Way of the Initiate – Los Angeles, October 1969

World Wide Convention

Very interesting, last year I went down to Puerto Rico thinking that no one knew me there, the island of San Juan. And I piled up in bed and said, “I’m going to take four days rest.” Finally, I got to the end of the world where no one knows who I am or what I’m doing. And the telephone rang and there was someone who said, “I am Irving Webb and I am from Los Angeles.” And I says to myself, “Oh, for heaven sakes.” So, Irving and I got together and, you know, he turned out to be such a marvelous person, as he was before he met me of course, making my statement that he turned out to be.

Anyway, when Irving said that he would like to do the music for the program, I says then we have someone who is capable and someone who has interest in doing something for ECK and has a talent for doing it. And, he and Linda came to see me last February and I found the most loveliest people that were in ECK and I was so happy to have them.

And I think, as we go along, and I meet more people and more people and come to the decision that we have a group that is not parallel (and this is not a pat on the back or to say to people, “You’re the greatest.”); that isn’t the point which I’m trying to say. I’m trying to say this. That always I find, more and more as I go and meet people who are interested in ECK, of the qualities, the definite character of the people, the very uniqueness of these people who come to ECK and I say it, of itself, is certainly drawing the good, hardcore basic group who are interested in the work. And who will spread the work and who will become the channel, both collectively and singularly.

Now I want to say, and that leads into another point here, [about] those who come to ECK. And,I said this in February last year and I am repeating myself because I have a number of you people who did not hear that lecture. And, if someone does have that tape of February, he 14th, that was given there at the Ambassador hotel in Los Angeles, we would like to have that tape. And, would you please send it to our office?

Now in that lecture. I said something and I’m going to repeat myself on this, that those who come to ECK are the chosen ones. They are the ones who have been chosen to give the message to the world. They are the ones who are going to put the message into effect and they are going to give to the world this, which has been needed and has been brought back out again to the masses and to the public. Now I say this in all sincerity, without trying to be pompous on the feeling and on the occasion. Because, when you become a part of this program, when you enter into the program, you are part of It. And It uses you. Now, you have always been with Eck since the beginning of time that you’ve been here, from the past lives over the centuries into the present day. But there have been curtains that been drawn down because you have left the path. And many are leaving the path today. They come. They go. We have that as well as any other group does.

But, I’m trying to say here and now, that those who have recognized at the present time, that they in the past, knew the ECK Master and the ECK Master that either initiated them or they became as a Chela. And again, they come back again and they recognize the Eck Master and they are trying to finish up, in this life, what they started out in many lives ago. Now the ECK Master has always been and always is in this world. He has been, century over century over century over century.

He chooses a body that has become capable of handling all the of power that it gives, has become that who has been trained to the point of being in the world and giving the message now. Every generation, every lifetime, every age has always had an ECK Master here. He is a different personality in the physical such as Gopal Das who was one time an ECK Master here many centuries ago. He is now a guardian and an instructor, or a great guru on the astral plane in charge of the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, that section there. But at one time, he was with second dynasty of the Egyptians under the third Pharaoh. I forget his name at the present. But, he served his time here. Then he went on and began to serve in the other worlds.

And, since the beginning of time, there has always been he who is here to serve. And, every one of these individuals has had to go through the same as you have gone through. They to spent many years and many lives being trained up to the point where they were ready to take over the power or the ride of power as I was given in 1965. Because they are needed.

And I say to you here that someday, even though you don’t recognize it today in this life, you may someday come to the point in another life in the future in which you recognize the Eck Master and you will come back to him. You wouldn’t be here today or you wouldn’t be in Eck if you hadn’t recognized that from over the past centuries. Now I’ve never told this except in a closed meeting there in LA on 14th of February, which incidentally was a sweetheart’s day and I wondered why I said all that at that particular time, And, it was a very peculiar thing that Mrs. Thomas, who is our oldest Chela here, came that day. And, I saw her personally alone and she and I had a very lovely talk. And, I said to Mrs. Thomas, “Well, this is Sweetheart’s Day. I got to spend some time with you.”

So you see, all this means then that actually we are not out of a group. Rather, we all belong in the same group and the same area and yet we are independent and free if we want to be. Those who want to belong to a Satsang group are invited to go and be in Satsang group wherever they have the groups anyplace in the country, or the classes rather. Or, they don’t have to be. They can study alone or they can study together. It’s entirely up to the individual. There are many people before I started classes, many people wanted to be in groups. They wanted someone to discuss things with. They wanted a human level.

So, I started this particularly because of this one point that people wanted to get together and they wanted to talk about ECK. so those who want to can belong. Those who do not; well, it’s perfectly alright. Now the more that the closer the people get into this work, the greater they become liberated and freed. And they become, after a year or two in the work, usually two years, I will give them what I call the initiation. And this is a second initiation. The first initiation is when one takes up the work. Regardless of whether he takes up the Satsang work in the group or if he takes up the individual studies, he is initiated in the dream state. And, many people know this and they realize it and they often write me letters telling me about what occurred. Some do not. Some don’t realize this and some don’t understand or have no recall of this.

But the second initiation or the initiation of the second order, and I call them the Initiates of the Second Order, see me personally. I give them their own individual Word, which is theirs alone. With their initiation, I give another type of initiation and Word. Before that initiation, there is another type of initiation. Then, there are others that go on up, which I will not discuss this morning. But, then I have to say here that, eventually, you will enter into the ancient order of Vairagi, to which all the Masters belong, of themselves. Now, do not expect that when you come into the work to enter into this immediately. I didn’t. It took me a long time to get to that point. And because, if they had to put me out on the front line like a foot soldier, I have to carry the responsibility and the burden of the work; it isn’t a burden. But, it’s just a matter of a symbolic word.

I have to go out and I have to be, what they call in business, the front man. And I have to be the intermediary between you and the order. Now, there are many of you people here and I could easily point to a number of you people who have had contact with these masters. And because they have had contact with these Masters, they know such an order exists. And, it isn’t in the imagination that it has been put into anything since I’ve been in the work. But, I’ve only called your attention to this. Many of you remember these Masters from the past. Now, Rebezar Tarzs, who is actually the representative for the order in this universe, is the one who initiated me originally into the work and who has only taken myself at the present time and who had put me through a whole series of talks and tests and all the work to bring everything to this point.

Today I do not have so much contact with him because he has, we would say, gone back into doing another type of work. And, I am now carrying on, where at one time many centuries ago, that he did. And he also was the Master and guru of Sudar Sang who I first went under and would not initiate me. And, he finally sent me and no one went to Rebezar Tarzs until they were sent by one of the living Masters.

Now, this is a particular point that you have to know. And, one day, I will send you to these other Masters. One day you will be studying the Shariyat and I will give a discourse on that later. And, you will be able to understand and know. And many of you, now are studying this in the dream state, are in the other states of moving from this state of consciousness into the other worlds and doing the studying. I’m bringing out the book myself into print. It will take about 12 chapters in each book and there will be about 12 to 15 books.

Anyway, I want to say, that those who can be initiated are those who have had 2 years of the work. And, they can have it in any form. It can be in the Satsang group or it can be the personal studies. In the past, I have always said that they needed to study the Secret Way. And, because we have so many people who are coming in and studying, I cannot hold them any 2 to 4 years in the study, But, I say after 2 years I will do this for you. And if anyone is over the age of 60 and has had approximately a year of work in this, I will be happy to give them the initiation. But, I will hold it for a year and they can have it in the Sat Sang work or they can have it in the personal studies.

Now, there will be some people here today that may be disappointed but I have already promised (some of) these people that I would initiate them. They may have had 2 to 3 or 4 months in the work. And, I will go ahead and initiate them while they’re here. I don’t know where we’ll do it. It will probably be taking a time stretcher and stretching the time out a little bit someplace. But don.t worry. We’ll get it done and we’ll get you in if you are interested in coming in. Now. we do not say that we do not proselytize for initiates. I am only talking this because I need to bring it out and make it clear to you who have not had a definite policy on this. And, frankly, we are now getting to the point where we’re changing policy constantly because we always have different things that are coming up. We have a basic policy, of course. But then we have to, rather be like the R and B works, we have to change on the hour because different things come up.

Alright, actually now, actually those who become the initiates become the vehicles. And, the work, the responsibility of this work is going to shift to the initiates. And, the initiates are going to do a tremendous amount of the work. Now, because that you have studied this long or you have now become an initiate, I work a little closer to you because, this is what I began to say, this is the teaching of the Secret Doctrine. And, each initiate should be developed enough, some are not of course, but they should be developed enough to get the instruction via the inner from the Master instead of having to study so much on the outer.

The outer is only gathering up the intellectual knowledge and letting it come into the individual through the senses. But now, we are working from the inner. And the line is drawn between the Master, a much stronger line, and the chela or the initiate and he is constantly instructing, via the inner, or we would say the inter telephone line, with or to the initiate. So, he has a closer contact and he directs the individual to do certain things and he gives him the inner guidance plus the inner knowledge. Now, of course, there are several advantages outwardly. They all receive what we call a letter, the Wisdom Notes, which is for the initiates only. And, I try to because they are taking over the responsibility, I try to work closely with them and get them into a higher level so that they can help beyond in the other worlds and they can help prepare. Now the Master, in helping prepare the way for those to come in the other worlds, takes the initiate and he develops him so that he can give help in this.

He becomes an intricate part of the program. And, he becomes this in which he can work much closer with the Master. And, the Master will give him responsibilities of working in the invisible world. Sometimes he has him as a healer. Sometimes he has him working in other capacities as in the messenger capacity, He’ll have him work with different souls in going over. He helps in getting them, as I spoke about last night at the hospital areas there. In all of these things, he begins to work and help with the work of the Master. And, because he is in this capacity, he should not ever pull away or go out and start on another program of his own or with another group. He should not.

But if he does. there’s nothing said because we allow everyone to have freedom. And it’s always said that if a man didn’t want Eck and he wanted to give it up no matter where he was on the scale of the ladder, we say that he is free to go because we are defeating our purpose when we say no. (“You can’t go. You belong to us you’re tied to us and can never get free.”) Because, upon his request, he is no longer with us but he still remains our friend. So, the initiate then is the important person. You’re the important person and the initiate is the one who takes a responsibility that the other chelas who are finding their way in this do not. They become the teachers. They become many things we are trying to do today in this work.

If we have an individual who can do specific things, a talent, art or many things, who gives a service to ECK for some reason, we will waiver many of these things like the study of two years for this sort of thing because we recognize what they want to do. And this is not a reward, but this is a part of showing them that we will give help when they give help. We’ll recognize this, a point in the person. And I’ve done this on several occasions when a person has given service to ECK. I, myself, said, “You’re ready if you want it.” So, you must remember then, that those who want initiation must first approach us because we never approach the other person. And, we never give initiation in groups unless we give it a family group because we do not want to separate husband and wife or families

The other night was very fortunate. It was the second time I gave initiation to a whole family and it was the first time that I gave it to a family where so many. I believe there were about six or seven people in the family. There were the daughter and her husband and the grandchild and that. And I had never given one that way before. But, I had given one in which that the family was a husband and wife and two or three children and I do this because I say I like to keep a family together. The spirit of being together is better than trying to separate one or the other who says he wants to go one way or the other way. And, many times I have turned down people who said, “My mate isn’t interested but I would like to do it. And, he doesn’t want me to be in ECK.” I says, ‘I can’t do it then. Because he is a part of the family and he has as much say on certain things of this nature as you have for your desires.”

So, you see what I am trying to say here, that we’re not trying to break and split families or groups. We’re trying to keep them together. And many times a family becomes a whole unit of a vehicle or a unit for the power to flow through and to reach out and touch others, who have not had ECK, without ever speaking a word to them.

It’s very strange, I have people come to me who are in ECK, not even initiates many times and say, “I do not understand it now.” I have people walk up to me and start talking about all these things that we are interested in and they don’t really don’t know who I am or what I’m doing but yet they come to me and talk. That’s because this thing we call ECK reaches out and touches the individual and it pulls them in. And, it begins then to get the message to another group and I always say, “Don’t say anything about ECK to these people unless they ask you. And, then if they are interested, talk.

But to go out and take people by the button-hole here, by their lapel and pull them up and say, “You’ve got to have it or else, defeats the purpose.” And, so many people have defeated, and so many religions have defeated their own purpose by adopting a militant attitude. I say you defeat yourself when you do that because you immediately get branded as one of the nutty people who are running around trying to sell you on something they have.

Of course, we get that anyway. no reflection on the Fuller Brush man. But he always gets to the door and, if he isn’t going to sell you, he has certainly ruined his day. So, we don’t want that approach. We want the quiet approach. We want the people to come to us and talk to us about it because we are growing fast enough anyway. And, always when I go out to a meeting like this or anyplace in the country, even anyplace in the world, always there’s a big flurry afterwards at the distribution office at the Las Vegas headquarters because people are writing in. The forces are stirred up and people will either read or they’ll hear about it or something. And, I’ve always said I could go to Patagonia. It wouldn’t make any difference if I go down there or the Falkland Islands in the South Pacific and just land there and there would always be somebody who’d be writing to the office wanting to know something about ECK. And, it’s strange that it does that. Of course, that’’s the exaggeration. But, we have found so many, many things that seem to be so strange in this work, how people accept it or how people get to hear about it or how it comes to people.

I had a woman, one time, write me a letter and she said she had written the office and she had asked for material and she hadn’t gotten it. But, there was something very strange happened one morning. She was bed-ridden and she could barely make her way out to the mailbox or to the door to pick up the mail. And, occasionally, a neighbor would come by about every week or so and she would bring it in when she came by. But, this particular morning, she hadn’t had anybody in her house for days. And, this particular morning, she woke up about 3:00 in the morning saying she wondered if she would ever get that letter and an answer from us to find out about ECK. And, she had been up until about 12:00 that night because she hadn’t been feeling good. And again, she woke up very early in the morning, about 3 or 4 or something like that, and turned the bed-light on and there was the ECK material.

Now, sometimes, I take some of this with a grain of salt because they like to talk about how it has chosen them. But, then upon examination, sometimes I find these stories to have truth in them because many of this has happened to me. And, the miracles do happen. And, if you look for them in your life, they will happen. But, you must have the faith. You must know that you, too, are one of the chosen. Because that you are one of the chosen, you are fortunate and you will eventually come to this point in the ladder or the step on the ladder, which will give you this great thing that you started out seeking. And, that is God realization. But, you must remember one thing. Once you become one of those who are in ECK, you no longer seek because It is here and now. And, all those who’re not in the works of ECK, remember one thing. Do not seek because you already have It. It is here and now. Thank you.