Two Faces of the Master – 1967

This afternoon I started off with the subject of the master and the chela, or the teachers and student. And I am sorry that most of you missed it because I am pertaining tonight on this. And the subject of that would be the two faces of the master, in which all comes in, ties right in, with the teacher and the chela, or the teacher and the student, whatever you want to call it.

Now one of the most interesting things following the path of the ECK is the teacher takes over the path and the spiritual training of the work of the student to reach his goal and, eventually, become independent and have freedom of his own after he is placed upon what we call the fifth plane established there. And then he is on his own to work and do as he wishes. Then the teacher moves away from him and he takes on others who are sent to him or they, on their own, comes some way to him.

But in the meantime, one must know more about the teacher to know who he is and what he is and what he does for them, his functioning in the spirit world, the spiritual world, in reference to the student.

I wrote an article a few days ago and send it into the Cosmic Star. The title of it was Function of the Master or his Duties to the Student, or the chela, and how that he works with them how he works with Universal Plans. That eventually will be published and it will give you a further thought on this idea of what I’m talking about now.

So, the teacher becomes the hub of the universe of all the students, be it one, or be it a thousand or five thousand. He no longer has to be in the position of communicating with these people physically. He works with these people on the inside. And he works with these people on the outside. He is there in the physical. You see him. You hear him. You know him. You talk and you hear his troubles. You hear his problems, as well as he hears your problems and everything else.

But then on the inside, it’s different. He Is a different type of a person. He is no longer working in a human consciousness. He Is working in the spiritual consciousness in which that he, as the teacher, is now doing the teaching to the student. So, he does the teaching in many varied ways. In which he does it through the dream state. He does it through a very subtle state in which that they, the students, do not know what he is doing, or how he is leading them or where he is taking them. They only know and trust that they are going in the right direction and they sense until they, themselves, can understand and know what he is actually doing for them.

Then, many times he appears to them in the other body. He lectures.  He gives the discourses. He gives many things in this form in which they, themselves, are able to take and understand and know what he is talking about and where he is trying to lead them and where he’s trying to take them.

Now, this is called the inner master or the inner face of the master and what you see on the outside is the outer face of the master. This is two masters that you know of the one master.

Now, if you have been a teacher who can only give you the one teachings. Hopefully, orally and that sort of thing. He may take you into a certain mount or lead you up a certain path until he gets you to where you meet the teacher who works with you on the inner and on the outer. Then, on the other hand, you may have the inner teacher who works with you.

And he will lead you along until he can no longer teach you, prepare you. His function and his duties are over. Then he will probably take you to the master who has what, they call the two faces, are the inner and the outer master.

Now, this is, actually, a coming back in terminology, that the inner master is a spirit. He is the spiritual power in which he works through the functioning of the matrix or what you call the body of the inner master. Because the mind has its own function within this world of the mental plane, plus work with forms and symbols and ideas and such things as what we know, as I would say as the mathematical symbols, that type of thing, human form, animal form, other forms. So, therefore it uses the form to see on the inner as to what it can know and understand of the master and, actually, the master is the spirit or the spiritual self or the spiritual world, life or whatever you want to call it, of the teacher who comes and works through the pure spirit power.

Now, this may not be a revolutionary type of teaching for many of you because, I suppose, it might old hat to you. But, to some people. it is a new type of teaching in which that they do not understand because they have always been told that there’s at the head of the group, that they belong to, that there is a teacher. Although he may be deceased or gone on, as Christianity tells us that Christ is the head of all the world of Christianity, and therefore, regardless of whether or not he has passed on physically or not, he is still the head of that and he is still the teacher.  

Now, this is still true in the path of ECK but there have been those who have passed on previously and gone on into the other worlds but they do not teach in the outer. They do not come and teach into the physical as they do in the terms that I am trying to put forth here tonight.

As Christ does not appear to all and hold and do the teachings to them of the original Christianity, neither do those in the path of ECK. So, therefore we must have the true teacher who appears at the end of the line at the present time to give the teachings as they are now and act as the transformer. Or, he who can bring you to, what we call the fifth or the soul plane, to give you freedom and put you upon your own

I am simply saying here, and it is all that I can bring it to, to distract the physical senses with the words and try to make an impression upon them, that the teacher must be he who you see and hear and he who comes to you on the inner and he is one and the same. Now, this I found to be true that not all people, even in the path of ECK or any other path, can find this to be true for themselves because it is simply that they are not seeing along the lines that we are trying to teach here. And they are not bringing themselves into the area of trying and being open enough to understand this, to know and have and see the workings of this on the inside, as well as on the outside.

But it’s true and therefore the teacher does not have the need for physical communication in the same terms as those who have to teach from the outside alone. Now, he can make his appearance to all people within in his orbit at all times at the same time. It means that all people who are in his orbit or who he is teaching could be capable, and I don’t say that they are all capable, but they could be capable of having him appear to them all at the same time.

Now, this may be quite a gulp to take down if you are new to this sort of thing because it doesn’t seem to be possible. But it’s the thing which I’ve been trying to say that he, who stands at the top of the mountain in the total awareness, can be at all places and at all times providing that he is in this state of consciousness.

And this is why there’s a difference from soul travel and the term of ECK. Because ECK is dealing with total awareness. And soul travel, or Eckankar, is dealing with soul travel alone. So that means that soul travel is only working in two places at the same time. where the ECK  of total awareness is working in all places at the same time because in total awareness we are one with God.

We are one with wholeness and we are one with the universal part of itself. As soul travel, we are working in time and space and therefore we are working in the worlds of the phenomena or the physical phenomena worlds and therefore we are dealing with the concepts of time and space as I have said before.

So you see, the master who works in the lower world, the worlds of the mind and the worlds of the psychic phenomena, all the lower worlds. He is dealing only with two places at the same time and therefore is limited.

So, the whole thing in the nutshell is that the master, by working in total awareness and working with the people that he has in his orbit, he works with them all in the same time in the same place at all times with total awareness and therefore he has the ability to lift them up into the self-realized state part or the total-aware state himself.

And that is what he is trying to do and that is why that he is concerned mainly with this inner part than with the outer part because if he can work and straighten out the inner side of the individual, then all other things fall in place. He knows that. We know that and from our limited view here of things in the human consciousness, we know that if we straighten out the inner, the outer will be straightened out. We know so many times that our problems, that if this problem with another person in a human relationship is mainly our problem and not another person’s problem. Then we straighten ourselves out. Then all things will come out right.

Therefore, we have to look and we have to know with whom we are dealing when we take up a path, upon a spiritual path to God. Because if we do not do this, we may either waste our time or we may either fall into traps that we may have to work ourselves out eventually and become so ensnared in illusion that we cannot see another path.

All I have to say here now is examine who you are going to follow. Examine what path you are going upon, because if you do not, you may have to someday reverse yourself and go into another path in order to find where and how that this path that you really were trying to follow in the first place – where it is and how to get to it and how to follow it.

Now, no path is going to be easy for you. The path of ECK is not easy. The master who becomes your outer master and your inner master will not help you to make it easy simply because that is not his duty to make it easy for you. It is his duty to see that you get the proper training. And the proper training as we get, as in any academic work, any collegiate work, or university work or any school work that we go through with. The teacher does not actually make it easy for the student. She or he sees that he does get the proper training and that is what he is working for. So this is the same thing in the spiritual world. That the teacher knows that, when life experiences come up, that he himself cannot remove these life experiences as they themselves, any student, may want them to be done. But he has to see that they get the training to overcome or to go through or to go around these problems or dissolve them on their own.

But, mainly he has to see that they will learn to control these problems and to not be disillusioned by something that seems greater than life itself. If we went out to solve all the problems in our life, we would probably be forever and a day solving problems because every time we would receive a problem there would be another problem there bigger than ever, and we would dissolve that one and here is another big one. They say in the past that this is the way that one becomes a master, that he learns how to dissolve all the problems, Then he gets the one huge problem of the world and then he learns how to control that or dissolve it and he becomes the master.

This only means that, just simply, that their speaking of the world, this only means his world and his universe and this is what we concerned with, our own individual universe, our own individual world. Now we must have two points that we know in life and those two points are incidentally, our own personal world and our self-interests, and the universal world and the universal interests.

We cannot go out to solve universal problems when we have our problems to solve. And I think that any teacher who poses himself as being one who’s handling all the universal problems of the world and he himself is taking care of that and he is taking care of his students and their problems too, he is actually being dishonest because he must work in his own world of time and space until he is in the state of total awareness. Then he becomes a part of this what we know as God and then he has to take up and resolve or work with the problems that are in this universal self or those who come up within the universal worlds. And he does not take these on of himself, but they are in a sense, they come to him exactly like these problems come to us in the physical senses.

I’ve heard many say at times, that the master was solving the problem of the world and he was bringing about world peace and all that sort of thing. which I often could see that he could be doing less because he doesn’t particularly care about the state of the world in that matter. He is concerned with the state of the individual and their state of consciousness.

And all he wants them to do is to move from this state of consciousness, as a human state of consciousness, to the self-realized state of consciousness to the total aware state of consciousness and learn to do this fairly at will. Now I and everyone else here realizes that we are not going to be an adept at this at a short time. But we do think and hope that we can reach this particular ability and develop this particular ability within a reasonable time in life. And if we can do this well then I will think we will have become fairly successful. We want to be the individual who can raise himself out of a human state of consciousness into the universal or the total state of consciousness and look upon all things with that viewpoint. And when we do this, then we have that ability to move ourselves in what we call soul travel and total awareness.

I am hoping that all people, in time, will be able to do this. But as anyone who knows even in the academic world, they are not going to teach all people in their class to come up to the point of an ability to grasp the subject they are teaching. So, therefore, we know that there will be a percentage of people who will fall by the wayside. And the people who do not belong in this particular path, they can be taken in another path. They can find another path that will eventually will get them there. ECK, of itself, will not fulfill all the things that one person wants but it will fulfill the things of what another person wants, so, therefore, we are totally different. We are totally individuals and therefore, by being totally individualized, we know there’s only one way to reach the total awareness and that way is through the individualized state of ourselves and through our individualized consciousness.

Now Christ pointed this out when he said that I am the way through which all people will come into the Christ consciousness. He didn’t say those words exactly but he said something to that effect in the middle of the Gospel of John when he was making one of his last talks.  I think it was at the Passover feast when he announced that he was Christ consciousness and all came to him would come into Christ consciousness this way. All he was saying to them and all I’m saying to you in the same manner that we come to total awareness or Christ consciousness through our own consciousness. We do not go outside ourselves.

And once we start moving outside of ourselves to go upon any path at all then we have defeated the purpose. And by doing this, then we become the lost man and we are totally confused and we can no longer find ourselves and we go to someone and say, “Will you show us the way?” And perhaps the person doesn’t know the way and he tries to do that. And then we will wander maybe through a whole lifetime trying to find the path which will get us there.  

But we cannot go outside ourselves and the teacher who has true size of himself knows this. And he knows that he cannot deceive the people that he’s with. And he’s trying to lead them into the consciousness because, when he does, he is deceiving himself. And if he does this, then he knows that he has to pay the penalty himself by overcoming a certain amount of karma that he’s built up. We, ourselves, will build our own karma and he knows that.  And as long as he can keep himself free and let the spiritual power work through him and he works and rides upon his spiritual power as himself, are the inner master to instruct and teach the people, then he is doing it the right way.

He may not, in all cases, be successful with all people as I have said. This is true. We cannot be successful with all people because we are working with the individualized state of consciousness. And the individualized states of consciousnesses are not all on the same level. And that is why that we know, of ourselves, there will never be peace in the world because everyone has different ideas about different things. There will always be the state of living in the human consciousness. And, those who are living in the human consciousness and human consciousness alone we’ll never realize that there could be peace if they would be raised up.

But perhaps they have to take that and go through a series of lives and incarnations in order to reach that state. And by that time, there’ll be others who have had the lower states of mind who have come into that and, therefore, we are on certain paths regardless of what the path might be.

It will all go to the one thing, that as soon as you get self-recognition you will begin to recognize all of these things within a person, other people. You will recognize what you read in the papers or see on the TV. You’ll do a great deal of knowledge-gaining that you never had before which will come of your own.

And it’s like the thing in reading a book or understanding a play or understanding a piece of literature. It’s like picking up a book and you look at the cover of it and you look at the back and you look at the table of contents and you know it. You know the state of mind in which the writer wrote it. And you know the state of consciousness he was striving to touch and reach. You’ll know so many tremendous things about him and the book and everything else that you don’t have to read the book. It’s a matter of recognition.

So this is the case of a man who goes to the movie, and he sees the movie and in the movie, he finds himself seeing the idea that the author wrote, not the acting out, receives the idea. He sees what came into the state of consciousness at the time that the writer wrote the screenplay and his state of consciousness and who he was writing it for and how he used the state of consciousness that he was writing for which made him a successful screenwriter. So, therefore, in having self-recognition of ourselves in this self-realized state, which is the second of these states of consciousness we, therefore, can understand and know most things before that we enter into the full state of consciousness. So the teacher who will try to bring you out of the level of the human state of consciousness will bring you to the higher level in order to get this self-realized state. And then he will try to give you the experience in the full state and then he will say to you, “You have learned a certain amount of things. You are now upon your own. And you are now free to go and do as you wish,”

And sometimes students don’t like to be freed or to be let go because they feel like they have lost. But they haven’t because they are now to go out into the world as someone who has finished school and to go out into the world and begin with a new experience of life, with a new training and a new background.

So, therefore, we ourselves must understand that this is what the teacher is doing. This is why that he sits in a chair and talks to you in this manner. And at the same time, he may appear to you at nights in a certain state of consciousness that you be in, talk and work with you or take you out in other planes to show you what is there on the other side of life.

Now, this is in a sense a survival, something of survival, but in a sense, it is not. It is all to show you that you yourself, too, can become the teacher and become the master. And by doing this, the individual then learns, of himself, to know that there is nothing in the world for him to depend upon but one thing and that is God of himself or what we would take and call, spirit. If we did not have the inner teacher who we lean upon or the spirit then we would have no security at all.

And I am saying here, simply the fact, our security does not lie in how much that we have put away, how much of our properties that we have. It lies within ourselves as being the individual who is secure in God. And by becoming secure in God, he can take the route of working with the teacher to his own individualized consciousness and eventually come into total consciousness.

Now if he can do this, then he has gained what we know as liberation or salvation. Which is called, I think the religionists call it, salvation. He can be in this state and this state means that he is now working in the God field and he will work in God field the majority of time . You work in the field of religion and philosophy most of the time. He will actually be that which we call the free soul, and he is practically free to do and work of himself as much as he wants within all worlds at all times and he will find that the more he works in these worlds, the higher that he becomes ethically, if that’s the proper word, not morals but ethics. He gains the greatness in this and he cannot do anything of the overt nature any longer. He must work for the good of all things, for the good of himself and for the good of all others. Therefore. he has now found the inner teacher, the outer teacher, the one who has given him the truth and the true path to God and then, by doing this, he learned how to reach God and how to become liberated.