Top of the Mountain – 1967

Special Recording – Las Vegas

Okay, well tonight I’m going to talk, start out this series in Las Vegas. The ones I gave over in those other places, I forget right now where they were. Oh yeah, they were over in Los Angeles back a month or so ago. The first one of that was called the Top of the Mountain, which I think was a very interesting subject.

But before we get into that, I want to make a remark here that is a very humorous remark about something Milly Roach was talking about a while ago. She was talking about some woman over there in Denver [who] had been seeing me running around in my shorts over there. Well you know, there was a very humorous thing several years ago. A woman wrote me a letter and she says she is very happy to have me with her all the time and to be around with her. But, she wished I wouldn’t go to the bathroom with her. So that was a humorous point. I got a laugh out of it. I wrote her back and said, “Well, in this case. I’ll just quit this if you don’t want it in this situation.” So. it must have been 10 days later. I got another letter back from her saying, oh, she was very sorry that she said this. She wished I would go ahead and do this anyway. She missed me very much when she was in the bathroom. All these humorous points, the whole business actually gets humorous when you think about it, the talk and everything that goes around so much in this work.

Well, the top of the mountain is actually the God consciousness. And that is the part, we call in this, the part of ECK. E. C. K., that is short like Zen is with Zen Buddhism. There are two parts of this. There’s the soul travel and there’s the total consciousness. And this is, actually the total consciousness is that part in which that when we get into this top area, we’re there completely. And we want to stay in this area and it gives us the benefit of being able to have that, what we call God Consciousness or God Realization. Now, the soul travel is merely the lower part in which that we have, well, below the fifth plane, which is the dividing line of the upper worlds and the lower worlds. And this is only dealing with, well I’d say, with concepts of time and space. And, in this concept of time and space, we are able only to do, what we call, travel. And, that travel is moving from one point to another point outside of the state of consciousness.

Now, we are not actually moving outside the body anytime that we are moving. We’re actually just moving from states of consciousness to consciousness. And this is a big problem that people have in this work. They think that they’re actually going to do a physical phenomenon. Ii isn’t a physical phenomenon at all. It is only the movement of the states of consciousness from one point to another point.

Now, in the beginning here, I want to point out where, in this total consciousness, we’re aware of all things happening at all times. When we are in the soul travel state, we’re not. We are only aware of something else happening at another area or another point. And, when we try to work with the total awareness in the lower worlds, then we run into the problems of having this state of being, well I would say, of being here in the lower worlds and trying to do something that is not possible.

We can’t have a full awareness in the lower states. This is one of the big things that’s been happening with psychic phenomenon, where people get mixed up and they run into many problems. They’re trying to promote themselves too much into psychic phenomena and get an awareness out of it. And, all they are getting is, just simply, an awareness of another state. They’re not having a total awareness at all. And, once we run into this problem of trying to get a total awareness out of a lower state, we actually run into more psychic problems than we’ve ever thought existed.

Mostly these psychic problems are illusions. But, when we try to work them and do physical phenomena with them, then we are running into the very serious problem of, well I would say, our awareness falls down completely. We have no awareness at all. We run into physical problems, mental problems, material problems, all of these things that seem to be things that are on the lower plane and are things that some people try to call karmetic conditions. And actually, they are not karmetic conditions. They are just the fact that they have tried to do something that wasn’t at all possible.

Now, changing from one state of consciousness to another state of consciousness is a simplicity. Actually, we are concerned here with semantics. Now, these semantics are the movement from one condition, or state, to another state. We are talking in the terms of not moving from here to there. But, since we’re part of the whole, we are moving from here to here. I hope you understand this because, what I’m trying to say, instead of being over there, I’m over here. And, this semantics is the one thing that we have to consider. And, if we don’t think in the terms being here instead of there, then we’ve made a bad mistake of trying to force ourselves into another position. And, once we force ourselves into a position. then we’re running into problems. And the problems, of course, don’t work with any of this study at all. If we try to work it with force, we are running into barriers. And the barriers will keep us from doing any movement outside the physical state of consciousness.

If I could put myself up there, over up there in the corner, in a state of consciousness that I am that corner, then I am alright. Then I can have a viewpoint from that corner. But, if I try to force myself over there and push over there in the astral body or push over there in another body, it won’t work. All this is, actually, when you’re moving into another state, you’re moving in soul body,

And, this soul body is nothing but a viewpoint. I hope you understand that because, actually what I’m talking about here is something like a pair of eyes, something that is like a recording camera. It’s like a movie camera. It’s there. It sees. And, it has all the perceptions. And, as long as it does that, then we’re in a position of knowing what goes on. And, unless we can do this, then we have missed the whole point of the works.

Now, the top of the mountain, the total consciousness, is actually, that which you can be in all places at the same time. And this is a another simplicity of being in all places at one time and it also works in with the lower state of that which we call soul consciousness. I’m trying to say here, one thing, which I have to clarify. And, that is going back to a fundamental of, I think everybody knows this, I’m only repeating it, the idea what I’m trying to say, simply, is that God is in all places at the same time. There’s never a moment without God. We talk about progressing. We talk about moving from point to point. We are only doing that in time. But, if we are here at this point and we move to the front door in the next two minutes or the next 10 seconds, God is as much at the front door as he is with us here.

So you see, this is a point in reality. This is what they say God is, since God is here at this point where I’m sitting now. God is in a corner, there, in a sense that He is everywhere at all times. And, it breaks down in the lower worlds as to what Christ said to his disciples about going into (Let’s see. How did he put that? Something about…) – “In my Father’s house there are many mansions and I go there to prepare a place for you.” So, all he was saying was, that he divided all of this great universe up by concepts of time and space

And, he had to do that because that’s the way we look it everything. And, that’s the way the disciples looked at everything in their day. Now he told the disciples at the time that he had finished with the rich young man and he turned sadly away from the rich young man because the rich young man didn’t know what he was talking about to the effect that… pardon me. He said to them, “Come and follow me, “ Well, they didn’t know what he was talking about. And they said, “Well, Lord, we are following you.” He looked at them, with probably a very mournful look, when he repeated the words, “in my father’s house there are many mansions.” {as he} was working to the effect and the cause of that. Since God is all places, then he, himself, was going to another position, another place in time and space and they, themselves, could follow him in states of consciousness. They didn’t know it. They didn’t know what he was talking about.

So,.if I could put myself in another place and you could put yourself in another place in a state of consciousness and have your perceptions and can report back to the physical senses and the physical senses can take it and recognize it and report, orally, what was going on in that place, that doesn’t mean that you’re going to be there in your astral body. It just merely means that you’re going to be there in the state of consciousness and you can report back because you have seen.

Now, I’ll try to break this down to a simplicity in saying this. It used to be, several years ago when I was, more or less, working in the beginning state in this work. I would be traveling along the road. This is an old example. You may have heard me say this a hundred times. But, I think it’s still a good example. I’d be here riding along the road and I’d want to know what the traffic was up ahead. I would get out and I would go up in the state of consciousness that I’m talking about and look and see what it was. Then I would know what the traffic would be at a certain crossroads. And how to perform and how to behave in my driving habits there.

But, now, this has all changed. The fact is, when I want to know something that’s going on up the road, I know. Because I’m no longer thinking in the terms of the movement and the concepts of time and space, not working in that area at all, working in the fact that here at the top of the ladder, at the top of the mountain, in this total awareness that I know and I say, when there is something to be done, I know it’s going to be done or it’s not going to be done. It has to work in this area. And, if it doesn’t work in this area, then we have missed the whole point.

It’s what some people call in some studies, similar to a postulation except that you are knowing and seeing what it’s doing because then you’re at the top of the ladder, you have a knowingness. And, you have a knowingness and you have an ability to see. I think I’ll reverse that because I say you’ll have an ability to see and an ability to know. And if you can do this, then you’ll realize what is taking place at a certain point without having to pinpoint it.

Now, that’s all you’re doing is working in a wholeness and not in parts. That’s where you when you’re at the top of the mountain. But, if you’re down in the lower states, then you’re working in parts. You have to work in a position of being at a certain place at a certain time and have all your concepts at that one place and all your attention on one thing at that particular time. Otherwise, it is working in the difference of working in the whole and working in the parts. Now, this comes about in a certain thing.

People question this in saying, “Well, if a person knows all of these things and knows how the events are turning out by being in total consciousness, what is it then that he can work in total consciousness and he is not foretelling what events are going to happen? Or, he runs into problems, himself, that he doesn’t see.” This is because that, now, we are working in three states of consciousness. And the three states of consciousness are, the first one is a human state of consciousness which works in all the lower worlds. You can call it the psychic consciousness if you want to. Then you have the self-realization consciousness or when soul when realizes itself, who it is, where it’s going, what its mission is and that sort of thing and the total or the God-conscious state.

Now, what one can do in any of these, move from one state to the other state to the other state and back and forth. Now, I don’t care how developed, how high a person is, where he is in his, now I will use the word, development. Now, that’s just another piece of semantics. where he is spiritually. He will never stay in the full God-conscious state all the time. He has to come and go because it’s natural. As long as he’s in the body, he’s going to be in the human state of consciousness quite a bit. He can’t move back and forth, in the sense that we slip out of a shirt or something like that, constantly. But, he will be in the lower state a great deal. Then he’ll go into the higher states when he needs it. And then, he will slip back because he’ll always have something to pull him back down here.

Now there are people who have stayed in the higher states on a greater percentage than others. But, they had very few social responsibilities. I’d say that Ramakrishna of the Vedanta Society was one of these people. He could stay up there quite high but you have to remember that he was when he went into these states, He would stay in these states 36 or 45 or 48 hours or something like that. But, he had people who would feed his body. He had people who would stand around and take care of him all the time.) But we don’t have that ourselves. Nobody is going to take care of us. We have to go out and make a living.

So the point which I’m trying to say, if we can stay on the top of the mountain most of the time or when we need to be there, then we are in better shape than the fellow who’s not able to get out of the psychic or the human state of consciousness. If we have the ability or the opportunity to move, I wouldn’t say, at will, but have a fair degree of ability to move from the human state into the higher state, then we are in pretty good shape. Because we can begin to see or we can take an objective look at ourselves and see what’s going on. So many people get so involved in a problem or get so involved in themselves through different things, it can be karma, it can be many things, that they cannot do this. They’re stuck. And, they’re stuck there because that they can’t get back and look at themselves objectively and see what’s going on here.

It’s like the old thing of taking the problem from the inside of one’s self and taking it out here and looking at it and saying, “Well, gee, I deal with that all the time. I wonder what made it so big?” Nothing made it big except illusion and the lack of ability to look at it objectively, to stand away and look at it objectively. Now, what I’m trying to tell you and what I’m trying to get across here tonight is that, if we want to reach the top of the mountain, we must first go at this with the first step. It’s like climbing the mountain physically. I remember many years ago when I used to hike up the mountainsides, I’d always think about getting over that first hump. The first hump might be 50 yards. I’d then catch my first wind on this. I knew I was going to make it up to the top.

But here, we must start out and we must begin to think and work outside our present state of consciousness someplace else. And, we must start these practices very slowly and take the first step or the first 50 yards and then take the first objective look at ourselves or the objective look at something else and then we begin to understand what we’re thinking and talking about.

I’ll tell you that one of the mistakes I think all people do, and I did this in the beginning of this work, was trying to tell the people that they should get out and look at themselves. They should stand back someplace and take a look at themselves and then they would have the degree of experience of knowing something about an experience of out-of-state consciousness. Well, I had a lot of failures in this and then I began to wonder what was happening. And, suddenly it dawned upon me that no one likes to look at themselves. Well, they look at themselves everyday in the mirror. They see the wrinkles growing in their face. They see themselves maybe get a little pot stomach on and these sorts of things. And they begin to think, “Gee whiz. you know, I hate this sort of thing.” So, they won’t do it. And, I had a number of people trying a technique of this kind. No one could do it. I actually thought I had begun to be a failure in the whole program. And suddenly, it dawned upon me that no one likes to look at themselves. I changed this thing around and I began to get success with it. I told them not to look at themselves until they had a degree of knowingness and know that all they’re wearing here is just a body. This is just a coat. It’s just something that we have that we have to wear while we’re here, that we actually, ourselves, are the soul.

We have only adopted a body because we need so much experience down in this world and in this world while we are going to live and perform in a certain way with certain behaviors. And we need that experience, so, therefore, we have to have a body to live because of the laboratory rates in this world. All saviors, all people, everyone who came to this world always lived like this. They were always born of woman and they always went through life like everyone else and had practically the same experience.

So, we must remember, we’re doing one thing. And, that one thing is that we’re working from this human state consciousness into another state of consciousness. And the human state of consciousness, to give it a simplicity rather, means only that we are living in the mental area which is concerned with pride, vanity, fear, doubt, all of these negativisms because negative force Is actually the only thing that is working in the lower worlds. And negative force or negative power takes the place of the spiritual power which tries to come down and enters into a person and changes them so they will be able to get to the top of the mountain.

Now, I say to you only one thing here and that is, if you want to make a move from this state of consciousness to another state of consciousness, put yourself there as the camera eye and try to record the emotions and the perceptions and the concepts that you receive there in that experience. And then, try to report this back to the physical senses so that the physical senses can understand what went on when you were away from your physical or your human conscience. Try this one time, two times, five times or as many times as you wish. And, one day, you will suddenly experience yourself as being someplace else and having no concept of your physical body at all until you want to return to it. Now, this will eventually lead you to the top of the mountain where you will have total awareness and knowledge of all things. This is the first of this series of tapes that I’m going to do. The next one is entitled the Master and the Chela. I’ll give that tomorrow afternoon.