find out. So, you see, when anybody talks to me about these things or write me letters, I don’t have the time or the effort and sometimes I don’t have the energy to go into all of these things with a person but only hope that they will accept what I say.

So, one must think, then, in the terms that, if he’s going to do any of this work down here and moving up to think within the other high areas into the God-world, then we begin to do these things. He starts breaking up all this karma here. Daily, he starts unwinding the sanskaras and by going the other way, suddenly, he becomes what we are working for the karma-less field.

And, he is not working anymore. He not gaining Karma, but he’s losing Karma because every time that he starts from here and moving into these higher areas, then this is what he’s doing. He begins to work off karma. So, that when you reach down here at the end of the past, he has most of it gone or it’s all gone. And, by the time that he gets to this point, he may be able to get into one of these higher planes, the mental plane or someplace, and start working on different types of karma up there because we have karma and every one of these strains. And, so many times we can break it by starting here and moving up into there in this lifetime and becoming, establishing, ourselves up into this area before we ever leave this life.

And, we start working on all of this so that we have the chance to get in here within, perhaps, the one lifetime. So, I’m trying to say that everybody, that we have a chance of breaking this thing that we call karma. I don’t say that we’re all going to do it. But, I hope that we’re all going to do it because it’s the most, one of the most heart-rending things, to see someone with all this heavy hand that’s laid upon them. And, of course, we lay it upon ourselves. No one else is responsible for it. And, to see them and know that they don’t know it and would like to help them, but, we know that they have to go through it. And, it’s like many a person said, “Can you help me overcome this particular thing?” I know that if I do, he will not learn his lesson. So we have to go through this experience.

There are a lot of things that can be taken, and not from the person to help him, but not always, like the person who says, “Why should I have cancer?” Perhaps there’s a reason why they should have cancer. Perhaps there’s a reason why they should have the accident because they have to go through it. And, they have, so many times, they have to learn this lesson because this is it. Now, I say, when we’re trying some of these exercises, one of the exercises that I was talking about last night was to be sitting in silence. And, see the Master’s form on the mental tree. He has his eyes closed. He moves from this point to this point and thought-form or thought-poem and goes to it and then shoots for the other planes. This is merely a transformer. This is the actual going into this and becoming a part of it and moving from himself. This is this area and this will take him out and shooting into these high areas.

Now, everyone who’s published a magazine or newspaper or any of the publications books, anything else, knows that there are two forms of readers. There is the nonfiction reader and there is the fiction reader. The nonfiction reader deals in ideas alone. And, the fiction reader, he deals in, I would say, concrete ideas or facts and he deals in imaginary ideas.

Everyone who publishes knows this. So, you have to see, if you pick up a magazine, there will be fiction and nonfiction and it’s so. It is for all readers. Well, everybody in this program should know that we also have the same type of individuals who are taking a program like this. And, therefore, a technique of this nature is one which works in the ideas of imaging so those people who have this sort of a mind would work in a field like this. And, those people who have the concrete or the nonfiction type of thinking within, would work at a different type of technique. And, this type of technique would be logic and reasoning in which that he would set out in the same position like this. And, begin to contemplate on something and analyze and reason out what he could do if he’s on another plane up here and work from this position up into this position. So, he does that with this. Now, I have to say, that what we’re doing here, we’re working with plastic space and time and getting into certain areas.

So, if you know that the body, sitting here and putting thought upon something, so like a position of, well, I say Tokyo, and he’s thinking about Tokyo and he moves it, moves over there in the thought body and, he examines Tokyo, what he’s heard about it and read about it and everything, then, one day, this body, his physical body, moves over there, too, by some way or other. And, I’ll give you an example of that. This is nothing but merely one of the laws of physics, that the physical self will follow thought sometimes, whether there’s 10 years from now or five years from now, into this area.

I want to point this out to you this up to you. One time, I was in the Dartmouth College in the  B12 program during World War II and I went down to Hanover Junction. We know it as White River Junction to see an old tailor there who had to get some work done on my uniform. And, when he was sewing on my jacket, he got to talking to me about being a scout in the Philippine Islands during the Filipino War. While he was talking. I was listening to him. All of a sudden, I was transformed into being in a boat, a small boat of what we call whaleboats and riding along looking out and seeing these rings of palm trees that were in a lagoon. Well, in a few minutes I guess, I mean, it’s been 15 to 25, 30 seconds in this, I went off and forgot about that. And six months later, I got off of ship out in Taklopen in the Philippines. And, I went down the ladder and got in the whaleboat. We were going out across the bay and I happened to look up and I saw this, all of these ring of palms in a horseshoe shape. And, I looked at it for a minute and I says, “Gee, I’ve here before for some reason.” And, suddenly, I remembered that back up there in New Hampshire at this little place in this neighbor’s shop, I had this flash of a vision where that I was out there. That’s the thought form that went out there and established itself and body later forwarded itself into that position.

Now I could go on and tell you a number of other things which happened and one of the most remarkable things that happened one time was a fact that, during the first year of my marriage, we were living in San Francisco and I was working for a little shipping paper. That was for the ships that come and go, or the ship owners rather, and the people who are interested in shipping in and around San Francisco. So, one night, my wife says she decided that she was going to take a trip. We didn’t have any money in those days, neither do we today. But anyway, the factor was that she sat down one night. And, she taps the time and space factor and put herself out here in a lounge chair on a ship and put the date, September 12. And, she put herself out here and she looked back and saw herself sitting there at this time on the bed in repose from September 12. See? She’s got the sea breeze from the motion of the ship and everything else. So, she told me about that and I says, “Hey, look out. We don’t have anything to take a trip on.” Well, I says, “I couldn’t do anything for you.”

So a few days later, I was in Mackson’s office. The steamship line got me and a friend of mine who was a public relations man said, “Say, I’d like to have you to do a story on Honolulu, our  Honolulu run from here to here.” And, I says, “Well, that’s fine. What do you want me to do?” He says, “I’d like you to take the trip out there and back on board ship on the Orlean.“ I think it was the Orlean. “And, give us a story on that we could use for your paper and then we could take it and reprint it and use it for a for our publicity. I says, “Well, that’s all right, but I don’t have any money to take the trip.” He says, “Alright, that’s okay. We will pay all the expenses.”

I says, “Well good, but I can’t go. I just got married not long ago. And, I couldn’t go and leave my wife.” And, he says, “That’s all right. Just bring her along and there will be no cost except for tips.” So, I went home and I told my wife about this and she says, “Oh, it came true didn’t it?” And, I says, “Yes, but what are we going in? We have no clothes.” So, she goes down and she gets some discount clothes. We took the trip out and we came back and she says, “Well, you see it works.”

And, this is all it does, was a factor of, established in oneself, here. See? And, in thought form. And this follows. And, I could go into all sorts of things. But you say, “How does this apply to soul travel?” A very interesting thing here now, that’s only the beginning. Down here, the soul, the individual, is working on the physical plane. And, it’s working for him, as I showed you, in the physical body following. So, then he wants to establish himself upon the astral plane so he uses the similar technique to set up on that plane and he sends this out in this area.  And, he knows that this is going out there because you cannot follow in this invisible world as Christ asked, please, to follow him. We didn’t know what he was talking about. So, you establish yourself out there and, what follows into this, is this astral body is going to drive over and establish itself in this area. And, if instead of the physical, the astral body will do it. So, then, you will establish yourself on the causal plane and you establish yourself on the mental plane or you could establish yourself into the spiritual worlds.

So, in sitting on the way up there, then the physical body isn’t going to follow. But, what’s the form up there? Nothing but this thing I was talking about, awareness. Be aware. The awareness body is the only thing that can go in there. And, that’s all you’re using in there, is an aware state as all you being with, here, on the mental plane, on the causal plane and on the astral plane. Down here, you’re dealing with the five senses.

So, that is a way, in the mechanics, of how this thing is working. And, when he sits down and he begins to work down in here, moving into the God area. Then, all he’s doing is working with this, placing this up in here. And, this awareness is going up there. The awareness is being and knowing and seeing. And, seeing is the last of all. Because it’s working first in a state of being.

And, I realize that it’s very easy to sit down here and go through this when I’ve gone through it time and time again, presented ideas over and over and over to hundreds of people and then come in and start talking about it. And, it sounds so slick and so easy and so, well, so good. But, then when one sits down to do it, he says, “I can’t do it.” What’s wrong? Well, there can be hundreds of reasons one can’t do this.

And, I can be the factor of aberrated states. There can be factors of scattered attention. There can be factors of karma. I could go into hundreds and hundreds of things. But, the basic thing, the one basic thing that he’s dealing with will get the whole thing down to one nutshell. And, what is that is nothing more than his attention. And why? He hasn’t got his attention someplace is many times easy to figure because he’s saying, “Well, I’ve got it over here on my problem.”

And, the whole state of awareness is tied up in this one thing and secondly his enthusiasm. And, when he, down here, the state is putting the attention here in this area. And, the awareness all up into this area. Now you begin to see what I’m talking about? I hope you do. Anybody have a question?

I put you all to sleep. Blanche, you have a question? Alright, when you get me alone. Okay. Yes, Helen? Well, I’ll get into that in a few minutes and I forgot about that. All right. Of what attention? Well, yeah, the whole thing, if you want to put it that way, it can be that but you see in the physical body, we can only put the attention in one place. We can’t split it.

We try to think about something and it keeps coming back. It’s like, actually, it’s tied up here. If a man has illness in his family or illness in his wife and he has to go down to work every day, his mind isn’t on his work. It’s back there at home. See? And, this is all it is, is where his thinking is all gathered, all congregated, one thing that we call attention. Or, you could call it concentration if you want to. But, the factor is, that it’s back in a certain place.

Our antenna is in an area. And, if one, just a second, if one can concentrate or put his attention up into this area and then the awareness will follow. Yes?

(Student) “You mean the focus of your polarity?”

Yeah, polarity. Of course, we don’t, we can’t, concentrate on God, the whole, because we don’t have that sort of the mind. But, most people, what they do. They select certain parts. Now, in this work, we select the sound.

And, the sound is so many things that can be on whatever plane that you would like to work off of. And, these different things have different sounds like roaring of the sea, waterfalls, birds singing, violins playing, many of these different things. See? And, they know, then, they’re on different planes. So, they can concentrate on that or they can concentrate upon what they call the light or they can concentrate upon what they call an attribute of God, which is love, and the other different attributes. So, this is about as close as we, in our human element, can get to working in this God area.

One more question and I’ll go to the other segment.

Well, this is a whole purpose of this. When one gets into full consciousness, he knows where he is and what he’s doing and what he could see on these planes.

All right. I’ll talk a few minutes on the ECK Vidya and we’ll close this section. The main point of this ECK Vidya is that it is one of the facets of the ECK which has 35 or 40 different facets. From the ECK Vidya is the reading of the Akashic records of the individual, but they’re reading it by a different matter and they’re reading it by a projected State instead of reading it by a clairvoyant state or any of the other states.

Now, actually I have begun, in my own field and in my own work, I use this method. But, I’m going to say that I’m, eventually, be going to quit all readings on my own because for two reasons. I’m getting so overloaded with readings. And, the second reason is that I do not believe that the readings are actually of any element or any good to anyone unless they are looking for what is wrong with themselves in this life, from what is right, what is risen out of the past to cause this particular thing here in this life, here and now.

There are too many people who are wanting readings for other reasons, out of curiosity. And, sometimes it even gets to be a snob thing with some people that they say, “Well, in one life I was a princess and you weren’t,” and so, this sort of thing, you know. And, I know the reason why I’m going to drop them, eventually, is simply that I do not have the time anymore to do them and carry off my regular work. They constitute a terrific amount of work. It takes me almost one week to do a reading, to get it down on paper. And, people say, “Well, why do you charge so much for them?” Well, I say there are two reasons. I hope I discourage people from wanting them, for the first thing, and maybe I can make my price beyond their depth. And, the other reason is it just takes so much work to do one because I have to work on one every day for so many hours in order to get this down and go back and correct it and check it out and see if it’s right and do a lot of things and research with it. And, I have to feel that it’s worth the labor because I couldn’t write an article or a story and give it to a magazine and get paid a very small fee for it.  And, this, in a sense I would say this, would be working so much per word as to what the magazine feels or some of them would be doing. But anyway, that’s neither here nor there.

The, actually, the ECK Vidya is a way of reading that goes into the future and the past of the individual and they can do it, day by day or hour by hour if it’s so constituted that it’s wanted that way. Now, I haven’t worked out any of these so far by the hour by hour and I’m very fortunate that I don’t and last November when we were over in Las Vegas. I had somebody that would have wanted one of these if I would ever submitted to this and I said, no I’m not going to do it even for the amount that you have offered to pay for it. It’s just too much time and, actually, too much effort. Now, anyone who thinks that to sit down and work out an astrology chart for an individual is easy, well, it’s foolish, because a good astrologer is a good mathematician.

And, they’ve got a lot of things to work out. I don’t know astrology at all. But, I know they got a lot of things to work out in order to get them to get a good correct astrology chart worked up to the individual. And, that’s the way I feel about the ECK Vidya reading. I have to do the same, too.  Right now, with all these readings, I’m six months ahead of time and I couldn’t accept anyone except that they wanted to wait six months for a reading. And, of course, I don’t blame anyone who doesn’t want to do that. But I know a fella in L.A. who charges $500 for a reading and he’s going out almost a year ahead of time before dates. And, people are galloping in his office to get these and I says it’s alright. They want to do it.  

The ECK Vidya, of itself, means, the Vidya, means wisdom. Or, wisdom from beyond that concerned the individual’s own personal life. Now, when these are done, what has to work in a field from the physical plane and get way up above here in this area and up towards the either the mental or in the 5th plane. And, he has to look at all this for this individual here. It’s on the physical plane. He is going on like this, month after month, back here, year after year. Now, so many times, this spreads out and a big fan of the cards, of the deck of card, something like this in this manner. And, this might be a life, one lifetime. This might be another lifetime.  This might be another lifetime and so on.

And, within this, are all the little picture files, what goes on within these particular different lives. And, there might be, he might see everything from this person, from the day that he entered into this universe, say the line of Lemuria or something like that, over to the period of, say his future incarnations to, say up to the year 2000. And, then these, of what he’s going to come in this card, and keep going this way. See? So, he goes in here and he picks out certain lives, here like this. And, he can’t pick out very many because he hasn’t taken the terms of his own time and effort. How many of these are going to get down on paper? He might get six, eight or ten and explain where all this karma came, why this karma is in this present life today. And, then, he can go in and do this and he might say, “Alright, here, in this lifetime, here are 69 and 70.” These things are projecting into your life now. But, you don’t have to have it. This is because your karma is headed this way, but you don’t have to have it because you can change.

See? He hasn’t got the effort and the energy. He hasn’t got the time to get hardly any more than here and here and here. So then, he might get another reader and another reader will come up and he isn’t interested in this life, that all these lives went out of here. But, he gives another set of lives. See? Then he’s come up with something different from the same fall down here and this son is utterly confused. He says, “I don’t understand. Why that you read these this way and he read these down here and they don’t come together.”

It’s because that he chose certain things to look at what he thought was important in this man’s life and I chose certain things and it’s a matter of the judgment of the reader. That’s all it amounts to.

And many times they, both these readers, will see the same thing. But, it depends upon what he wants to tell him that he thinks is important for this one here.

(Student) “Both of them are accurate.”

Yeah. Both of them are accurate. This is your problem. The whole thing comes down to this. See? It doesn’t mean a thing to anybody except, perhaps, a situation might exist down here in this area where he’s living, now, that he has experienced, some things back here of his own. And, the reader comes and gives this. Or, he, from some physical manifestation, knows this sort of thing here. See? He knows it from this point and that’s the only thing that can prove it. And, this is why, one of the reasons why, I don’t particularly care to get into these things, because, unless you’re working with somebody, who has this karma, has come to this point. And, you have these certain things in your life, now, because of these certain things back here. And, the only thing he can do is know that he’s got those. But, he has no explanation for it. And, this is the only thing. If he works some of these, some of this, some, many times, will start breaking up. But, if it doesn’t start breaking up or something, I think he’s wasted his time and his money and as is one of the reasons why I like to get out of it. Because I’m working in a field that, it doesn’t mean anything to anybody unless he is interested and wants this thing in his life and many people do. But, I’m coming to the point rapidly all the time that I don’t have the time or the energy to do it anymore.

Yes, Colonel?

“I’m thinking of karma, which is causal, cause and effect, negative cause and effect. I think it’s based on personal karma, which is based on the laws of cause and effect. Well, a lot of them will be canceling themselves out, cancel the other out, electronically and every other way. So. I think it’s not too much stress laid on this business of personal karma.”

I’m not giving too much in the area of personal karma except for one thing. Now, we know, too, that many people have aberrations in which they go and they get the proper treatment for it and it never works out. Where does this cause life? Does it lie beyond this life someplace back there? Or, where is all of this area of where did it begin? What happened to it? See? Now, I’ve always been cautious in this field because of one thing. That I want people and they invest money into something like this with me, I want to give them the best I can. And, this is one thing. That I talk to people when they come or rather when they want this sort of service from me. And, I won’t give it to him because I’m either overloaded or something or something about their request and they want to know who. I say, “Be careful about who you ask.” Ask first about the person from people who’s had his service. See? Because I wouldn’t want to go and invest money in something like this if I just knew the fellow’s name or anything. And, I want to think in the term of karma. I’m like you that there’s an over-emphasis upon it.

There’s too much said about it today and there’s too much escape with people in saying, very readily, with escaping responsibility by saying, “Oh, this is my karma.” See? Well, I don’t believe in that either because I think that, when we’re here in this particular life, we’ve got to stand on our own feet and we’ve got to face all of these things. But, we have to think about this poor fellow out there who can’t do it. And, he’s a guy who we have to get up and say, “Alright, come on, Freddy. I’ll walk to the end of the road with you and help you face this.” See? And, that’s about the way that he can get through his karma, is by actually, confronting it.

Every problem he comes to he must confront it. If he doesn’t confront it, he’s going up blind alleys and he’s going to have it again, one of these days, regardless. Doesn’t make any difference how much he dodges it. He’s going to catch it. Well, anyway, this is about the essence of all of this. But, ECK Vidya works more in the forward states. And, works in the past states. And, I say, that anyone who receives a reading of any nature about their future states and sees things that are happening, these things can be broken.

Now, I’ll give you a real good example about something that happened with a very dear friend of mine who, one time, she had come to me about some things and we were chatting along. And, I said to her. “Now, look. You’re going to have an accident. Rather, there’s an accident that has been slated for you, but you don’t have to have it. This accident can be worked out on this plane up here, this astral or this psychic plane, and you don’t have to have it.”

She says, “Well, alright. What would be done?” And, she was about, I guess, about 65 or something like that. “And, you drove an old rival, Bill.” And, one morning, maybe 10 days later or something, I get the telephone call from her. She says, “It happened. This is what happened.” And, I says, “Well, what happened?” She says, “Well, I woke up this morning. And, I put my feet down on the floor and all of a sudden, I was right in the middle of a big accident. I saw this whole thing. I felt the shock and everything in my automobile. It crashed with another car.” And, she says, “It certainly shook me up.” I says, “Alright.”

She’s already worked it out, back here, right here. See? She never had this accident down here in the physical. But she had to hear. She got a good shake-up and a good shock that came out of the psychic or the mental element in here. But, she never had to go through the argument with someone else in the insurance and the repair of, maybe, two automobiles and everything else, down here on the physical plane. And, I’ve seen this work out with several others that anybody could see. Here is something that was going to happen and they look. Well, look over here.

It’s like a friend of mine who passed away the other day from an automobile accident. She happened to be in Vegas when we ran the seminar out there in Vegas, and she had to leave on Saturday night. We were ending up on Sunday night. And, I said to her, “Now, look. I wish you would not ride any private vehicles in the next 30 days. I wish you would travel in public vehicles, on the bus, the elevated”, she lived in Chicago, “on the elevated or something in which that you are not alone in an automobile or driving with another person.” Well, she was in a hurry and she was trying to get out of the city and get there to get to the airport and get back. I don’t think she paid much attention because it was only a short time after. I get the telephone call from mutual friends and says she’s been killed in an automobile accident. So you see, they don’t have to have this.

And, so many times it can be worked out, right up here, in this world here. So many times, we let these things go by us when somebody says something to us. And, I’ve had this to happen to me when my wife, who was very much in this way, and I’ll be very busy and she says something to me about certain things and I pay no attention to it. And, I fall right into the trap. She says, “I don’t think you’d better do this.” See? And, I fall into the trap and I’ve seen her fall into the trap to with this thing, sometimes with vice versa. So, you see, we have to pay attention to all these small details and start coming into our lives and we have to learn to live in that which we know is beyond the physical senses.

With that, I’m going to close this and  I want to say that it’s been a pleasure to me. It’s always a pleasure to come back to Dallas. I’ll be back sometime next year. It’s a factor that we all become friends and I began to feel very close to everyone here. And then, you know, it’s always the going away in the physical flesh and leaving and I somehow feel a little sad about that. But, you know for one thing, that I never leave you. That’s the one thing that you remember. We never leave one another because we’re always together regardless. And with that I want to say, thank you and goodnight.