Spiritual Exercise Techniques – 2 Cd’s – Milwaukee, 1967


My first workshop that started out this last fall, I was up in Long Beach giving a workshop and I had about 30 or 40 people in there. And so, I had been using a technique very much in writing people and putting it in articles and doing things with it and I had gotten letters from people that they were fairly successful with it. It’s the same technique I was giving you last night except I was doing it in another form. They make an imagined dot up here and they would move all the attention up to that. And, when they got there they would look back at their body. I didn’t have you doing that last night. I would have you look at the back of your head. But, they would look down at their body. So, I gave this technique to this group of people there. And, a lot of them were my students and a lot of them were new people in there.

Only one man out of the whole group could do it. I got very discouraged over this. And, I said, “Well, this is funny.” I’ve had people say they could do this and writing letters to me and I had seen people do it in working with them in classrooms and yet nobody out of this whole group except this one fellow who had been doing out-of-the-body state of consciousness for many years. He was a chiropractor and I came to one conclusion why he could do this and nobody else could do it. Nobody could bear to look at their body. Nobody wanted to look at themselves. We hate to look at ourselves in the mirror every morning. We think, “Gee, I’ve been wearing these things all these years. Seems like I could get a change of features or something. And, I hate to look at this body. It’s old. It gets fat and pudgy and all that.”

And, I discovered that people couldn’t do that. And, it was several days before I discovered that. But, that’s the first lecture I had in that series of lectures. And I was very discouraged and I says, ”Well, this is funny. My whole program goes down the drain because, out of 40 people, only one fellow can do it.” And, he was a man who could do it for years and I later I discovered, of course, he could look at himself. He was used to this sort of thing. See?

But, I said, “Alright, I’ll just go through the lectures and finish up the lectures for this workshop and I’ll cut out all of the other techniques so I won’t have failures. If I get too many failures in a group like that, well, they just won’t believe me. See? So, I gave 3 more lectures and on Sunday afternoon, when I closed the lecture, I had it from 2 to 3:00. It was 3:00 when I closed this lecture. And, a woman in the back raised her hand and says, “You haven’t given us any techniques.” I says,”Oh, me. Alright. I’ve got to do something and I says, okay, I’ll give you some techniques.”

So, I changed these up, these techniques up. And, I got them doing something else, moving out of the body from one state of consciousness to another state using other techniques. I had, I think, 18, no, there were 24 people there that day. Twenty-two of these people were doing it. Every time I’d give a technique to them, a new technique and I gave them 3 techniques, everybody could do it but these 2 people. And, one person had been having electric shocks. She was so im-pliant inside her body she couldn’t do anything. The other person was an elderly woman about 82 or 83 or something like that and she just couldn’t do it.

So, it was 3:00 when we quit on the lectures and this opened up this and we quit at 6:00 that evening because everyone liked these so well we just kept on doing them. That’s 4 hours we ran on that one session. And, they were getting good results out of these things too. And, it amazed me that they could do this. And, they couldn’t do this other thing so I went home for 2 or 3 days to try and figure that out, what happened. I suddenly found out that they couldn’t look at themselves. And, then I quit this, getting them up here and look at themselves, and the technique began to work.

So, I varied this technique into something else, into getting this one person, getting him up here into this state of consciousness or a viewpoint, if you want to call it being in this viewpoint, and then moving from this to another position. See? So, an interesting thing happened on this. I had a young fellow who was in the Canyon State State Prison in Colorado, let’s see, a state-federal prison and he had written to me because of an article I had written. He had seen it about someplace. And, he asked me a lot of questions about these things and I said, “Well now, look, if you want the course we’ll work out something for you so that you can take the course.”

In fact, this technique here is in the first discourse. And I says, “We’ll work it out so that you can get it if the prison authorities will let you have it.” So, the prison authorities agreed to let him have it. I rather scratched my head about that because, after all, this sort of thing is giving a man freedom and that’s why they are locking him up. But, they let him have it. Well, this boy gave me a remarkable experience that he had. The first time he tried this and got up and moved to this position. He found himself standing outside the gate this way. And, that’s exactly what they wanted to do was lock him up, see, instead of having him out there. That frightened him. See? It happened so fast he just fell out of himself like that and he went right back in.

Student – Did he do it again then?

Paul Twitchell – Yeah. He repeated it. He began to learn it then.

In fact, since then, there’s been about 5 others from over there that have taken the course. And, the prison authorities seem to be very lenient with them. They are practically reading the material going in there. I don’t know what that theyare thinking about it because they never said anything to me.

Now, I get a letter the other day from a fellow in a famous prison out there, not San Francisco, but California, I forget what it is, San Quentin, yeah San Quentin. He writes and he says that he has read a lot of these articles. Now, he wants to get in and take the course. See? I haven’t answered him but I’m wondering what they think about it because they are really tough in San Quentin. They do a lot of censoring the mail there. So, I am thinking, you know, about this, how this man could get out. Of all the 5 people I’ve had over in the Colorado State Penitentiary, everyone of these people could do any of these techniques that I’ve given you. I’ve had one who was a lifer and the others were in for theft and different things like that. And, a couple of them had a big fat guilt complex on them, that they did something against society now they were paying their debt and all that sort of thing. And, I didn’t dare tell them, “Alright, just forget your guilt. Just go out and be. Have a self-responsibility, see, when you get out of there.” I didn’t dare say anything like that because the prison authorities might just censor my letter.

In about 1912, or a little earlier than that, there was a case in Arizona State Prison in which there was a man who was quite a rebellious character and they put him in strait-jackets all the time. And, this is on record and Jack London wrote a book about all this called Star Roper. And they put this fella in a strait-jacket. And, they would sometimes put him in a double strait-jacket with his arms down like this and put him in just as tight as they could. And, while he was in there he would project out and go up on all these planes. And, I suppose he did this as a protection against this down here. See? So, he would go into a trance state and he would go through all these planes and sometimes they would leave him in these strait-jackets for 36 hours and he would stay up here for 36 hours. They let him out. He would go right back in there. And, that’s on record with the state official records in Phoenix. And, as I say, Jack London wrote a book about it, about a man named Murell.

But, you see, these people; this is a very interesting point and it brings up motivation. These people that I’m talking about here in prison had a motivation because they were looking for freedom. See? They’re locked up. They don’t have physical freedom like we have. And, the more restraints that are put upon the individual, the more that he will do ths sort of thing. And, if you’ll notice that all through history, especially the history of the church where there were restraints were put upon the church, the more the mystics came out. The more that the people developed in being, the more the people were striving to get freedom.

So, what you’re doing here, you’re striving to get freedom. And, these people striving to get freedom could do it better than we can because we’re not striving for freedom like this. We’re thinking about food and shelter, paying taxes and that sort of thing. These people are not. They get everything but they don’t have the freedom of motion or movement, so therefore, they develop this sort of thing. I don’t advocate going to prison just to learn to do this. But, after all, I would say that the people who lack elements of movement will do this. I used to have as a very good friend, a woman who would send me a note now and then. She would want me to come and see her. She was bedridden. She was about 86 then and had no freedom of movement. And, I would go over to see her and read for her and do a lot of things. You know that this woman was doing this, was getting out of the bed and moving around because she had both freedom of movement. And, she’d tell me all about her experiences and her experiences were authentic.

So, what she was doing, and this is what I’m trying to say to you all the time right through all of this, that we’re working, actually, for a viewpoint instead of a body. So, when this is up here, you’re out here in this state of consciousness, you’re like a camera eye. You can see. But, you have no body. So, when you’re here and you move from this position over to this position you’re like, from the physical, you’re like a camera eye. You don’t move a body over there because you are not pushing anything.

And that’s the problem with too many people who are trying to work to get out in the astral because they are pushing something. See? They are trying to push the astral body out and they are getting into trouble and they can’t do it. So, what they are doing here; they are not doing any pushing. They are placing themselves over here and they are seeing over there. And, that’s all you are dealing with is a state of consciousness in another place. So, what they’re doing here, they’re not doing any pushing. They’re placing themselves over here and they are seeing over there. And, that’s all you are dealing with is a state of consciousness in another place.

Student – Does imagination and visualization work with it?

Paul Twitchell – It does as long as it is working in the physical and the astral plane.

Student – It would be a good way to learn it though, imagination.

Paul Twitchell – Sure, as long as it’s here. So, many times, you can imagine something that’s happened over here and it’s right. You say, “Well, was it imagination? Or, was it actually reality? Now, it used to be that when I drove a car and I was going down a highway like this and I knew of a crossroad up here that was a semi-danger area and it had a lot of heavy traffic here and here, I used to do this. I’d go up here and take a look and see what it was and if you wanted to call that imagination, alright. Because when I got up there it was the same as what I looked at. See? So, now I don’t do that anymore. If I’m going up that way I have the traffic flares. You follow what I’m saying?

Student – You wait until it is clear and then you go?

Paul Twitchell – No, because I’m working in two different areas now. Down here I’m working in this psychic area of the lower worlds. I had to move from this position to this position to look. Now, working from up here in these planes, the spirit planes, you just know what the traffic is. You follow? You don’t have go anyplace. You don’t have to see anything. All you have to do is know.

Student – You can get parking spots the same way.

Paul Twitchell – Yeah. That’s right. The parking spot’s over there. And, you go around the corner and the parking spot’s there. You don’t look. You just know it.

Student – You know before before you leave the house there’s going to be a parking space for you.

Paul Twitchell – That’s right. So, you see, you are working in the field up here of constellations and knowingness. You say the place is going to be there and I know it. So, you just know it and it’s there. You don’t question it. I mean, well, what’s the use of questioning it? You don’t put out biting your nails and that sort of thing. You just know it’s going to be there, just there.

These are all temporary travels that you have that prove these things. See? Now, all you’re working for is this freedom here and now. You’re not waiting until after you die as religions promise you that you will go into certain areas. So, all you’re doing is saying, “I’m here in the physical and I want to get into this spirit world up here and experience this so I know where I’m going when I leave here.” It’s a little on the gruesome side but instead of kicking around on the psychic plane then you’re working to get up here so it that it gives you freedom down here and it gives you detachment from all of these problems you got. See?

Then you become very detached from them and when you are detached from these problems you put all of these things under control. You don’t solve them. You just put them under control. Because if you set out to dissolve all of your problems, well, you’d be working 36 hours a day. You just have, when you get through one problem, you have a problem bigger than that. So, you just put them under control. It’s just like when you talk about when you are going down for your parking spot. See? You can have 16 different problems about getting that parking thing. So, what you do, you put this parking, you put this under control. You know. So, you don’t bother about it. You don’t worry about it. It’s under control.

I’ve seen some people who try these sort of things and when they get halfway done they say, “Gee, maybe there’s something wrong with me. Maybe I won’t get it.” And, all these doubts begin to creep in so there’s where you have your control. And, your control is controlling all these problems.

So, as long as you can set this out here you have control of all of them. And, what we’re talking about, we’re talking in the element and the field of simply – you”re not working in time and space. We’re working above these lower worlds, which down here, the astral and all the others, the physical, the astral, the causal, the mental and the etheric, They are all lower worlds. And, they simply are not to be considered because they are in time and space. So, you are working up here and when you are working up here you are working in the field of beingness and knowingness and seeing. So, you just work because you are a part of the whole, you can know it. And, therefore you are working in freedom. So, when you sit down here, a position from here, your perfect space. Your traffic can be cleared out and everything else. You just know it.

If you can work from this angle, you can do a tremendous amount of things there. It’s like a woman from England, last year, wrote me a letter about her son in school. And, she said his grades were bad and he was getting in with a rough group of boys in a boarding school and she didn’t know what to do about him. And, she wished that I would do something to get him back into the right social behavior. Well, I wrote her back and told her that I had very little to do with the behavior of anyone because I didn’t like to try to control anybody. That’s their freedom. But, I would see what could be done for him and within 10 days she would hear a better report. Well, her reply was that within 10 days that she got a better report on him. He was now back studying. And, he was trying to do better in school and she was quite proud of the boy.

So, you see, up here, you are making postulates about ideas and people and things and seeing and knowing the direction that they will go in, their natural trend, and then sometimes you can work with an individual and say that, well, the young fellow like this, and actually this is his nature to be quiet and well-behaved and well-mannered. It’s easy to work like it was with this boy. It was very easy to say that he would be falling back into his regular pattern of life. But, this wouldn’t go for everybody because sometimes you’d miss on it. If a man is unstable and erratic it would be pretty hard to pull him back in line on his behavior.

So, you see, actually, you are working in the freedom field and you’re giving everybody their own state of consciousness and their own freedom of consciousness. And, it is very seldom that I would ever do anything like that with anyone because I’ve had mothers and I’ve had husbands and wives and many other people would ask me if they would straighten up their husband and stop him from doing many things. And, my answer would be, “No, I’d rather not even try to be bothered with it because I’m interfering with their freedom. If the man wants to be a carouser why should I interfere with him because maybe that’s an experience that he has to have in life. And, if it’s his trend and nature he’s going to go down like this, well, that’s alright. See. If he’s ill physically and he personally comes to me and says, “Look, I’m going this way. Would you give me a hand?” I says, “Sure.” Then, we’ll try to get him back up here but not for somebody else to say to me, “Would you help pull Johnny back into a position up here the way that I want him.” See?

And, this is what happens too much, especially in marriages and close relationships and in families. It’s because if someone in the family wants them all to behave and be according to their pattern, see, and not their own individual pattern, I’m not social-minded in conduct or anything like that, but, I think as long as people will follow out their dictates of conscience and try and make an effort to strive for this unknown thing that we call God, I don’t care what path he’s on, if he’s on the Catholic path or he’s on a Buddha path for anything else, if he strives to get it he will make progress in his ethics. Because he will get far enough up here where his ethics will change his values. His values change on life.

I remember many years ago a friend of mine went to a Swami in India and he says to the man, he says, “Now, you’ve got a great system here and I want to learn your system of metaphysics so that I can go back to America and I can make a lot of money.” The Swami says, “I have nothing to give you but God.” And, my friend didn’t believe him. So, the Swami insisted on it and my friend insisted that he didn’t believe it but he still wanted to join the organization so the Swami says, “Alright, you can join.” So, he joins his organization and he learns his system and when he gets in there after a certain time, a few months in study, all of his values changed and he no longer wanted money. See? Now, he wants this up here because his values have changed on that. And, he saw what a worthless thing it was and all down here he was chasing was effect. So, his values changed and he went up into this area and followed the dictates of the will of God or what we call the cosmic conscience and it led him into what he wanted in the first place.

I don’t mean that it actually just took him by the ear and pulled him over there but the opportunities were open for him and he was alert enough to see that so he took advantage of this which gave him the position to get into a considerable fortune. But, by that time when he got it, he had no goal to get this nor did he care. So, when you quit chasing it, he quit chasing it, it came to him.

So, this is exactly what we are talking about here. The moment that you quit chasing these other states of consciousness then you are getting your freedom. When we quit chasing the idea that we are going to project into other areas, into these states of consciousness in the physical body, into these spiritual states up here then it begins to work for us. We are no longer pushing and shoving. Because there is an old poem that was written in the 6th century A.D. by one of the Chinese Buddhists who said that, “When we chase the light it will fade from us. When we chase the other things that will go from us, when we chase God, God will run from us.” But, when we sit down here and be nonresistant, when we have no ambition, when we give up desire for God, when we are not passive but when we have a nonattached attitude, then we have it because we slowly rise and meet with God here. You see what he is saying?

That’s the same thing putting it on the over-simplified state that when we find, we say the parking spots open for us down here, we don’t worry about it. We don’t fight it. We don’t resist it. If we get there, it’s not there, we don’t fight it because there is another one down here. See? So, we go over to the parking place and it’s usually open for us. Because we just made a postulate and we make it from this position. We know it’s there. We go to it the same way with this. We have no fight. we have no resistance. We have nothing. We know it’s here and we say, “Alright. If we don’t make it there that’s good enough. If we do make it, we hope we make it but if we don’t make it we are not going to fight about it. So we go right into the state. Then God comes into us and we are filled with this light and sound and we are in a state of God-Realization, here and now. And, we can stay in this state of God-Realization.”

I hope this simplifies it down to the point, I can talk forever on this and sometimes I keep missing points. There are others who are not getting what I’m talking about. But, actually, when we give up these ambitions to do all of these things, we get it. When we quit resisting and quit pushing and trying to push out of the body, we begin to do our movement in space and time and then into the space of nothingness, into the area of nothingness. That’s the best I can describe that. That’s a negative term. But, these high spiritual states, we just move into them. And, the best way to do that is being in a neutral state down here. Quickly, we get into this neutral state. Then we are, easily, moving into these states.

I think that you bringing up, Eugene, today about not pushing and by not pushing, you found yourself into other states.

Eugene – I started to make a little progress today…

Paul Twitchell – That’s right.

Eugene – …with no resistance.

This is the trouble. When they are always talking about astral projection they are always talking about focusing outward and pushing outward. Well, actually, we are not pushing, but we are going inward. This is an inward state. This is a subjective state so we are going in. We are not actually going out. Any questions?

Alright, now, this question came up tonight with someone and he asked why did I say in the Illuminated Way courses, the first course, that one should have a great desire for God. And, in the second course to go into this state, the neutral state. See? These are steps, actually, that one should go through. You first have to work with the psychic or the physical senses or the mental senses, rather. And the mental senses, thinking, work in the terms of desire. So, you are working from this into the spirit state. And, the spirit state is the neutral state. You see what I’m saying? Does anybody not see that? Because, actually, we are all working with steps. And, this is the way I have written most of my work is to step 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 and I had people write me to say, “Hey, you are contradicting yourself.” And, I would say, “ Well, I was saying this in an earlier writing and this up here in a later and this in a later and this in a later.” I’m not. I am taking the student from this point to this step, to this step, to this step and leading him in to these steps up here. And, he’s got to go from the physical senses to the astral senses, the mental senses and on through these areas until he gets into this. And, that is the way I try to do it and that is the way I even laid down these techniques.

These techniques being the astral, the mental, the dream, the trance, and the valid projection. So, I start here and this trips some people because they are thinking in terms of this and they still think in terms by the time they get up to the 8th or the 9th or the 10th discourse in the Illuminated Way Series. And, I even had one student who was a very fine and loyal student, who got all the way into about the middle of these second series, And, one said she wrote me a letter and said, “Hey, you’re not talking about astral projection at all are you? You’re talking about something else.” And, then I had to come all the way back and explain that I was working down here with soul projection. Projection is, actually, the wrong word and I shouldn’t use it. But, you see, I have to start here and then to go into this, and then to go into this, and go into this, and go into this.

Editor’s Note: To Postulate is to Assert

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Because, most people have to be led from one point to another point, to another point. Some don’t. Some just go right on through. They just just climb the stairs, real rapid, and get there. But, I try to take him out plane, by plane, by plane until they get there, while I say, here is not true of this down here. And, it may not even be true of the mental as I work on these steps.

(Student) – “Yeah, in these different steps you have, like the astral, the mental, in dream and so forth like that like that, when there is a person in these states. it’s just like being in a physical state, isn’t it?”

It’s not like a physical state but it’s like changing rooms.

(Student) – “Realization, right?

Yeah. It’s a realization or recognition. Now, when Christ, I’m not too well up on the Christian biblical works, but when Christ said, “In my father’s house are many mansions,” you’re talking about all these rooms like this. All he was talking about were states of this kind. See? All the states that we were talking about in the astral and the causal, the mental, the etheric and the soul plane, that’s all that he was talking about here. Before he made this statement, he said to the rich young man. “Give up everything and follow me.” And, the rich young man thought that all he had to do was to give up the all of his possessions and he’d go out and follow the master. Christ wasn’t talking about that at all. And so he was, the rich young man was, very unhappy because he thought. “Gee, I have to give up all these things that I have.” So, Christ turned to his disciples there and says. “You, too, follow me.” And they said, “Well, Lord we’re following you.”

That was not what he was talking about. And if I’m not wrong, I believe that he left them at this point and he went out into the worlds himself. I believe that is the way he said this. So all he was saying, “Well, you people come and follow me out into my father’s mansion.” And, he’s talking about dimensions. That’s all that he was talking about. And, they couldn’t do it because they didn’t know what he was talking about.

So, when one began to work in these areas, using these techniques to work out on any of these planes and getting to the soul and then into to this spiritual world, he must remember that he has to have a way of getting there. And, the simplicity is that he’s not to decide how he’s going to get through all of these psychic planes here in order to get into these higher worlds. What’s he going to choose? How is it going to do that? I remember one of my students say, “Well, now, you say that you can project to Paris and be there now?” He says.”When I go over there in my astral body, it must take me five minutes.” I don’t know how he’s timing himself unless he had a stopwatch. I didn’t say anything about this. What all he was talking about, he had time and space. He was going through time and space and he was figuring it 181 million, well, I don’t know what the figures are, miles from here to Mars or Venus or someplace and he would, dividing it all up by certain figures, and say, “Well, it takes me 5 minutes to get to Paris going at this rate of speed in my astral body.” Well, that’s all right, but what what I’m saying, you don’t have to figure that way because when you’re working in soul projection you work, Paris, you’re here.

So, why be bothered with time and space? It’s like going the polar route. When you leave Los Angeles in the Pan Am and you’re in London in eight hours, you just go over the pole. See? So, what are you doing here? You’re just going up here. And, you’re seeing everything in Paris without ever being there because all you are is a vision, a camera. You don’t have to be in Paris. You just look.

So, you say what is this? This is what you’re talking about is a realization of being in these states.

(Student) – “Is it easy for a beginner to differentiate these different states? “

I’m trying to get some of this down. I don’t know if I can get this out or not about the question of time and I don’t know if I can get it explained because…

(Student) – I’ve had some experiences and I’ve been trying to fit this in what areas I’m working on.

Yeah. Well, this is a matter that one has to have, find out or get a yardstick of what he’s doing. So, you see, we all come back to one point since we’re down here living in time and space. We’re working from one point to the point over here. And, we’re always thinking about projecting. And, you come back to the getting a parking meter downtown. We’re projecting something down here. See? And, we’re projecting it over there in time and space. What you see, here, working in these God areas, they’re working above time and space. You’re not working in time and space because dividing this up into minutes and hours and days and years and decades and ages, centuries and anything that you want to put this in, if we’re moving in time and space, we’re moving from point to point. But, God is moving in, our Spirit is moving in time and space, so Spirit has no time and space. And, when we come to realize this, we’re doing what Goldsmith was saying all the time. That we’re living on, we’re walking on, holy ground always. Wherever we go, we’re on holy grounds. See?

Well, if we’re on holy grounds constantly, and if God is is in every second and there, in every moment, we’re not going anyplace. Therefore, we’re not projecting anywhere. We’re here and now all the time and our terminology’s wrong because I say I’m here and I want to move over here in my subtle body. I don’t say that I want to move over there in my subtle body. I’m going to be able to – I’m here. And I’m always here. Because in working in this area, we’re in all areas at all times. You get there. So, therefore, you’re not projecting any place. You’re not going anywhere and you’re not projecting anything out in the future because it’s all here and now. As we move through space and time, we begin as a child and we die as the old person. See? But, actually, we didn’t. If we were moving in the state of consciousness all the time in the God area., we’re not going anyplace. We’re not doing anything. Events are just passing us by. That’s all. And, we’re dividing it up into time. You divided up in day and nights and hours, moments and seconds. So, therefore we haven’t gone anyplace and we haven’t done anything. And, if we say, now, we are going to be, I’m here and I want to be on a planet, Mars, the idea we’re on planet Mars, here now. And, all we have to do is to look and see. We have to see, know rather, and self-recognition of seeing and knowing there, is the whole point, is what I’m getting at. We don’t have to project that. We have to know and see because if we are working in the God worlds, there’s no movement there from here to here. We’re there. See? Down here, we have to have the physical body. And, we have to have a subtle body over there. So, actually, we move. We move, but that’s when we’re in time and space and in the lower worlds, the astral worlds or the mental worlds or any of the other lower worlds. Any question?

So, this leads, then, to the realization that we want to know what’s on Mars. We know what’s on Mars because we’re the viewpoint that can see and know what’s on Mars. Yes.

(Student) – “In other words, you mean it’s a matter of being, of getting a thought where you’d like to be in that kind of area. And, then to bring out your awareness of being there.”

That’s all it is, is realization of awareness that you’re here. See? You’re focusing your attention on one point. So, soul, actually, is a unit of awareness. And, the unit of awareness can be this big or it can be as big as the universe. So, it can see everything within this universe or it can see everything there. Whatever it decides to do because it has the freedom of being known and seen. Yeah?

(Student) – “The all-seeing eye.”


(Student) – “The all-seeing eye.”


(Student) – “ What about guides in an article calling for a guide showing the way to go and where to go?”

That’s when you’re beginning in this this work.

(Student) – “You do this before…”

Well, you can do it after, after or before you move out.

(Student) – “Do you call someone?”

Well, some people have inner guides that they work with. Some have actual physical guides and they can use the subtle bodies of these guides to help them get into these other worlds and into these psychic worlds. But, once you’re placed upon this soul plane, this fifth plane here, you no longer need them because if you get established on this plane, then you’re your own Master. You don’t need guides. Anyone else to be showing you around because you can go anyplace you want to down here or go anyplace you want to up there. Actually, to come back again, I’m only using terminology, movement, but you can be in this world or you can move in this world.

(Student) – “Well, can you reach this state without being pure?”

Well, you’ll be pure. You’ll be purified as you go up. You know yourself. You don’t make the effort or the fight to get purified like some people go on long fasts and great austerities and all that. As you move up into these other states, see this. The spirit will take over and start purifying you. And, work you all, out all of these aberrations, out of one, and move them into this state so that he is able to go into these states, into the higher states, and, generally what it is, you’ll bring them back to a middle road or a balance. See?

He doesn’t overindulge in one thing and doesn’t overindulgent in another thing. A man might be a chain smoker. He might quit smoking, altogether, when Spirit fixes over and cleans him out, or he might become a moderate smoker or a light smoker. It depends upon what this thing, as what we call the cosmic Spirit part, will do, what it wants to do with the individual and what it believes. And, it, of itself, we can’t dictate to it. We can’t tell it what to do.

Because it’s going to work on its own anyway. It’s like so many people pray to God to get something and then another thing comes into the life and they’re very unhappy and say, “God didn’t answer me.” And, actually, maybe this came down in here and straightened out something within the individual that needed to be straightened out.

I had a very cute joke given me the other day in a letter from one of my students and, he just starting, and he said. “ I feel like the little boy who was praying at Christmas to get a bicycle and he went around telling all these little buddies about it, but he didn’t get the bicycle.” So, his buddies started taunting him about it and say, “Yeah, you said you’re going to get the bicycle. God didn’t even say anything to you.” He said, “Oh, yes. “ And said, “God didn’t answer your prayers.” He says, “Oh, yes, he did answer my prayers. He said no.” You know, sometimes we get to this point. See? We ask for something and it gives us something else and, you know, it will say, “Well, God didn’t answer. So, actually, he says no.“ I thought it was a cute little joke.

Well, alright. Now, actually, this unit of awareness has cognition or the realization. It realizes where it is, what it can do and what’s going on at that particular place. As it moves out from the physical body, I say it’s not out but inward from the physical body onto the astral plane. And working on the astral plane, it takes on an astral body just like it take took on the physical body down here because, as soul, it had to have this. As such a refined a unit of God, that’s the part of God that’s in us, it has to have this physical body in order to live on this plane.

So, when it goes up here, it can accept an astral body or not accept an astral body, but it cannot stay on too long unless it has that body. So, as it goes through from this into the mental, it’ll do the same thing. And, then, when it gets up to Soul, it has dropped all of these bodies, the soul plane. And, it’s dropped all of this body and it’s in its pure state.

So, you see when you start thinking about the terminology that’s in all of these works. you must remember that there is a … We use terminology just merely to explain but we can’t explain experience. Anyone has an experience. They might tell someone else about it out of everyday jargon, but they can’t explain the details because they haven’t got the vocabulary to explain everything. They can’t explain their feeling. A man says to a woman, “I love you.” Well, actually, all he’s doing is expressing something on his feelings. He’s vocalizing his feeling but that doesn’t mean anything, except the fact that he has to express his feelings. Now, sensitive people, two sensitive people, they can feel this coming out and a man can stand here and tell a woman that he loved her for 2,000 years. And if this feeling isn’t flowing out, she knows it. He knows it from her, too. So, really, the feeling that will flow out is the actually the true communication between two terminals or two points.

So you see, awareness can, many times, know itself in another state by feeling. He may not be what we call consciously aware of it, but he knows it by feeling. And, this is another way of knowing about when they’re in another area. The Hindus say, when they’re up in this state, the spiritual God state, they can tell it by their feelings of ecstasy, or the feelings of joy and all of that. They don’t see what’s there when the awareness in Soul will see light. He will have the feeling. But he’ll also have light, feeling light and sound and all the joy that goes with all of this. See? And, you will too. And, nobody can ever prove it to you that you haven’t had this when you do have it.

Did you ever get into these states and everybody that’s been in the states? You know, there’s something different about them. And you know, there’s something that they have that the other fellow hasn’t had because you feel it. And, the strange thing about this is, that once somebody gets into this state and he keeps it to himself and he never expresses himself, you’ll see people come around and they’ll buzz around him like flies. See? And, they’re drawn to him. And, there are two different types of feelings against him. One needs people who are drawn to him and they think there’s something there. They don’t know what it is and they want to get a part of it. They just want to get a little part of it. That’s why you see so many of these people come into these ashrams in India. Thousands of people come in there. They hope that they’ll get some of this from the, yeah, the master will wash off on them. But, then, he had the other people who don’t know what this is. And, they’ll criticize it and they don’t know why they’re criticizing it. They’ll say, they will say, anything in the world in order to express themselves about this person. But, that’s the only way they can express it. Because they’re in a different state of consciousness than the people who are trying to seek it.

(Student) – “That’s what they would call the dharshan.”

Yeah, the dharshan. Yeah, you know, one time there was a fella from Holland. I had this prediction article came out on me and I got about 10,000 articles, 10,000 letters out of it. And, some was from a fella from Holland who wrote me a letter and he says, “I want to come over immediately. I’m going to get I’m going to get a flight on the next plane and come over and get darshan from you and I want to stay with you a couple of years.” Well, you know, it got me a little disturbed. What if this character carried out this idea? So, I had to, immediately, fire him back a letter and say, ”Well. I’m sorry but I don’t have that kind of facilities to keep people.”

Well, anyway, we’ll come back to this. And, now, on to these techniques. You see, the first thing I want to say about this, we are actually going inwards from the physical and then the astral and then the causal and then the mental and then the etheric and then into Soul like this. The journey is what we call the… So many times in the turning, we do a projection. In a sense, this is all backwards when we do a projection outward. But, actually, this is what we’re doing. See? We’re going inward. It’s not an outward projection at all. We’re not splitting off any bodies in order to go back this way. But we’re going into to the core or the heart of the matter. And the heart of the matter is what we call soul, here.

So, when someone does a movement from here over to here, all he’s doing is changing a state of consciousness. And, everybody’s thinking about this is in a body from, here, moving from the physical body into another body, here, coming out, pushing out this astral body into this body. pushing, not into that buddy, but pushing the astral body out to, here, on the astral plane. That’s not what we’re talking about. We’re talking, actually, about moving from one point to another point to another point into the Soul plane, of itself.

(Student) – “That’s something like taking a trip and you have a different few years of traveling.”

Yeah, sure. You go from England to Holland and Germany, to Poland, to Russia and all you’re doing, actually, you’re going through states of consciousness. See? Because the Danish have a different state of consciousness than the Germans have and the Germans have a different state of consciousness in the Poles have. So, actually, what you’re doing, all you’re doing, is going through states of consciousness or you’re going through different rooms. Or, the mansions is Christ himself.

(Student) – “But, a person has to be equipped to handle himself in these areas like that.”

Yes, at first he won’t have the travelers who give him help all through these and help explore these planes till he gets to know them pretty well. And, then he goes here. Usually, what they do, they take the individual and they put him in schools on each one of these planes and let him learn a little more and a little more until he gets into here. And. then. he doesn’t need any of that.

And, that’s worked out through the dream state. Those’re the first teachings, actually. Now, this little technique I was showing you last night, now we’re going to do it one time,tonight, before we go into another technique. It’s giving you from here, up to here, on the ceiling to an image spot. I want to say that you move gently from here to here. What’s attention? Your attention moves out, off of the physical self, to this position. And that’s all I’m talking about.

I had a fellow one time. He was a student of mine. And, he went through the whole first set of discourses and 12 discourses. And, this is the first one. This is a preliminary one that I give in the first discourse. And, the funniest letter arrived from him after he finished up the discourses. He said, “Now, I want to take all these discourse and I want to study them very close with that. I have been working all these 12 months to get up to this position on a ceiling.” And he had never even gotten from himself up to the position on the ceiling from the first one. See? And, he says, “I put a piece of black tape up there and I worked and I put a flashlight spot up there.” And, he did everything in the world he could think to hit the spot. He never made it up there. He says, “I just can’t image your spot up there.” Well, alright. See? He forgot that he could have gone on because he had to let other techniques in there. He could have found something, right? He couldn’t get past the first fence. Well, anyway, I’m going to ask you to run through this very briefly tonight and then I’ll run into some others for you. Okay, once you sit easily and I’ll give you the command to put the image spot of a thing, put a little circle or a little cross. It doesn’t make any difference.

Okay. Close your eyes. Sit easily. Put the spot up there on the ceiling. Now move very gently out of yourself. Put your attention very gently on this place on the ceiling. Now, you’re up there on the ceiling. Okay, I want you to move from that position. All you are is a pair of eyes. I want you to move from that position down to the lobby. You’re not a body. You’re a pair of eyes. Look there. Move back to the spot on the ceiling. Now, move forward out through the front over the street. Take a look there at the street, the around yourself. You can see in every direction if you want to. Okay, come back to this spot on the ceiling. That’s enough. Okay. Now, now many got any degree at all? Anybody? You did?

(Student) – “How do you see that spot when you close your eyes like that?”

Well, you just put, you just imagine a spot and receiving just an imagined spot. Anybody else get that? Did you?

(Student) – “Well, I imagined a cold breeze on the street.”

Well, you know this is aware of climatic conditions any place that you are. You can be at the North Pole, wholly, you can feel this. Did you do anything with it, Dave?

(Student) – “I don’t know if I’m pushing too hard or not. Could be I’m just imagining. But I could visualize everything quite well because I was going along with you?”

Good. You come?

(Student) – “I can’t possibly ever hardly. I can’t get my attention up there to see a black spot on the ceiling. I don’t know why I can’t do that. I just can’t be like a blank slate. I can do everything else. I can’t visualize a black spot.”

But, you can go down now.

(Student) – “Oh, yes. I could. I can go all over but I can’t get up there. I can’t get my attention up when I want to go in.”


(Student) – “See. I’m used to going in. That’s how I can’t predict out, up. But, out, every place else like on the street, I was right down there. But…”

You know, all the time, the more I work on any of this, work with groups, the more that I’m picking up on perfecting all of this. Because it’s like a workshop or myself or a lab. I know more. every day. about this from letters I’m getting from people, from working with people, their experiences and everything. Sometimes, they even throw out and reverse whole techniques. And, it’s like with you. You might reverse this whole technique and go in and see all the things that you want. See there.

(Student) – “But, I can’t get this. And, I think, well, there must be something wrong. And, I just cannot see that black spot because I’m going up when I want to go in.”


(Student) – “That’s the way I feel.”

Okay. Now, I’m going to…

(Student) – “My experience was I wanted to move something and I didn’t know what. I experienced like, you know, like written down. But, it went. It was plainly written but it went too fast, away, that I couldn’t believe it when I saw it.”


(Student) – “And, I couldn’t hold it.”

Ah hum. Okay, now. The next thing I’m going into is what one I gave you last night. And, this was a light trance technique. You can have all degrees of techniques on the trance. But the one I’m giving you now is a light trance technique and this was what I was giving you last night. The whole order of commands are, take a comfortable position. Close your eyes. Decide where, what area that you want to go to and I will count down to 10. Then you go into a light sleep or light doze. It’s like a nap. And, you just go into that. Then, I’ll call you out of it. But when you’re doing this yourself, you will say, “I’m going to count up to 10 or 15. I’m going into this and I’ll be out of it in 15 minutes.” Now, this is a handy gadget for taking care of headaches, taking care of problems, taking care of many things. A lot of times, when I have a pain in my head or back or something, I lie down on the couch and say, “Alright, I’m counting to 15. I’m going into this light sleep. When I come out of it, I’m not going to have this anymore.” So, it’s like taking a short nap and then I’m out of it and that’s gone or if I want to solve a problem. I do the same thing. I’m right out of it and ,in a few minutes, the problem’s all worked out because I have relaxed. I’m not pushing on it, this problem. See?

And, I just have turned this over to Spirit. And, Spirit takes care of it and works it out and I’ve got the answers when I come out of it. It’s like Robert Louis Stevenson said that he got all of his little brownies at work at night when he was asleep. He would turn all of his writing problems over to these brownies and these brownies would solve his problem. The next day, he got up with a whole plot and his mindset down and read on the right story. So, all he was doing, actually, he was doing this and doing a trance. And, you’d be in trance.

(Student) – “You concentrate on this spiritual high when you do this, where you are just relaxing.”

I don’t.

(Student) – “You don’t?”

No. I just go take it, out. It’s alright if you want to do it.

(Student) – “Does it help though?”

I don’t know, Don, I really don’t know.

(Student) – “You mean people go out and they don’t have to concentrate on the spiritual life?”

Yeah. But I really don’t know the answer to that. I think there are people who do concentrate on the spiritual high. But, the next technique I’m going to give you will be in a spiritual high.

(Student) – “You did give us…”

Well, yeah, I think so. I don’t know how this would go for this type of thing. I never even thought about it, but the next one would. The next technique would be…

(Student) – “Well, in this trance you don’t do…”

I don’t know. I mean, I never used it. So, it might work better for you than trying to just being a neutral state. See?

Okay, I’ll give you about 10 minutes on this before I pull you back out again.

Okay, get in a comfortable position. Close the eyes. I’m going to count to 15 and when you go to 15, I want you to go off into a light sleep. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen…