Philosophy of NO-Thing – 1967

Well, I don’t know what one thinks about this work. I used to think of the terms of the negative of it and I had developed a pretty good philosophy of what they call the philosophy of the no-thing or the philosophy of the nothing. The philosophy of the nothing was actually a Buddhist philosophy in which that they put it upon a negative. And, in the negative, they were thinking, really, of the lower worlds or the universal mind worlds in which that the Kal power works as the ruling force. But, then we have the whole part of this coming forward and putting it up there on the positive side and throwing something of this nature. Now, we’re working with what we call the Philosophy of the Some-Thing or the philosophy of the good, or the philosophy of the whole.

And, I rather adopt the wordage or the terminology as a philosophy of the whole and then, of course, I refine that down into the philosophy of the ECK, which actually means a philosophy of the whole. And, a philosophy of the whole is the working of the true Eck power in the inner worlds and not just the one world, in which that we’re talking about, of the Kal power world. Now, this is the thing which I tried to get across to people. I have two philosophies. So, when we’re working in the philosophy of the nothing or the philosophy of the no-thing, we’re working in the Kal worlds, in which that the Buddhist philosophy calls the three worlds. And, that was the three worlds that we put them all down.

In metaphysics, we know them as the physical, the mind and the soul. Sometimes they’re called the physical, the heart and the Soul or the physical, the mind and heart or whichever way that they want to describe these. But anyway, this is where I’m getting at is to say that the Buddhist believes in the void and the void is the growth of nothingness. And, when one reaches this growth of nothingness, which we know in the third, or rather the fourth plane, in passing through the fourth plane into the soul plane, we go through the tunnel of darkness or the tunnel of the Wyuka, which is the whole of the void. And, the void is the awful growth in that which soul faces before it drops all the bodies. Now, they’re talking, actually, and putting their philosophy upon the negative.

So, what we want to do is put the philosophy upon the positive and so, then, we’re working in the philosophy of the whole or rather the Philosophy of the All-ness. And, in working in a Philosophy of the All-ness, we really have something that the others are not working with or working to because of the problem that they have with terminology. And, the terminology is a problem of hindering the consciousness from opening to accept this. Now, when we begin to work with the All-ness and the philosophy of the whole. then we’re working with Soul or as Soul. We’re working with the spiritual powers, which is in all worlds but is less, in a sense, or less recognized, in the lower worlds than the Kal power. So, we have to forget the idea of the nothing or the no-thing and begin to think in terms of the Some-thing or the Wholeness of the whole or the All-ness, rather.

So, then we have to begin to live and to think in the terms of the positive action, which has. in turning, turned the action for the All or the action beyond ourselves. So, when we’re doing this, we’re working towards the work of God. We’re working in the field of spiritual unfoldment which is carrying us always to another level and opening our Consciousness so we’ll see more and more and more and constantly into the greater areas of life. Now, I fear that one because that he’s always putting the things of the negative first, which is actually the feminine philosophy because there has been no time when the feminine principle has not tried to draw a heaven down to earth. This is one of the strange things about the philosophy of Christian Science, which went through the feminine principle or the feminine channel that they’re bringing healing down to earth and not by lifting or opening the consciousness of the individual to work into a greater wholeness and receive his healing in that manner. Now, this has no bearing upon where the healing comes from or how it comes from nor does it have any bearing upon the individual as the one who is the founder or Barrett. But, I say that we’re working, actually, with two principles here. We’re working with the masculine principle and we’re working with the feminine principle.

So. then. we have to think in the terms that, all right, we’re working with the all-ness
of God. And, we working with the nothing or the no-thing of the Kal power. So. therefore. we have to expand ourselves into the position where we’re not doing either. We have to think in the terms that soul always works in the neuter state and it combines both of these principles in order to have the full principal. And, when it begins to work in the terms of the full principal of both sides, then it is giving, more or less, a greater benefit to the individual for the benefit of all and for the benefit of the family, the community, the state, the nation and the world because he’s given beyond himself. This is the same principle that goes on into the life of a man.

For first, because of the way that nature works, he becomes married, he begets a family and because he begets a family he begins to work beyond his own capacity of consciousness and he’s working for the whole of the family. Now, after a while, he goes beyond this. He joins the club’s, the community clubs. He joins the national associations. He does all of these things and he gets interested in the political matters of the city, the county, the state and the nation. And, he begins to be interested in international affairs of foreign policy and all that. In a manner, this is an example of how he works beyond himself or beyond his own personal interests into the greater interest. Because he’s thinking, then, “What is in the benefit of the people or what is for the benefit of the whole?” And, he’s always using the negative approach by saying this that, “I do not want my children to grow up in this sort of a school system. I do not want my children to grow up in this sort of a world. I do not want my children to follow my own footsteps and have a career as I had. I want him to become a doctor, a chemist, an architect, something which is greater than what I have been.

Therefore, the man is working with the positive principle. Then one day towards the end of his life, maybe when he gets beyond 60, he enters into that older age. He, then, begins to think in terms of the Soul terms or beyond himself or beyond all of these into the principles of what is a spiritual good and what is a work. And, he could now start doing, in order to advance mankind. Maybe he goes out and studies in some minor way to be a minister. Maybe he becomes a worker in the church. Maybe he does other things or maybe he even takes upon himself, even at that age, to begin to become a missionary or any of these particular things. When he does this then he’s working in the neuter state.

And, the neuter state is neither the feminine or the masculine but it is the spiritual state in which that he works beyond the physical world. in with the spiritual world. And, the spiritual world is that which is working for the All-ness of all the worlds. And, not just the physical world and its materiality. But, it’s working for the physical world, the astral, the causal, the mental, the esoteric or the etheric and the Soul world and beyond that into the other worlds. Now, all these things are very important. And, when this man begins to think in this terms, he is now working towards a greater life and he is also beginning to imbue his mate who is possibly still living with the same ideas and they began to work beyond this.

Now, when a woman becomes, in a sense, has raised her family and she then becomes interested in working, as what so many say to me at times, that she wants to help other people. She wants to help them on a physical level with the healings, with the problems and all of that. This is a universal principle of motherhood working through her and, as she no longer has a family to take care of, she begins to think in the terms of getting beyond this, which is still the negative principle. So, she must, then, begin to think in the masculine principle and then begin to think in the spiritual principle. And, she must work beyond any of these two into this. And, then, she’ll come to that point where she no longer looks at the void, as a Buddhist says. And, she no longer thinks about the tunnel of the Wyuka which she has to pass through because she, generally, has already passed through this and moved into the Soul Plane where now she has become what we call the channel and the channel for God or the channel for the spirit of God to flow through using her as a channel is that it’s using her as a neuter state or the neutral State and she is no longer working as the positive state or the negative state but in this neuter state where she is detached. And, the first thing that I can come and talk about this sort of state is, actually, the fact that she, herself, or he, himself, has become a channel by detaching himself from all of the things in the other worlds.

That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love or need clothes nor shelter nor food to keep the body alive, but he doesn’t attach an importance to any of these. So, therefore, we must think, then, in the terms of having these particular things. And, these particular things are that he detaches himself from the factors of the material life and he’s acting in the capacity of the spiritual life. And, by doing that, he opens himself as a channel and he opens himself into the neuter state. And, then, he becomes, more or less in what we use in the spiritual terminology, as the individual who is able to be living in the perfection of Soul. And, the perfection of Soul is, more or less, phrasing or words which have its basic factor in the one thing that man is now the neuter self.

Not the word, man, but the word, soul, is a neuter self. And, the neuter self is as clear as it can be of aberration, excuse me, or it is clear of the ridges and the barriers. And, it now becomes more or less in a perfected state. And, by this perfected, state as we’re speaking of here, he, of himself, is able to be a channel. And, this is what of that I’m working for. This is why I have started out with the satsang classes, is to work man towards this position of realizing himself, eventually, to become this. There are lots of stumbling blocks. There’s lots of areas. Not even the teacher, some times, although they may know it in the form of words or can read it, they do not get the inner grasping of this. But, once they grasp this through the inner self, then they know and they can begin to teach it and they begin to be, what we term in ECK, as those people who have entered into the higher worlds to become, as souls, to help pave the way, to help the souls to now return to the original world when they have passed from this body. there to teach them, to show them how to do it. And, then, they will work with the Master to get to this position. 17:29

Now, there is another point that I want to bring up here. It’s a very interesting and a very definite point is, if you notice that in the Bible, or the gospels rather, in many places in the beginning Christ said, or Jesus rather, or rather used the word, Jesus said that, “The son of man shall.” And, then he made his prophecies and his statements and that nature, referring to himself as the son of man. This means then that he had to find out in his life he had to be bound of woman, which is the way of nature.

He had to live as youth. He had to go into his middle age. And, if he had not met with death on the cross, he would have lived to old age and died in that manner. Now, then, as he goes into the higher states of consciousness, in different places he refers to himself as the Christ, which is the higher state of mind. And, he’s no longer speaking of that position which Jesus spoke of as the son of man, as man himself. He is speaking of himself as Spirit or as the more perfected Soul which I’m speaking of, here, in the neuter state, from the neuter state. So, therefore, he moves in his position, as I see it, from one state to the other state. And, this is why I’m saying to everybody that we move from one position to the other position in our life as the Soul. We’re moving from the No-thing state to the Some-thing state, to the neuter state.

Now, I don’t know where in the testament, where that speaks of Christ as being, moving through, the three states unless it was at the time that, after his birth and after his gaining of knowledge, that he appeared again in the Palestine or the Israel States or wherever this was and he reappeared. Then he performed miracles and then he went past the miracles stage into the higher stage. Now, this would be as he is a son of man. Then, he becomes a miraculous person or the performer of miracles, then he becomes the one who is in the high state, I called the perfected state, which is merely a matter of terminology because we cannot, actually, describe the state with words. So, wherever everyone who comes into the work is going through a similar state he is going from the no-thing to the miraculous state to the high state. Now, this miraculous state, actually, occurs on a fourth plane, which is the mental plane. When one reaches the mental plane, he learns a great deal about how to do miracles. He can raise the bed. He can stop the trains. He can do the miracles, which people will not understand. They think in the terms that this is the sign of the greater one. Yes, it is. But, there’s a lot of magicians, and I’m not talking about the stage magicians, I’m talking about the people who have developed these powers. And, they’re using them alone, sometimes your black magicians. But anyway, I’m trying to say, they go into the state of the miraculous when are on the higher planes. And, then, if they do not understand and cannot perform with this state or they use it for anything that is wrong, they fall.

And, they fall from this high area down into the mineral conscience, and they have to start all over again and go upward and work themselves into the place where they have left off. And, it may take many lives and many reincarnations to do this. Now, here is an example that I can give you, that I knew of a woman who did this. So, she fell in her state of consciousness and she lost everything. She became a paralytic and could just barely talk, could barely move her hands. Then she began to move out of this within her lifetime to work it back towards the spiritual or the developing of the spiritual unfoldment again. And, when she passed out of this battery, to go into the other worlds, she then began to make a progress again and go to the higher worlds. So, as I have said here, and I’m beginning now and trying to work this out so you have some understanding of it, I’m trying to say, most definitely, that we have this philosophy which a lot of the people give. And, you could pretty well judge where they are or where they religion or where the teachings are by the way, by the use, of their terminology because they do not know any better.

So, when they start talking about the philosophy of the no-thing or the philosophy of the void or they are using these bits of terminology, you can take the terminology itself and begin to analyze it. And, you can see there’s a great deal, like one group today, who says that they are trying to reach self-realization. Well, if they’re only trying to reach self-realization and they’re only trying to reach the third plane, which is a self-realized plane where the soul has self-realization and therefore this is all the talking about and this is heaven to them. Well, it would be heaven to a great number of those who didn’t know any better. I mean the true heaven to them, So, then, we have to think here that when we come to the end of this all of this, we are only working to become a channel for God. We’re only trying to be to work in the field or the whole or the universality of all things. And, when we get to that state beyond the masculine beyond the feminine and work into the neuter, we will no longer be interested in either of these and we have a detachment to all things and all things become, rather they fall in place. and by falling in place, they just simply, here and now, become what they are and we see them for what they are. And, we’ll let them live according to how they live. Thank you.

I’m to the end of this all of this. We are only working to become a channel for God. We’re only trying to be to work in the field are the hold are they all nurses are the universality of all things and when we get to that state beyond the masculine beyond the feminine and work into the neuter, we will no longer be interested in either of these and we have a Detachment to all things and All Things become rather the phone in place and that batting in place. They just simply Here and Now become what they are and we see them for what they are and we’ll let them live according to how they live. Thank you.