Love, a Powerful Force – Los Angeles, 1971

Oh, the Blue Angels. I thought last night when I came in, I was going to be baptized. My voice is awfully low. You know, I think that’s because I have been somewhat shy in my life and I’m afraid to speak up to people. As you know, after a while, you get to the point when you don’t know whether you want to speak to people or not because you don’t know what their actions are going to be to you. And, you say, well, I might as well keep my mouth shut. There’s an old saying, you know, “Open your mouth and show everyone you are a fool and write a book and prove it.” So, I say, maybe 25 times I proved it. Anyway, I want to talk tonight about love and about the fact of what a powerful force it is in this world.

Now, we had all the young ones here this afternoon to talk with. And, later, they came up and spoke to me and one little chap wanted to know what I knew about past lives which I thought, “Gee, at your age? You ask such a question?” Well, it reminds me a great deal of what love is supposed to be. When I was a small chap of their size I had a little suit, romper suit, which was candy striped and every Sunday they’d put me in this little suit. And, my stepmother who believed that I needed religious services would take me to church or take me to Sunday school.

And, I had my little gang and we’d sit of one side of the room and someone else had a little gang who’d sit on the other side of the room. And, we had a young man who knew the psychology of children very well. So, we would get into a fight and the teacher would take us outside, lead us out the back door and out on the lot and he would say, “No pulling of hair. No tying of clothes.” And, he would give all the rules and we couldn’t do anything but shout at one another. So, every few minutes, he’d march us back in and then he’d sit us all together and then we would sing a song, Jesus Loves Me. And, I’ve always thought, then, there was someone who loved me and I was very happy about it. At least, I went home with this idea. Not my little Sunday schoolmates, no, but Jesus loved us.  And, that was alright, you know, because our parents didn’t. We didn’t think so at that time.

Anyway, that is an idea of what we would say on the subject of love from the young standpoint because, when we grow older, we choose up sides anyway. And, we don’t like another person because of various reasons. Maybe his ideology, maybe his philosophy, maybe the way that he looks, maybe the way he combs his hair or something. But, very few of us ever choose up sides to fight. And, there’s a great many who do, yet, choose up sides to fight. No matter that, one day or some time, we may all come back together again and sing the song the somebody loves us. And, I hope that you do get the point that the Master does love you.

And, we’ve had the same thing happening in ECK. There’s been those who’ve chosen sides to believe one way, And, the others have chosen sides to believe another way. Not particularly, what I say or do, but particularly, because they feel they have something to gain by choosing up sides. I believe that all saviors and all saints who have ever come here within this world have had the greatest problem of getting people to look at one another and say, “Well, he’s not so bad.” And, it’s like the old saying, one time, by Charles Lamb, the poet, the great English poet who belonged to this particular club and he didn’t like a certain person and he wouldn’t speak to him. So, one of his friends said one day, “Well, Charles, you know, he’s not a bad fellow, You ought to get acquainted with him.” And Charles says, “That’s the trouble. Then I would like him.” And, this is our problem. We don’t want to get acquainted with the other person. We don’t want to find out that he, too, has problems. We don’t want to find out that he, too, is a person who, like ourselves, suffers. And, he knows that he, too, if he got acquainted with you, he might like you.  And, if you got acquainted with him, you might like him.

Now, this is a point that must be deeply considered with ourselves. I’ve had a lot of complaints when I used to be very much more open and I walked around among people and one individual would be complaining about another individual within ECK. And, at first, it would rather stun me to think that anybody in ECK wanted to talk about the other fellow and complain about him. Now, I have come to the point that I no longer accept complaints. I know each one of you. I know the faults. I know the troubles. I know your shortcomings. But, that doesn’t matter. We no longer look at people and their shortcomings. If you want to, you can look a great deal at me and find a great deal of shortcomings. True. But, we don’t look at this in people any longer. We have come to the one point in life now, in ECK, that when you raise a complaint with me about something or someone, people do not understand this. I have to act upon that because they have brought it to me and to my attention.

I have known about certain situations which have, in the past have laid dormant, have been there, and I let them be. I never involve myself into them. But, once a complaint is raised, I am compelled and forced to do and make some sort of a decision upon it, which I do not want to do because it has been raised. Therefore, I think that we can go back to the old slogan, “to let sleeping dogs lie.” Now, where the issue might be raised, it might be the one who made the complaint and it might be the one whom the complaint was made against. Generally, it is the one who makes the complaint. Because, I have to come to a point, many a time, on bringing about a certain amount of discipline, which I do not want to do. Because that is my point of raising certain issues of discipline that is the point of the ECK. If it must raise the discipline, it raises the discipline. Not me. I personally wouldn’t care either way because I am not to involve myself into anything between two individuals.

I have come to the point of saying, “Love is the greatest factor.” And, therefore,  I accept whatever is happening between two people in a neutral vein. I, myself, must give love under any circumstances, no matter what it is. Oh, there are times when I feel like it’s hopeless and I shouldn’t carry on any farther because the day might bring a large numbers of letters from people complaining about varied things. But, then I must remember that people have to do this because they have reached a certain element in life in which their complaints are, actually, the working of certain parts of their karma. And, I leave it with the effect that it is a part of their karma being worked off.

And, I, of myself, will not give them an answer either way. Sometimes, I neglect even writing back. Sometimes, I write a word of encouragement. And sometimes, it may be a word that seems to an individual to be a little sharp. But, whatever it is that comes, you must remember that I, of myself, do not do this. Because this is a force which works through me and it works for everyone individually. And, all it’s trying to do is one thing. Open up that area of consciousness so the ECK can get in a little more. And, I do not want anyone to feel discouraged because they have these deep spells of depression because that they feel that something is holding them back. They feel that they are not making the right progress. They haven’t moved along like they want to move. But, what are they judging everything by? They are judging it by the state of human consciousness. We, ourselves, cannot allow the human consciousness to dictate to us because we are now, as the people in ECK, we are having our consciousness opened and raised by the ECK itself. And, this is the great factor of love.

And, no matter what you do. No matter where you go. No matter what happens to one in life, this force, of itself, is always working with you as a force of love. And, this is what the Master, of himself, is trying to do is to keep a neutral conscience so the force can work greater through him towards the individuals. Now, all people have the opportunity to be raised up and reach the heights that they would like to reach. I should say they should not be discouraged. They should be happy. They should feel that life, itself, is giving them something. And, it’s the hardest thing in the world to judge ourselves. And, it’s the hardest thing in the world to analyze ourselves because we’re not objective in it. We’re subjective in the analyzing of ourselves.

We have to come to the point that, eventually, we will be objective. And, by being objective, we, ourselves, will be able to then look at ourselves with a clear light. Now, anyone who writes me or anyone who asks another one, “Do you think that I am making spiritual progress?” Well, that is asking a hard question. “Or, what do you think my shortcomings are? What do you think I should work on? What do you think I should do to lift myself out of these areas?” And, then we have the problem because I might say something different. Someone else might say something different. Then, but that’s not the right thing. We, ourselves, must analyze ourselves like an individual who is standing outside of the body looking at it.  And, this is what we call the beauty of getting outside of one’s self, the beauty of being able to move outside of the body’s consciousness and look back at the body.

But, don’t try to judge the human state and I think that’s our basic problem. Because, in the human state, we are put into that position of trying to judge what the human state is. And, the human state is going to stay the same anyway. So, we might as well not try to change anything within our human character because this is all concerned with this world we live in. As we move along the path, our tempers or, what we would say, selfishness, our ideals will all change because we will open up the consciousness and the good qualities within us will take the preference over the other qualities, over the negative qualities.

Don’t be concerned about trying to root out the negative qualities. Let them be. Let them stay there. All we want to do is to show the other side, the other side of goodness. We want to look at our fellow man and say, “I know he has a side of goodness regardless.” We don’t want to be in the position of the old Christian martyrs who said, “Well, if they kill me I’m going to heaven because I’m slaughtered in the name of Christianity.” We don’t want to be put in that position because we don’t want to wait until we get to the other side to get the goodness of life, We want the beauty and enjoyment here too, today, not next week when we are put under a tombstone. Don’t worry about it. I myself, get quite annoyed at times. And, I don’t think that you should feel the if you, too, get annoyed that, yourself, are going off on the wrong path.

The strange thing about it, as we advance in life, we find all of this which takes up for anger and all of those things will begin to be less and less in us, They will still be with us but they will only tip the scale for a shorter time. They will come back into the center again and will come back much faster. There are too many people who have self-reproach because they run into these problems of thinking that they, themselves, have violated some principle of the spirit because they became angry at a particular time and then they look back later and see how foolish it was and then they have a self-guilt. I don’t want you to be that way. So what? What if it did happen? Who cares? See?

And, the other thing is about starting something which may end in a great deal of problems that you don’t want to end there. If you have a complaint, it’s alright to have a justified complaint. But, I wouldn’t act upon whims or impulses with such because you never know where this is going to land or where it’s going to end. Because when you get into a complaint or an argument with another person you, yourself, might be taking on a bit of karma. And, I don’t know if you were aware of that or you might be starting something between yourselves which may have to be worked out in the future. And, you must be very careful about this. Maybe a little patience, maybe a little tolerance a little farther along the line with qualities of this nature, will carry you much farther and do for good than, rather at that moment, to justify what we know as a human consciousness that wants to be satisfied in arguments, complaints and fights and all of these sorts of things.

Because this is upsetting to the system, the physical system, and it’s hard on the nervous system even though it’s justifiable to the mind.  And, you know, it’s hardly one ever wins any of these things anyway. And, he always walks around for 2 or 3 days saying, “Now, if I had just said…” See? Or, he fights this whole battle through his mind, thinking of how he could have won this if he just said one thing. See? So, it makes a little file picture which is filed away in the back of ourselves. And, by doing so, then one day that has to be taken out and exploded and worked off in some way in the future. Now, those who are working into the higher initiations, you must remember that we have to be more tolerant and patient and we have to give the other fellow more freedom.

Now, we have to watch for one thing. Every person carries about him a certain amount of space and that’s his magnetic field. We cannot intrude upon that magnetic field. We do not want to intrude upon that magnetic field because that is his space and we, as ourselves, have no business entering into that space. Neither has he of the same thing. Now, you’ll find this very interesting in a home many a times, when one of the parents will interfere and step in and crowd another individual in the family with the space. You’ll smother. And, you’ve seen this and you’ve felt this. Not even, sometimes, in the home, but you’ve felt it on the outside, in your work and something, that someone seems to be crowding you so close that he almost smothers you.

And, you might see a husband with a wife that walks behind him 3 or 4 feet and you can almost judge that this is what is happening. And, you might see it reversed and they do not walk side by side like 2 people should, equally. And, I have seen this so much in the individuals who have had their space pushed in and crowded and they don’t know what’s wrong with them. They don’t know what’s going on within themselves. So, it means that you and I must give the person freedom, freedom of choice and freedom of being. When we let him be himself, regardless, then we are all right. And, he is alright because he is not being pushed or crowded, nor we pushed and crowded.

So, this is true a great deal with a leader and a group. And, a leader cannot, of himself, push or crowd anyone within his group or his group. He must let them be. And, that is when someone raises a complaint with him, what’s he going to do? Ignore it? Act upon it? Or, do something at all about it? And, this is a problem which comes up more and more. And, the more love that he gives to the group and the individuals, the greater is their state of being. So, this comes in the state that the Master will not be with anyone if they do not want his presence at all times. But, if they want his presence then he will be with them. I’ve had certain reactions to this sort of thing.

I had a letter from a woman, one time, who says, “Oh, I don’t know if I like this. It’s real spooky with you peeping at me all the time.” So, you see. She thought that I was breaking in on her psychic space. And, another one was, you know, she wrote and she says, “Dear Master, I don’t mind you being with me all the time but please don’t go to the bathroom with me when I take a bath.” So, I wrote her back and gave her the assurance that it wouldn’t be done, you know. And then, later on, she wrote and she says, “Oh, I don’t mind at all now. I just miss your presence so much.” So, you know, how are you going to please people when they don’t know their own mind?

So, these are some of the things that happen when you get in this position, you know. I’m very much in the position that I feel like St. Peter up there in Heaven when he gets all the requests that come in. He probably knows everything in the world about people by now. See? I begin to wonder if there’s anything else to learn about people after a while. You get many letters a week, you know. All of them’s got something different but you can always put them in certain pigeonholes. See? When you look at them and look through what they are talking about because they are all saying almost all the same thing except under a different head. I mean the different complaint and that’s the individual.

But, I like to have people to feel that they are free with me. And, they can write and they can say and they can approach me with a great number of things that they couldn’t approach, they wouldn’t like to approach, in other areas. But, I would like for them to feel that they have a freedom of choice with me. I have never said to many people, do or don’t. I don’t want to become like a government who has to act upon the people within this nation, that makes rules, negative rules all the time. I like to be in a position of saying we are a free nation. And, you’re not paying any tax. You are not doing any of those things but you have the choice of being with us or not being with us. Or, you have the choice of being within the organization and being free within the organization. I think a family can be a perfect family and they can all be free within the family, yet they can work as a family unit. And, they can have the freedom among each other and, yet, be people and be individuals and know their own mind and their own strength and, yet, be those who can go out into the world and work every day and not let it affect them by having people to push in on their space or their magnetic fields and come home at night and still be easy with their family and easy to live with.

Now, this is, in a way, what I am talking about love. This is a way that I say that, if a person makes a choice about something, we should let him have his choice about something as long as that choice is not going to interfere with the whole. I’m not saying that if he wants to go out and jump off of a window, someplace, at 12 stories high, that we shouldn’t try to reason with him and tell him. Now, look at what he’s going to do. Suppose that he misses and doesn’t kill himself. Well, look what a cripple he is going to make. And, I know that happened at one time.

I knew a woman who jumped out of a fifth story window to spite her husband and she didn’t kill herself and she was a cripple for the rest of her life. And, then she thought she really did it because he had to wheel her around in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. And, she says this is my revenge on him. So, there are many factors in these things in being reasonable about them. But, we should, in the case of being reasonable about our freedom, we should be reasonable about it with one another. I know the old thing that goes at home between man and wife where one raises the voice and the other sits silently listening until they get through and then one word crushes the accuser. See? This is true but I say we can have a sense of freedom in a man and wife team or combination in which that if we would not feel toward them that there’s a feeling of possessiveness. And, this feeling of possessiveness between one another, regardless of whether they are family or anything else, is that which brings about the destruction or the closing up of this space. We should never do it. We should never be possessive of the other person because this is one of the cardinal negative laws is to be possessive and it belongs under the 5 passions of life.

So, we must think in the terms, then, of love, And, love not in the sense of a possessiveness. Because with love, if you love a person it doesn’t matter what they are and what they do. You love them and you would do anything in the world to give them happiness. And, this is the point in which I am trying to bring about and say to you that love is not that which you hold another person to you. You will hold them in the sense of a bond between one another. But, if this other person has their own ideas about life and wants to live their life a certain way then we should not say to them that it is only to be lived one way. If I had a child and I thought he was going towards criminal tendencies against the society, I certainly would try to reason with him. But, I wouldn’t hold him in bondage. I wouldn’t keep him in bondage. But, I’d try to point out to him that what he’s doing is not against another society as a whole or another person but all of this is his own self-repression.

Now, we have this point that we hear so much about repression. I think it’s a psychological term. We shall never repress anyone. But, we shall give them the quality and the virtues of freedom and bringing them up within a certain framework. And, I’ve had people who felt like, that if they had freedom within a certain framework of the spiritual life, that they could do anything. That isn’t true. They feel like they could get the spiritual quality and the spiritual freedom. They could go driving down the street and drive through every red light and they are going to get away with it. That isn’t true. Because are they surprised when some officer stops them. But, we are not speaking of this kind of freedom. We are speaking of freedom of spirit, freedom of soul. The soul is in the position to move and go where it likes to go. And, it can become the great essence of love which can be poured out upon another one. But, it’s an essence of love which gives the other person, not a bondage, but a freedom.

And, do not take it lightly when I say that I love each and all of you because I do. No matter who you are or what you are or any of the things that society may have against you. I do not go into prison and I do not minister to the prisoners. I do not go to the hospitals and administer to the hospital’s people. That doesn’t say that I do not love them any less or any more but I feel that we have, within ourselves, our own essence of love that can bring us above these things. And, if I am asked to direct any influence of love to these people to bring them out of their illness and their situations or circumstances, I will be glad to do it provided that they want it. Now, there are some people who do not want changes, some people who do not want to get over certain illnesses. Some people believe that when they go to the hospital they want to go there to die. And, I do not believe in making changes unless these people, of themselves, of their own free will and of their own mind and being of sound mind say that they want the change. Now, that’s different when they are not of sound mind. There’s another course to take if they are not of sound mind and that is to give them help. But then, I feel otherwise that they must, of themselves, either send the word or they must be given help, provided that I get the word in some manner or form.

I do feel that the love which is given between one another should never be a one-sided love. The love should be reciprocated. All people should love one another. Now, we know this isn’t going to happen. That there will be a greater amount of love being given by one than the other. Now, between husband and wife there can be a great deal of difference in the love. A husband will give a love, which means that if he marries and he is faithful and he goes to work and he gives of himself, he will then consider this love if he goes and earns enough to keep his family in comfort the best that he can. The wife’s love is different. She pours out a human affection and love upon the family and the husband. And, often the complaint arises that the husband doesn’t love me. But, if he is willing to do this as sacrifice in his life, then this means that he has a love. And, we must consider this and consider it very deeply. We must look at one another in the eyes of this feeling of love.

Now, when the time comes for me to step out of this front position I want you all to be prepared to go up to the higher planes. And, by that time, you have been initiated into the Fifth Plane and you will begin to understand more and more of what I am saying. Because each of you who goes through these initiations and goes into these planes, they no longer come back here. They no longer are of this world. And, when they end this world they, themselves, go into the higher planes. And, they will live in the higher planes and they will do work there if they wish. Or, they can return if they wish to do work here. But, I want you to know that you don’t have to go there as a community to live like they have with the religions in which there is a community said to be called The City of God and many of the others. We do to have that community unless the individuals want the community. They want to stay together after they pass, many of them. They can do so. But, on the other hand, they do not have to go there. They can go on to other areas, They can go on to other planes. They can live and work someplace else.

So, you must remember that those who want to be with me after they leave this world, they can be with me. I will never reject anyone. When I go over and those who come after me want to be there, they may be there. But, I do not feel that this is a necessity on your part. You may be of interest to be someplace else. You may be of interest to do something in the work of ECK in another area which is alright and which will be. This is my last talk for this group. I want you to know that, no matter where you are and who you are, that if you want to accept the Master, he will always be with you. May the blessings be.