Varaigi Eck Masters – Vancouver, 1970

Alright, now we have another session. I’m not used to speaking at 9:00 in the evenings. Normally, I’m working at a typewriter or doing something else at that time in the evening. Anyway, I have to come back again and talk more on the subjects, to expand the subjects that we were speaking about before. Now, I want to go back into The Stranger by the River and I want to read a few lines from that in order to set the rhythm and the thought for my subject for the evening. And, this is the section in which is called the Sermon by the River. And in this, Rebazar Tarz, who was talking to the people who have come to the river to ask him questions and to seek explanations of what God is and who God is and other things, which were seemingly as important to them as are important to us.

Out of this comes in a part of, taken in sections, in which Rebazar Tarz says, “Life is but a perpetual balancing of accounts. Man dies and leaves behind unsettled accounts. Some are debits. Some are credits. Man is debited with the evil he does and credited with the with the good he does. Therefore, he must return to this world to pay and to collect. And he shall come again and go until a living ECK Master appears and gathers him up for God.” Now, this is true. He shall come and he shall go until comes the day that the ECK Master meets with him for he is now ready to step out on the path. He has earned his way. He has cleared the books of the debits and the credits. And, he is now ready to meet with the Master and be gathered up to return to the home to be gathered up for God.

And going alone in the next paragraph it says, or he says, Rebazar Tarz does, “The true value of life is to be humble before all of God’s creatures. The greatness of God and, indeed for humility, leads to the pure and honest life, or an ethical life, is but the stepping stone to spirituality. Did not one of your great teachers say, “Except ye be as little children, ye shall not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Therefore here I say, that there have been many things that have come about in the ministry that I’ve had in the past few years, in which that some have said to me that you are now denying the Christians of their savior. You are denying Buddhists of their savior. You are denying the others of their savior. I‘ve never said this. I have said that those who came and have gone have their place. And, those who followed them, afterwards , to take up their place, like St. Paul, Timothy and many of the others who followed in the path of the Christian leader, formed a certain line of Masters, as we would call them, and those who follow that have followed down into the present day, a certain form of Masters.

The ECK Masters have nothing to do with the Christian line. They have nothing to do with the line of Buddhists. And nothing to do with the line of other works. They are a particular line of Masters of their own.

Now, there have been groups who have used Jesus as one of their Masters in the hierarchy. And, there have been others who used Buddha and other great sages. But, this is a mixing and this is not true in the sense that they have not followed out a true line of Mastership. A true line of Mastership shall begin at the beginning of the line and come down to the present day, unbroken, and teaching the same teachings. They cannot mix it with any other teaching if they want it as a pure teaching. They cannot bring in any other master into their line without falsification of the line.

I have in the past, at one time, researched this very definitely. And, I went to the Congressional Library. I researched it. I researched it in Koran University in Iraq. I have researched it in a number of other places. Also, in the British Museum in London and a great number of other places over the globe to find where the True Mastership and the line of Masterships, they begin and they ended.

I also have researched in the outer worlds, if you want to call them that, the spiritual worlds. Define how these would go, to come from the beginning and to the ending, define just where that a Master would begin a line, how he was appointed and how he had established the line and how he comes down. He was succeeded, and his successor, on down into the present time. Now, I have on occasions, had people to say to me that you are the reincarnation of Christ or you did not believe in Christ or such things, that you are the reincarnation of someone else, a spiritual giant from the past and I have emphatically denied these. I am not. I am myself. I am a manifestation of the ECK and this is all of the argument there is to be said.

I had a young man come to me in Cleveland sometime, back a year or so ago, and he said my medium told me that you are Jesus reincarnated. And I says , “Well. I think you should go back to your medium and get this checked straight and right that I am not a reincarnation of Jesus. And, I will never be, nor any of the other ECK Masters will ever be, a reincarnation of another spiritual giant. Because, they are they are their own and they are only the reincarnation of the spirit of ECK or the ECK spirit, itself.

There has been the question of, that people have asked me at time, if I denied the Christian leaders, if I denied the leaders of the other great religions and my answer has been no. And, as I have just said, they themselves have been the teachers, then the Masters, and the saviors of their own line of religion. And, we cannot deny them of that. So, therefore, the lines must be clear and they must be pure. And, if the lines are mixed in any way, they are not. They are falsified or they are mixed, as you would say a mixed blood.

Because a mixed line can never survive. It will, someplace along the line, die out if it’s a matter of 50 years or a hundred years and this is nothing in the eyes of God. 2 to 3000 years, as Christianity has stayed on this earth is nothing in the eyes of God but it’s a long time to each of us. Because that means quite a number of decades and quite a number of centuries. And, when we’re comparing it to the life of man, actually, that is a very short time. But then, we must remember that eternity is what we have to judge by and this is nothing, not even a wink of the eye of God, in a symbolic manner of speaking.

Now, this brings into the thought and the idea here, then what are all of these lines? And why are they here and why do they survive? Why does one religion come into the world and stay a thousand years, 2000 years or perhaps longer than that? And yet, they go away and, in time, another one place will replace it. Let’s take, for the example, that we must have a large number of religions, a large number of lines, rather paths to God, because this actually gives mankind the opportunity to select his path.

The other reason is that it is divided up so, and I should say, it would be like a division or the slices of pie within the pie all leading to the center, that is the fact that we know that no one state of consciousness or no one group, or one collective consciousness, could ever accept the whole of God. In the case of Hinduism, which has, I think, about 500 million people within this world, they themselves as a collective group, could never encompass the enormity of God. So, therefore, I suppose that God made and divided up all these things in order to have mankind, or the individual within mankind, find a path in which he could travel into the heavenly world. If he cannot go one way, he can go another way. And, this is all what we’ve always said in ECK, that ECK cannot be for everyone, because there are people who will not be able to travel the path of ECK. Therefore we say there is, someplace, a path for them to eventually get to God, whether do they do it by the way of the Muslims, the Sufis or any of these others, perhaps Buddhism or any of these paths which will lead to God

The only thing, we say is the difference in ECK, is the fact that we have a more direct path, that we can enter into the heavenly states, if one is successful, in a lifetime. He can work out his karma and he can enter into the heavenly states within a single lifetime, that when he meets the living ECK Master then he has returned again to the path and he has the opportunity to then go into the heavenly states, and when he passes away from this life, to remain in this  heavenly state. And, each day within this lifetime that he is on the path and he practices faithfully, the spiritual exercises of ECK, then he, of himself, will find that he can live in this heavenly state and still live and carry out his duties here on earth.

Now, this is true that, while we are here working in this world, as I told you last night, we’re meeting certain karmic ties and we have to go through these karmic ties, whether we like it or not. And, the strange thing is that so few ever realize what a karmic tie is.

If you would stop to think upon all the lives that you have lived on this earth, maybe a million, maybe a hundred thousand. And, each time that, when you have lived through each of these lives, that you gained so much of a karmic burden, then you come to this point and say, “Well, how can I ever be rid of such an enormous burden that I ‘m carrying? How can I carry such a load? Why have I got such a load and can I ever bet rid of this load?” Well, it can be answered in a moment.  But, first I want to say that, “Do you realize that when one marries, he takes on a certain amount of karma of his mate. She takes on a certain amount of karma of her husband. And, they also take on a karmic condition from each of their respective families.
I don’t want you to be put in a position as one woman when I said this about two years ago in Chicago. After the meeting was over she stood up before the meeting was dismissed and she said, “Do you mean to tell me that I have the karmic burdens of my mother-in-law? And, please tell me how I get rid of it.” Well, we’re coming to that point, if that’s bothering you.

This means then that soul, in the fact that it is reaching perfection, will come down through a certain family. So many times, it will stay with a family tree. When we look back and think of those people who have been in certain families that have become renowned in American history such as the MacArthur family. And, have come down to the present day and I see that the young MacArthur, the son of General MacArthur, has now taken up a career at West Point. This means that there’s a congregation of souls who have all met within this one family in the beginning and I believe it goes back to American Indian wars or the Civil War for this particular family. And they have all come down through these generations after generations to get a certain amount out of experience.  Because soul will have every experience in the world before it leaves this world to enter into the other worlds and do not return.

There was the Bach family, I believe if I’m correct about this, I think it was 18th century in Vienna or one of those Eastern countries, who had a great number of sons and daughters and brothers and all those who congregated in one family that made the great Christian music. These were the same that they were going through a certain experience.  These were the ones who we can point out and say, “Here is a group that has found their way down through and have gone through a military experience, a musical experience, a writing experience, in which you have found some of the great families of writers. that have for generation after generation, who have become writers within one family. You have also found it in other fields. And, you can say, that this is a group of souls who are doing this and, as in the Rothschild family in the banking field, then you say this all enters in something that goes beyond what we think, normally, the black and white issues of karma.

And we, when I say the black and white issues, we always think of it as good or bad, in the sense or the factor that we have either one or the other. Now what I’m trying to say here is, it enters to the genes, it enters into the chromosomes and all of this. And, although I know very little about medicine, it has the factor of entering and going from one point to the other point to the other point and down and down. And, as soul evolves, of itself, then it becomes more purified until it reaches that state, until that day, when all this comes to a culmination and it meets the Master.

Now you take, for example, the Habsburg family, which started in about 1200 and something (I forget, I think it was), the beginning was Rudolph of Ottenburg or something.) and who started the family and it came all the way down through World l until about 1917 or 18, which was the end of the family. You could say here, that here is a group of souls that had to go through everything within this family, all the tragedies that happened within the family, all the responsibilities of ruling an empire from Austria, all of the things that had to be done as responsibilities, these souls had to learn it.

Now, some of us are told at times, here and there, that we are the reincarnation of some historical great. Perhaps, it might be Napoleon is a common thing. Or we might be the reincarnation of Lincoln or this sort of thing. But I say, this is a little far-fetched from my experience because souls have reached, certain souls say for example like Lincoln, reached perfection in a state that he had to go through all the crises. And it’s doubtful he ever came back because he, himself, then had performed a duty, and a vast duty and a great responsibility that had to carry him into the other realms that so he never had to return.

And, this is true of many of the greats. Therefore, they do not come back into lower or lesser positions and lesser states of mind or intellect than they had previously held. They are advancing. And, soul is always advancing. And, I know that so many times we get into this position to say that we have not advanced. And we can understand why we have not gone any farther. “What it Is wrong here and now?” Because, as I explained last night, that when these great depressions and these great areas and these great arid valleys that we reach, sometimes will not let us out for maybe a year, two years, five years or ten years.

Now, I have a tape upon this and I call this tape, The Riddle of the Universe, and many of you have you heard this, And, this tape happens to be about what happens to soul when it has the opportunity to make its move into the other worlds and it stands at the edge of the threshold and everything is fearful. It cannot make the step. And, it will stand and it will quake to step off into the unknown because body, itself, has been a great house for it. And, it’s been very comfortable within this house and it doesn’t want to leave this house because then if it does, it’s like a child leaving a mother’s apron strings. Or it’s like the little pup when it comes first comes out of the doghouse and looks at the great world and says, “I don’t want that. It’s more comfortable and it’s easier to live within the confines of the four walls of my little house.” So, soul is put into this position and the minute that it begins to move out and move into the other areas, it, so many times, will step up to this door that is open for it to show what is on the other side and he cannot make the step because this is the unknown world to it.

And, it hasn’t recognized this is the true world. It hasn’t recognized that this is the place where it belongs and it originally came from these worlds. So, therefore, it, of itself, will stand at the edge of the threshold and it will quake. Perhaps in time, one year, two years, three years, the physical self will receive what we call the reaction of this happening. And we will be fearful, ourselves, on the outside. We will have great doubts. We cannot understand what is taking place within us. We do not know what to do and we fearfully pray for the master to do something. But, he will not make the move until soul is actually ready for its own step. It must be prepared. It must go and make the step upon its own because it has the freedom of choice. And, the Master never forces, never pushes. He may coax. He may gently urge that it be moved out into this area. But, it is up to be individual to make his own step.

Now, we come back to a question or two that I asked before. And the question is then, if we have all these burdens and thinking that we are coming down through all of these centuries, perhaps a million of incarnations and we have, I believe something in the order of a 100,000 lax. A lak is a year within each zodiac sign as it goes around.

And this is what they call the wheel of the 84. And, finally when we finish the wheel of the 84, we step off of that and we are ready to go into the other worlds, provided we haven’t met the Master.  And, just think, that if you got twelve times that, how many lives have you got? How much burden have you now gathered to carry with you?  And, it’s enormous to think of how many that you, yourself, would have to have in order to work out all of this karma. You’d have to have twice as many or more in order to balance back the karma.

Now, here is a state in which that it is said that he who finds the master then will find the great opportunity to be rid of the karma. Now you say, “How can this be?” In the beginning, I would not feel depressed or unhappy in the state of having all this sort of thing as I have described it here because, generally, it keeps balancing itself out back and forth and back and forth and back and forth until we do not have the enormity of this. We have a great deal but not in the factor that it looks like the whole universe or we’re feeling like Atlas who carried the whole world on his shoulders. We’re not doing that at all. The fact is, here and now, we have had so much of the karma that’s come with these reincarnations.

But, you have the opportunity of being rid of this karma and being rid of it within one lifetime through the Master’s work and the Master’s effort. And, there are always ways of being rid of this. For when you come to him, then he begins to help you work it off. Then you learn ways, within this, that will truly begin to give you the clue or the key to getting rid of this karma. And, by doing that, we do not go through all the work that some people do who work off, what we call, the engrams or all of the things, the problems, the burdens and all of that. We say that would be a waste of time.

But, we learn to rise above this and in rising above these, then we see the way that they begin to crumble and the way that they, themselves, begin to go away on their own because we are not concerned with the resolving of them. We are concerned with getting above this world and getting into that zone or those planes in which they call the pure planes or the pure worlds of spirit. And when we do this, then we don’t have to bother about this state that we call karma.

And, this is what the Master is trying to do with each and all, is to help him to get into these areas. And, so many times that he doesn’t know this and he cannot find himself of doing any progress. But, he doesn’t have to think so much about that because he isn’t like the farmer who goes and takes the seed out of the ground every three days to see that it is growing. He doesn’t watch himself so much. And, this is a problem with too many people today who are going into the spiritual works and they keep watching this all the time. And, every day and every moment, they are looking at their spiritual progress. And, of course, it never happens. It’s like watching the kettle boil. And, you never get that kettle to boil. It’s so slow. But, if he takes his mind away from this and lives his life, then he begins to learn what has happened. Then he begins to see and he knows that he is progressing. But, when he’s watching it, it doesn’t work.

So, then the master comes to him or they meet and he says in the terms, “Follow me.“ And, if they follow him, if the chela will follow him and be obedient, then all this begins to work out for him. And, he begins to see where his life clears, what becomes greater to him. Because his gold isn’t the little gold anymore, it’s the greater gold. It’s this universal gold. And, he finds then, within himself, that he is unfolding. And he’s finding, too, that karma doesn’t mean anything to him anymore. It’s only a word. And, to my regret, so many have made so much of this word. It’s, really. just cause and effect. But if one will, of himself, begin to think in terms of the goal and keeps his goal on the distance, or wherever it is, then he will succeed.

He must always know that one thing brings him to this end and that is recognition of what it is he seeks and knowing that it is in the present time. It’s in the now. As I said this afternoon, it’s now and it’s no different from that, whether it’s now as next year or it’s now today in this moment. So you see, that when the Master and the chela meet, it’s a culmination of all the forces in which that everything within the individual has reached this one particular point. And, perhaps, it is a certain state of perfection. When we come together and when the Master says, “Follow me.” And, they all step out and the chela steps out to follow him, not knowing where he is going, giving up everything that he has of his own, not the shirt off his back, but that that is within him. He says, “All that I have, now belongs to the Master.”

But the Master doesn’t want anything from him. He only wants this self-surrender of the individual soul that he inwardly can guide him. And, when all this is given up when all this is is no longer of any need, when he has no attachment to anything materially, when he has no attachment to his desires, to any of these things, then he is in a position to say, “I am following you, Master..”

Very seldom will the Master ever call upon you to make sacrifices. Very seldom will he ever, of himself, say to you that you have to give up your family. you have to give up everything you have to follow me. No, he won’t do that. There have been some who have come to me and they were willing to give everything in their life in order to follow. And, I have said that your responsibilities are there with your family and that is your greatest responsibility. But, you must follow me by giving up all these things, inwardly, that you’ve had, all this attachment to things. You must become detached from all of these things as what you have. If you have a temper, you must be detached from this temper. If you have a longing for certain things, here you must give this up.

And, these words are never spoken in the vocal. These words are spoken on the inside. And, believe me, when somebody starts to give up certain habits, if they think it’s easy, they’re mistaken because then they will have the greatest fight they ever had. Because if it is a temper, everything in the world will suddenly start irritating them. And, it seems to be, that I said before, all the demons of hell are turned loose to prevent you from giving up any of these things.

So, the Master gently begins to take away what is unnecessary. If you have a drinking habit and it’s unnecessary, he gently takes this away. If you have something else which is of no use to you in this life and if it’s needed for the purification of yourself, then he comes and begins to gradually take this and moves it out. And, then comes the great fight because we do not want to give up these habits because we don’t know what we are going to replace them with.

So, then we have this to think and say, if the Master wants this, he may have it. I’ve had this to happen so many times to me where somebody has said that they were willing to do so much for me. I had a man who came to me a few years ago and he wanted to do much for me and I finally, one day, I sat him down in a coffee shop and I talked to him very roughly. And, I said to him, “Alright.” And, I was talking to him vocally. I says, “What are you willing to give up?” And, he went away and in a few days later, he came back to see me again and he says, “I’ve thought this over. I am willing to give up everything in my life but my wife.” And, I says , “I have not asked for you to give up your wife.” And, I says , “Go back and think it again. What are you willing to give up?” And, in the end, it turned out that he wasn’t willing to give himself up. He wasn’t willing to make the change that should have come about to make him a greater person. And, this was of the vanity that was within the individual. And, his vanity would not let him give up anything of himself and, therefore, he eventually drifted away from ECK and went into something else, which was alright with me.

But, I gave you this example simply for the fact is, what are you willing to give up for the whole of ECK? Are you willing to go out there every day and work, like some people have in ECK, and absolutely work almost 24 hours a day and go into, practically, a nervous breakdown in order to give to ECK? And not receive anything for it? And, they do all of this voluntarily and in the end, feel to the extent that something great was being done. Are you willing to sacrifice everything you have for it?

Now, I’m speaking from the sense now that, if you are willing to give up for the universal, the personal self becomes greater and you gain. And, until you have decided that you’re going to give up everything that is on the inside, all of these things, then you have not made the step. Well, I get the people who come and say, “ Yes, I’m going to do it.” But, I never put my dependency upon them because the people who do not say it and quietly go off and feel that they are capable or they are not worthy, are the people who are going to do it.

And, when we begin to adopt the attitude that we’re not worthy of this, we’re not worthy of the love that is being poured out upon us, including myself and all the others, then we’re on the right path. Because this love that is given by the Master to all people, and to each and every one of you individually, is a great gift. And, you must learn to accept it. And, this is one of the problems in the factor of raising children. Children do not have the capacity to understand and accept the mother’s love or the parental love.

And, we’re in the same position. We’re not able to understand and accept the love of those who are higher than we are. And, when we do this and when we have earned this and when we have accepted this, we do not go out and stand on a hilltop and shout to the world that I have now given up all, that I am a great saint, any of this. We’re not like those who advertise themselves by going out and standing on the rocks like St. Simon. I forget what it was, who stood on a rock for 30 years. And, we’re not like these in India who set down and put their hands up in the air and set there for 20 years and become petrified in this position. These are what we call the grandstand players.

But, we quietly go about what we are doing. And, we quietly accept the love and we quietly return the love. And, when we’re doing this. And, when we’re loving our family greatly, regardless of what is happening within the family. And, when we are loving all, regardless of what happened to us. When we can humbly, of ourselves, say that we have accepted everything that comes to us and that we’re humbly in the position of now trying or want to be this, which is called the channel of God, we are on the right path. And this, I think, is the point in which to say that all the love that is being showered upon you now, today within this moment, should be accepted. That is all I have to say.