Message of Eck – Las Vegas, October 1970

Well, you know, we started another worldwide seminar. I’m happy to see that so many people could come so far to know or understand what the message of ECK is. The very fact that you did come is a tribute, actually, to what the message is and how you want to grasp it and understand it. It has been a hard year. And I kept thinking and wondering if I was ever going to get here. The idea of taking on karma or people is actually a burden and a responsibility that I don’t see where anyone in his normal mind would want to have. Now whenever I go to Europe, there’s always a great problem, which I confront. And, I think anyone who is sensitive, anyone who had a degree of understanding of the spiritual will know this.

There is, so deeply embedded in the tradition of Europe, there’s so much that has gone all over the centuries of violence and bloodshed that anyone who has any insight will feel it. They will have all this pressure and all of this burden of all of this pressing in on them. I have seen, so many things through the inner sight in these countries that have been a burden so many times to go through them. If you stop to think of all the things over the past, oh, I say, five centuries, that has happened in the country of Germany alone. You would begin to wonder how they could ever have peace, how they would have ever survived as a race, the violence, the bloodshed, the struggle for power, all of this the common man has had to go through and bear it himself.

I feel that the same thing has happened in America, but we got more space. We have more of an elbow room. We’re not crowded on the open plains and in the mountains and in certain areas like they are in those countries. Of course, we had the bloodshed we’ve had the violence. It’s still going on, not only in America but all over the world. I rather doubt, now. you’ll ever be settled at any time because this is the world of the Kal and the Kal does not believe in peace.

It has been, and I say it along here. There’s so much work as has been done and so much work yet to be done, we have now (I don’t know if it’s arrived this morning or not, the Suriyat should have been here, the first book) and this book should have been on the news, on the stands there. But, this is a book, Number 1, which gives all the guidance and lays down so much of the work of ECK so that you will have many of your questions answered. We hope to have 12 books, if the Lord’s willing, by at least 1976, maybe sooner. I feel if I can write, have the time and the pressures are not so great that, by that time, I can get out the books for you. Now, I’d say to all you people the very fact that in Europe, as just spoke about, they do not have the room or the space to give one another which makes it a very bad thing. We have the opportunity here to give one another space. Now, when I’m speaking, there, in terms of the physical space, we find so many people, now, are leaving the cities.

They’re going into communities to live, which they believe are communities of their own desires. We are also finding people who are moving into the wilderness because they have now begun to feel that they’ve never had enough space in the cities. I agree with them a hundred percent and I certainly would like to do it myself. But, there is a certain amount of instinct in the man that is a herd instinct, that he must have friends. He must have families. He must have neighbors in order to maintain a certain amount of communication to live with this world.

And, unless he does that, sometimes, he goes overboard. He’s balanced or unbalanced in the wrong direction. And, so many times when he goes out into these worlds of space and wilderness, he loses himself, loses all perspective on his own life, his senses, with the world and everything else. Yet, there are some people who can do that. When I find on myself, my personal self, I must be away from people for some time and then I have to come back and I have to communicate. And, I have to outlet, like these talks, in order to relieve the pressure that is within.

Now, these pressures, both inner and outer, are terribly strong. The inner pressures that want all of the message to get out care very little about the body, care very little about the body health. And, it will use the body any way that it possibly can if the owner of the body will allow it. And, then if he doesn’t, then he usually has physical problems. It’ll work out some way in the physical problems. They can be most anything. He can have physical diseases. He can have mental derangements. He can have many of these things because he will not let the inner come and flow outwardly. Now, on the other hand, you stop to think about the outward pressures of those who want the message, those who want to grasp more of it, those who want to understand and those who look forward to someone leading them.

So, we have, both, the inner and the outer. And, it’s a joy to bear a burden of this nature if one is willing to do it. And, I have often said in the beginning, from the time that I started this work, perhaps in the training 15 to 20 years ago, I, myself, was reluctant. I did not want it. I knew what the burdens would be. I knew everything that would come and I only went step by step.

And, that’s the way that the Masters took me. They did not plant me in the middle of it like the teaching of someone to swim the throw him in the middle of the ocean and say, “Swim.” They did not do that. They took me, actually, at the beginning which was quite some time ago, of course, from the cradle and, eventually, put a little degree of responsibility upon my shoulders. And, more and more, until the time came, about 10 years ago when it was speeded up so much I wondered, then, if I had taken the right step, I wondered, then, if I was the man for the job. And, I think we all think that, at times, even in our married life, even in our home responsibilities, we begin to wonder.

Now, of course, anyone in the same position I’m in is approached by people who have tremendous problems. But, these problems aren’t as great as they believe because we’re working with illusion within this world. And, if we allow ourselves to look at the illusion, the problem is greater. I, myself, get quite deceived, at times, about illusions because we are living in a physical body and we want to play a game with, frankly, anything that we can because we become bored. And, we find the same thing happening so many times with people who have been married over a period of years. They become bored with one another. And, maybe husband will run away from his responsibilities or there will be a change of affection to the outside to someone on the outside and it creates a problem in which they believe is quite a problem. And, it comes back to the problem of communication again with the other individual.

Now, this is a very strong point which I want to bring across at this present time. Because this factor that the illusion creates boredom and we create games to play in order to get out of this boredom, and you’ll find it anywhere from the top level of the executives down to the lowest level of which even peasant life, when you can read history and you did find for so many of these, people were actually bored with life. So, they went out and created something. And, so many times, they created war, they created anything. They created games for power. And, this is the greatest game today, as always been in the history of mankind, that everyone wanted power of some kind, regardless of what position of life that he was at.

We find it, now, in our own group. We find it in all groups. We find it in politics. We find it in economics. We find it practically everywhere. Someone wants power. So, he established the great game of putting himself in position to get power. Napoleon did. Wellington did after he won the Battle of Waterloo. Anyone who’s in a top position as a politician would generally develop this sense of power and he wants more. And, we find, so many times, that those people who are looking and are seeking to establish peace in this world, the motive behind all of this is the fact they are establishing a certain amount of a power game for themselves. And, we are the victims of that.

We’re always a victim of an administration regardless, whether it’s under Hitler or whether it’s under the Russian domination or whether it’s under a democracy or anything else. We think we live better and easier under democracy. So we, normally, in the Free World choose democracy. But, there are those on the other side who feel that it’s greater to be under the domination that they’re under. So, there are two conflicting thoughts. And, two conflicting thoughts enter into what we call the spiritual side.

How many leaders have you known, and you can go back and look in the history, who have established themselves within this world as great spiritual leaders when they’re actually, they were looking for a certain amount of power. And, this is true. Gandhi did it. You can go on and name others. And, he established it, maybe, for a good motive. It was to free India. But, nevertheless, he established it as a man of power. It got to the point that every time that he would announce that he was going to go on a fast, well, the British would quake in their boots because of public opinion.

Now, this goes right into the heart of the whole matter and when you think about what happened in Jerusalem 2000 years ago and look back at it, it becomes a very interesting fact that Jesus was used by a number of people who were in power or wanted to establish power in Jerusalem. And, even his own disciples were in on the plot. There were a group of rebels, at that time, who believed that, if they seized the major points in Jerusalem, they could defeat the Romans and re-establish the Jewish government. So, the Fortress of Antonio, which was the headquarters and the place where Pontius Pilate kept his offices and his and his living quarters, was, there was, a plan to seize this on the Nile during the Passover on the night that Jesus was supposed to be arrested. And, he was used so much by the rebel group because they wanted him to establish, and after his arrest, that he was the Messiah. And, with all his powers, would then create miracles and defeat the Romans through his miracle power and, actually, establish himself as the King of the Jews. Well, the plot didn’t come off because, I forget the name of the high priest who learned about it, he arrested Jesus and rushed him right on through the courts and got him a sentence. And, then he, of himself, became the man of power in Jerusalem because he was the one who established himself favorably with the rest with the Roman government. So, you see, all these little power plays come back and there was a man who was highly developed as a great spiritual leader who himself could have escaped. He did not because all of the motions of cause and effect had been put into action and he had to follow through.

And, because he had to follow through with all these actions, he knew that, in the long run, he would have, again, established himself as the leader and the spiritual leader through the actions that he would take. And that is, being risen resurrected from the tomb, which would mean more than declaring himself as the King of the Jews with the worldly powers. So, you find that all, through all of the these things that you and I have to look at, that when the time comes we, ourselves, have to decide on the course of whether, at this moment, we’re going to make ourselves greater in the eyes of the worldly powers are we’re going to follow out the cause and effect in the spiritual matters. And, in the long run, do what has been established as the greatness of the spiritual cause. Until we decide on this and decide to follow the spiritual cause, we have lost ourselves within a lifetime and we have to come back again and again and again until the day comes when we establish this idea and establish ourselves with the very fact that we’re going to follow the path regardless of what it cost.

I have never known, throughout the the course of history, a spiritual leader who has ever had anything easy, no matter whether he had a following of five people or whether he had a following of five million people, because he has the pressures, as I say, from the inside and the pressures from the outside. Now, because he has given himself to the world or to the people, especially his own people, he knows that there will never be a minute of peace for him because there will be someone who depends upon him and he has to take the responsibility of it. Do you think for one moment that at two and three and four o’clock in the morning that I, myself, will have rest? It isn’t true because I am thinking of someone who has a problem. I’m out and working in visiting with people who have these problems. The body is not resting. It may seem, and even at the time when there may be deep pain which I may be going through with at the time, it is something in which someone has, someplace. And, I’m trying to pass it off of them. Now, all people have come to these points in their lives, someplace.

A man whose wife is suffering, he suffering too. The man who tries to cast his burdens and his responsibilities back upon his wife is not being a very responsible person or a wife, doing vice versa, is not being a very responsible person. Because each and all of us must stand the responsibilities for life itself as it comes to us. We make it. Therefore, we’re running into the problem of whether we accept this or not. And, we’re coming back to the point of whether we’re going to give one psychic space or not.

I think the greatest thing is ever said to me in a letter that came maybe two years ago was from a woman who said that she, herself, did not know yet, after two or three years of studying Soul travel, didn’t know anything about getting out of herself or the movement of consciousness or having any of the experiences as described in much of the work, but she found out something. That, during the time that she took the work and studied it, a relationship between her and her husband grew up that never had developed before. She suddenly found out that her husband was an individual. He found out that she was an individual. And that each had their own respective problems. And, therefore, they began to look at one another differently and live with one another better.

And, that was more important to me than somebody reporting a very dramatic out-of-the-body experience. And, I think it should be to everyone because they ECK works in such mysterious ways. It may give one person a very, very deep out-of-the-body experience on other planes. And, the other person, it may give them a better relationship in their family or it may do something else for that. But, until one learns that they have to give themselves to this which they call the ECK, they never learn it.

And, they feel that they’re standing on the outside, not getting the experiences, not getting the understanding, not getting the knowledge that they should get. And, this isn’t what the counts in this work. What counts, actually, in this work is how the individual himself reacts to what ECK is and allow the ECK to work through him because each one of you who is here today becomes a vehicle if you will allow this. And, it is so strange how this moves us and moves those within our environment.

Do you not think that people in the caliber of Jesus with spiritual abilities, the ECK Master, Buddha, many of these people, could not have changed the face of the Earth if they wanted to and they wanted to use their powers for this now because they knew this would not do man individually any good. Because man is put here to learn his lessons of life and to become purified by the Kal, which is the great negative force and by this he must learn and he must understand and he’s got the two paths to choose, the left and the right. That is a normal path, of the two, that we would normally follow.

But we will take what is known as the middle path or the neutral fact. I can go back into other days and remember about when I had to study all the literature of the world under the Masters. And, of course, I had to study the Bible like any other literature, same as the Jainism literature. Then, there was something in one of the songs, and I think it was a 91st which said something to the effect that, “He shall walk by noon and the arrows will fall at his side and none shall touch him.” And, I think it’s very applicable to what I’m saying here. When he begins to walk that path forward, nothing can touch him. I do not mean to say that he will not have his problems within this life but they won’t touch that inner self of the individual. It won’t get in and drive home its own point that will make him like the chaff before the winds.

And, this is our problem because we do not make up our minds. And, don’t feel bad at any time that you have these periods in which that you do have these attacks upon you, or whatever you want to call them, or falling by the wayside, or what you want to call them. And, many people are affected by these because they believe that this is a setback. This is not a setback. It’s just a temporary period It’s something that happens and you are able to move back into the center again very fast. much faster than you ever did before, Oh, I could tell you some funny stories about all of these things which has happened in my own family, but you’ve had them in your family. You know of what has happened at many times and, suddenly, that you’re right in the middle again, walking this middle path. It is amazing, then, to see how ECK works. It’s amazing to see and know what it does with us. And, so many times, we wonder if we really are being used by this force. And, it can lead us in many crooked alleys, of many straight streets, and around in many circles. And, finally, we arrive at the point where we originally supposed to be. And, then, we look back in retrospective and we see why that we went these ways.

I think today, actually, the wrong emphasis is being made upon the heroes. We have tried to de-establish and destroy a great number of the spiritual giants and heroes and, in their place, put in, especially for the young, those heroes which might be a tremendous fantasy, as in the comic books or Billy the Kid or any of these people who were actually violent people and who had no more conception of what a spiritual life would be than I think that a dog would. Perhaps a dog would sense it more than they would. But, then, we have the problem of having to contend with this as a group, of the ECK people, itself, because we’re always confronted day-by-day with this, with these things, through television and other media. And, the children grow up not worshiping, not understanding, not looking for an ideal in the spiritual because they have been, I would use the word lamb-blasted, on every side from the public media and the books and the studies and everything else of heroes who have created tremendous violence. And, very few, at any time, have ever held up the idea of the spiritual hero. It is too bad that this sort of thing happens, but this is one of the things which we must contend with in this life.

I will have a heavy schedule while I’m here. I hope that I would get to see each and all of you but you know, the worldwide seminars have grown, now, so large that I do not get to say, personally, to you that I love you deeply. I do not get to say, personally, to you to give you answers to questions. But, please bear with me on this because we have a lack of time to do it. And, if I don’t get to, personally, shake your hand or see you to say something, then forgive me because I, actually, do not mean to ignore anyone. And, if I don’t do it physically, you know, I’m there anyway with you. All right, I understand that I’ll be back at 1:00 or 1:30 this afternoon. Until then, may the blessing to be.