Leave it to Spirit – Vancouver, 1970

Actually, when problems arise, or when problems are about to occur in our life then we are opinioned in the terms of problems, we can work these out on the other planes except in having them out on the physical. Now, I know what your thought is on this. How do we know that problems are going to arise? If you are thinking in the terms of having human relation problems with another there and these are going to arise, you can work this out on another plane without having for it to get you on this plane.

Now, there’s a very interesting thing which happens and you have noticed this in elderly people a great deal more than younger people because they are not thinking in these terms. That is that you have seen these people who mutter and talk to themselves a great deal about something that they feel is going on and an injustice has been done to them. And, I know we do this sort of thing when we have had an unpleasantry with another person and we go away someplace and we are walking along the street, our hands our pockets, and say, “Well, I should have told that guy something.” And you know, you are acting this out and it’s a drama and you’re going through this drama of what you did to this particular person which actually didn’t happen.

But, now these people are actually working out in their mind the effect that comes into their mind. And, it never reaches the physical plane because they re-act this upon the other plane. See? I find myself, all of a sudden, into an area in which that there is an unpleasantry going to happen to me. And, I’ll start working it out on this other plane in which that we then begin to think. Or, I begin to think in the terms that we are going to have this all here and no more down here on this plane.

Anyway, I am trying to say we can work out these dramatic effects, up here on this plane, and never let them reach this plane. There are times when we can work out and form our own experience in the other worlds rather than form them down in this world and become the effect of them. Now, if what all you’re doing is holding to the cause and the control of these dramatic effects here in this other world rather than let them reach the physical world where they can create a problem for us. Now, one thing that you have to remember, especially when you’re out in the other states, you remember this afternoon that Mrs. Hollis said to the effect that she moved from one state of position that she was in when she was out of the body to another state by just saying, “Well. I am through with this and I’d like to go on someplace else.” So, she moved from this point to another point.

Your experiences in life are determined a great deal by a similar or a comparative factor. This is all one technique and all the technique is that you are going to set yourself in the position of this is going to be my life this way. For example, if you’re going to get on a plane or something and you got a crowd and you think you are not going to get on that plane. And, you’re going to have to have a seat to get back on that plane. You’re not going to get a standby. All you have to do is set yourself in a position, not with willpower, not with imagination, but with the exact knowing, “Well, there’s a place for me on the plane.”

And, I told you this afternoon, that the one thing is that you have faith in a theory, facts will fall in place. And, they will fall in place. The last time I was up here, and I don’t know if you remember this or not, Doris, but you remember that we, Gayle and I, we waited until the last minute and we got way down at the end of the line. And, I don’t know, there were 40 or 50 people in front of us in order to get on the plane. And, so we were standing there and I was thinking, “Well, we’ll have a place on that plane regardless of what happens, we’ll get on it.” So, all of a sudden, they announced on the air, or the loudspeaker, “the plane is coming in at gate number 10”, which was behind us. And would you please go to that gate. All the people who era waiting at Gate 4 go to Gate 10.” We turned around and we were at the front of the line. See. And, we walked right down and we got there.

So, this is the way it actually happens for you. You don’t have to say that I’m getting to this particular point because spirit works this out for you. All you say is, this is what I want. Spirit works it out. Spirit works it out in a different way than any way you ever thought it would work out. So, there’s no rush. There’s no competition. There’s no fighting. There’s no nothing on my part as an effort to get there, except to do what is to be done in the course if events. If I had to work along every day, doing what I had to do and I say that I want this particular thing to happen, I am forming my own experience. Leave it alone and let the spirit work this out. And, what to do? Spirit works it out and it works it out in a completely different way than what we are thinking. But, the minute that I sit down and start working this thing out, and say, “Alright, it goes here, it goes here, it goes here, it goes here.“ and outline it up to the final goal, it won’t work because you cannot dictate to spirit. Spirit will not be dictated to at all. And, spirit will come through and work it out exactly in the way that it wants to work it out for our best benefit and the way it will work it out best for us.

Now, when you are outside in these other worlds, you can set up your own experiences in this life to go along. And, all these problems and all of these things that you have to meet, you can work those out on this psychic plane. You don’t have to sit down and do a tremendous amount of praying. You don’t have to sweat through something, to use that expression. You don’t have to battle it. You don’t have to fight it. But, you have to say that this is the way it is going to be. And, you don’t work with willpower, but you work with knowingness that it is going to work out for this end and you go on about your business and let spirit work it out. And, if you try to say, “I am going to have it this way, it never works out.

I know a woman, one time, who wanted to write great best-sellers, And she wrote, I think, for 10 or 15 years, manuscript after manuscript, and book manuscripts and sent them off to publishers. She tried agents. She tried everybody. She couldn’t get anywhere with it. It just wouldn’t work for her. So, finally, she gave up. She said, “I quit. There’s nothing in the world that I can do to make myself a writer. “ So, one day, she was piddling around with some ideas and she came across a lot of recipes that her grandmother had left and come down through the family. And, she started putting these together and adding a few more and adding a few more, as she knew about over the childhood years, and sent them off. And, lo and behold, she became famous in the field of cooking and wrote a best seller and made more money than she would have ever trying to write a fiction book. And, everybody looked at that women for many years as the fact that she knew everything about this field. See? Spirit worked it out. When she relaxed and quit. And quit shoving and quit working and driving to get this sort of thing. then spirit came in and began to work it out for her.

You find these people who do sit down and they push it through and they push it through by willpower and they shove it through over a lot of objections of other people. And, they walk on other people. They finally get up to the top by trampling on people. But, you have to remember that, eventually, the Law of Karma takes care of these people. They either cut it all out, from underneath and they come down, they put them into bad health, do something to them. They never get their earnings and their winnings never mean anything to them. I know one woman who became a best-selling novelist at the age of 56 and she had pushed and shoved, pulled herself through there and got up there by personal intrigue and all of these ways that you would think to get up there. And when she got there, she made her remark, “Well, I’m too old now for the money to ever do me any good.” She said, “Of course I got it for old age. If I had been younger, I would have enjoyed it so much more.” Her winnings didn’t mean all of the things to her that it should have been. It became what we call. “ashes in the mouth,” or that sort of thing.

All I’m trying to say here is if you leave it alone and let spirit do it, spirit will handle it. I get, occasionally, letters from people who tell me that they want me to handle the behavior of other people around them. A mother wants me to handle the behavior of a child. Or, the parents want me to handle the behavior of a daughter or something of that nature. I write back and I says, “Well if spirit wants it to be done, it will be done. But, if it doesn’t want it to be done, then there’s nothing that I, personally, can do about it, because that’s out of my category and I, myself, have nothing to do with the behavior of other people.”

And, unfortunately, I had a man who wanted me to take care of the behavior of his daughter who had become unruly, a married woman who was 34 years of age, and they were both about to be trying to run her into the insane asylum. And, I told him, “Well, you are very foolish.” When her husband wanted a divorce and everything else from her, I says, “You’re foolish to do this.“ I says, “She has to go through a certain amount of experience in order to understand what life is. Leave her alone and she will come out of it.” But, he didn’t believe me. He thought I was supposed to do this. I was supposed to heal his daughter. I was supposed to correct her behavior and everything like that. And, he quit me. He gave up and threw up his hands and walked out and said, “Well, I might as well go back to my old practitioner who’s done a lot for us.” I said, “ Sure, go ahead. Go back to him.” Well, in 6 months, his daughter straightened out. And the whole problems in their family straightened out. And, I later asked someone who knew something about the case and they said, “Well, we don’t know how it happened but it happened.” And, I says, “I know how it happened because spirit took care of it. That’s the only way it could have been done because spirit says that this thing has to be taken care, it will be taken care of.” When she got to the end of her experience, she paid off a certain debt of karma and she became then, she saw where she had been making her mistakes and everything was straightened out into her family.

That’s getting a little off of us forming our own experience. But, sometimes, we do have to go through certain experiences because it is demanded of us and we might as well ride through these must as easy as we can to get through to certain other points. Now, many times, when people will pick up a course of study like I have or any other course of study, they all of a sudden find themselves running into certain problems. They read a great deal. They study a great deal along these lines and they find out all sorts of things that are happening in their life. Well, there’s an explanation like that, that all of a sudden they have opened themselves and their vibrations are raised and they are running into problems. That’s because that they don’t know how to handle them inwardly.

These are cases which quite frequently happen. And people will pray harder. They’ll read more books. They’ll do more studying. They’ll do all of that in order to find a way to get rid of these problems that have come up. And, instead of helping them out, it only puts the pressure on and the problems become harder and greater and they don’t know what to do. And, all of a sudden, they’re going to the hospitals and operations. They’re getting all sorts of physical problems. The vibrations are raised so high that spirit starts cleaning out the body in a hurry and it says, “I’ve got to get rid of all the particular corruption in certain places in the body. And, maybe we have appendectomies and that sort of thing when we shouldn’t have them. If we had gone slow, and the moment that we start, this thing starts in them. That if they would quit reading the books, they would quit studying the courses, they had left off all of this and said, “Well, now, let’s take it easy and just see what happens here,” the spirit would have gently come in, And, it would have cleaned out and purified the body in time and purified soul and purified many of the other bodies that we have with us. And, suddenly, we would have been in the position of being in better health without the hardships and the struggles. So, you see, when we try to put the pressure onto these things which are happening to us, we are getting more into trouble and getting more involved.

A teacher will very seldom, ever help or change the karma on anybody, that the individual has to go through with. And, the reason is that because if he lifts the experience from this individual and not allow him to have his experience then he will have to take on that experience himself generally. I would say that this is a great deal like raising a child. If you have a child and you know he has to have certain experiences in order to learn, you won’t take the experiences off of the child. You will let him go on and learn for himself.

I remember one time, in visiting a home, they had a little child that was of walking and climbing age and had a little fence around the backyard that must have been about 4 feet high or something like that with chicken wire on it. And, this little fellow was moving around and he would grab ahold of this chicken wire like a cat, you know, and started crawling up. He’d get so far up and he’d fall back on his little behind and he’d lay there and he’d cry a minute. And, his mother wouldn’t sat anything. She wouldn’t even speak to him, you see? So, then in a few minutes, he’d get up and he’d try it again. He’d go through this. He went through it several times. And, finally, I said to her, I says, “Why don’t you do something for that child? He’s hurting himself.” She said, “Well, he’s getting his own experience. I can’t teach him any better that he’s not supposed to climb over that fence and, after a while, he’ll stop it.” And, he did, see?

So, this is the same way that a teacher will say. “Well, so alright. You got this experience. You’ll have to climb over your fence yourself. Until you learn to climb your fence or leave it alone, see?” So, this is what the teacher does and if he takes it on for you then he is burdened with that. And, you have seen parents who have taken on the experience of the children and would not allow them to have too much experience in life. And, all their life they were burdened with the responsibility of that child, even after he is an adult and he is grown. They are still bothered with the problems of these children.

So. this is the same thing that a teacher does when he runs into the problem of somebody who having needed the experience. I had a man, long ago, who wanted me to change his karma and he got very angry about it. He said, “Well, you can do it and I want you to do it,” And, I refused to do it. So, he stalked off in very much of a huff with me. He thought that I was not doing him justice. Well, I was doing him justice because he had to do it himself. And the minute I changed his karma, I might have his karma.

Incidentally, oh, I think it was back about a year ago in November, I think it was November, a woman came to see me and at that time I was receiving people in the house occasionally and talking to them. I don’t do it any more because I’m so busy. I haven’t had the time to receive people except out on the road. This woman had some personal domestic problems so we talked these out. She didn’t tell me at the time that she had a kidney ailment. And, all the time, spirit was flowing through me and to this woman and we were having quite an amiable time working out her problems, a meeting of the minds and that sort of thing. So, she left and about 4 days later I came down with a kidney ailment. And, you know I said, “Gee, this is funny. I don’t understand.” And, I went over to see a friend of mine who was a medical and who was very good at this sort of thing. He took and examined me for the urinalysis. And he said, “Gee, you got an infection here you picked up someway.” I said, “Alright, so…” He didn’t give me anything because he knew that I didn’t go in too much for that sort of thing. And he said, “Well, keep watching it and let me know.” So, a few days later, the woman telephoned me to verify some things that we had been talking about. And she said, “You know, the most wonderful thing happened to me. I had a kidney infection when I came over to your house and I didn’t have it after I left there.” And, I said, “Yeah, I know you didn’t have it. I got it.” So, it took me about two weeks to get rid of this. And, finally, I got it worked off because it got lodged.

And, once it gets lodged within anyone’s states of consciousness, well, then I realize this is what happens. They have to take being and try to get spirit to clear this off. And, when they do, they have a harder time than it’d be if they had known about it without thinking, see. And, you are sitting there talking to people. You’re not actually being conscious because if you are working back and forth on a level with this person. You’re not trying to read them psychically because you don’t have permission to read them, see. And, that’s a big thing in the freedom of consciousness, that anybody can read another person. They will not do it simply because that this is a freedom of the state of freedom that we grant between one another and if we don’t do it then we are asking for problems for ourselves.

It’s the same thing that if we go to a person’s home and we’re invited in their home and they say, “Alright, Come in. We are glad to have you.” Well, this is a same way with a state on consciousness. Nobody who can do reading or that type of work can look at the auras of other people and see their problems and see their troubles and everything else, will do it unless they are invited to do it. It’s like being invited into your house. It’s seldom, seldom, seldom that anyone will do this or take the liberty of telling somebody what their problems are or trying to discuss it with them. If they do, they are taking a lot of problems upon themselves. And, they are taking these other people’s problems upon themselves. It’s a discourtesy, absolutely a discourtesy to the other person to do that. Because I, myself, dislike being around people or used to, years ago, who I knew could read me because I would say, “Gee, this man is on a mountain. I don’t want to be around him.”

But to satisfy you, to think that somebody, myself or anybody else, is going to do a reading of you, well, if you haven’t given permission, I think you should be absolutely assured that they are not going to do it. They are not going to come to your help or anything unless that you ask permission to come. They grant all that freedom to everyone

Now, this I’ve been talking about, working out problems on these other planes, is so simple to work these problems out. So many times you don’t know what you can’t forecast or predict what the problem is. Many times you can predict the problem because you say, “Well, I’m going to have trouble with this here at this particular place because I know it’s coming up.” Then you can work this problem out on another plane without getting into that by reacting out the whole thing on this other plane and it won’t happen down here. See? This is, for me, your own experience and this is, for me, your own future.

Now, if you want to form your future, you can do any out-of-body movement. You can get up on the other plane and you can set yourself on these other planes and you can react these out these out in another form. not act them out, but you can form what you want to come without outlining it, like I told you, and it will happen almost immediately.

Now, this is a way of working this thing out on another plane, in projection and collapsing time and space. And, this time and space collapsing, while we are in these lower worlds we’ll go to the 5th plane which is the soul plane, is a very important thing, sometimes, in projection. And, we have to think in the terms that we are dealing with time and space. Well, as long as we’re in these lower worlds because of the first 5 worlds, which are the physical, the astral, the causal, the mental and the etheric are all our physical worlds and the mind worlds, in a sense. But, they are still physical worlds. And, we have to think in terms that we’re dealing with time and space.

But, when we get above that, we’re not dealing with time and space. We are in the worlds of the knowingness, absolutely knowing. And, when we’re up there and we want something, we know it. See, if we want a piece of data, we know it. When we’re there and we want to know what is going on in San Francisco, don’t move from this position to go to San Francisco, like we do down in the lower worlds to see what’s happening, we just know it. See? And, this is the way that you form your experience.

We do it through knowingness. You know that this is going to happen. You don’t outline how it is going to happen. You just know it. See? It’s going to happen. You don’t do it with willpower. You don’t do it with imagination. So, this is actually forming your experience and forming and solving your problems on other planes and solving your problem on your physical plane.