Influence of Eck – 1968

Special Recording

The idea of what we’re trying to do in this work is to open ourselves to become a channel for God. And, when we do this, we become something like a Typhoid Mary and we say that, actually, we are carrying germs of ECK around, in the sense is I’m putting a negative aspect on that, that we are imbuing the atmosphere and others with the idea of ECK when we are not even aware of this. It is a very interesting thing that this happens because what we are actually doing is, when we come in contact with people whether we talk to them, whatever our action or our communication with them might be, even though it may not be about ECK, or it may even be a social occasion, the fact is that this little thing that we call the ECK reaches out and touches other people and begins to change them or some way or another to make them better for them or to improve their welfare or to use them as sort of a channel through which they can reach out and touch someone else.

I say for example that, perhaps, this is the occasion where that someone, who has become an open channel and has been filled and loaded with this thing that we call the ECK, which is the Spirit, the Cosmic Spirit or the force of God and they meet a person who has one of the members of the family who is ill, injured, sick or is in bad health of some nature. Or, they may be having financial troubles. Or, they may be struggling for a way to get themselves to God.

This little thing uses that individual to reach out and touch the member of the family or other relatives or friends. Or, it may even go in through the other individual and touch many others. It may touch a whole family. It may touch a whole group. It may touch a mass of people in some way or it may, of itself, move out In various directions that we don’t know. Now, this is a strange way that this thing works and I have seen it. It is a silent communication. It is a communication in which that it, of Itself, can take advantage of the spark of reality or the acceptability of another person who will unknowingly and unwittingly accept this force within themselves from he, who is carrying it in quite a tremendous load or a tremendous power within himself. And, it will go through these individuals from the person who is a carrier and it will, of itself, work in and become what I call a movement, moving out and touching other people and touching other areas that, we sometimes, may not even know about.

Now, this is very interesting because I have found this coming in letters from people. I, of myself, actually do not touch a lot of people personally throughout the world. I may, in meeting them, except when I go out on trips and my crowds aren’t what I call tremendous crowds, as what many of these people in these various fields touch. Actually, they may be smaller crowds if I get 200 people. And, sometimes, I have gotten as much as 300 people. On one occasion, I did get over that. But, this is unusual because most of the people I talk with are my own students in their small crowds.

But, the fact is, that many people who read or hear something about ECK often write and they say, in so many words, that it became something within them and they can’t get rid of the idea. They‘ve got to make the contact. They have been forced, they have been pushed to, in writing to find out something about it. There are some people right then saying to the effect that they have been searching very deeply for many years and this is what they want. And, this is what they know they want and they don’t even know what the works are. But, these are their words in their letters. They want it and they are desirous of it and they have to have it because it must be to them the ultimate result of the spiritual search.

So, this means this has reached out to someone else somewhere or other in a silent communication and touched this person and moved them in a position of seeing and knowing something about ECK or giving them the great the desire of wanting something in the spiritual works and, all of a sudden, wanting something that comes into their consciousness sone way or another. They either see an ad. They hear someone talk about ECK. They read something about it in a publication. They see it in a magazine, in the newspapers or something. Or, they hear someone who has heard a lecture of mine someplace. And, all of a sudden, this brings into focus within their minds. And they have to have it. So, this is a very interesting thing how this thing, of itself, reaches out and touches all these people. We think, in our lives every day that we go along, that all that is in our lives is what we know and what we see.

This doesn’t happen to be true because, so many times, we are put into a position of an idea dropped in our subconscious through reading, through hearing, through a cognition or a thought springing up into our minds in some other areas in which that we can find ourselves looking for something completely different and then the idea focuses itself into our minds in some way. And, we find then this is we want and here are the works to get it.

In this new book, that came out in the biography, there is a story that is told by a woman. She was sitting in silence one night and one of her teachers told her to make the contact with Paul. And, she couldn’t understand just who this Paul was. And, she was living way on the other side of the continent up in the New England states. And, then she, the next night, asked what the name might be, if there was another name. And he said yes and he gave my name and she mulled this over for a long time and thought such things were a little silly. And, she couldn’t understand how that she was to make contact with a man she had never heard of before. So, then she picked up a magazine and saw my name in this magazine and she went back again and she asked this inner teacher of hers if this was true. And, this was true because the message was given to her by an entity who was in this work very much by the name of Rebazar Tarzs. So, she got my address and wrote me, after a delay, saying to the effect that she hoped that I didn’t think that she was a little overbalanced and getting towards being a mental case because this was actually what had happened and wrote a very reasonable and very sound letter.

Now, this all goes back to the one point, that we’re thinking in the areas of what is on the surface, which isn’t true. All of this is under the surface. And, this is how the Master contacts other people and how he draws certain people into his area who are ready for the works, who will come through and give help. And, sometimes, he doesn’t know who these people are until they appear before him in letter or in person or some means. And, he begins to know that this is the person who has been reached through this, that we call the silent communication, that goes through the person who has been imbued with the spirit of ECK that is reaching out to another person and on and on and on.

And this is one of the interests which I will come back now to the beginning of this where I started out talking about going around in these various places over in through Europe. And a very interesting thing is that, wherever I would go, I’d always know that this little thing was going along and it was reaching out and touching people within groups that were around or people that I would pleasantly nod to on the street or people I would speak to in the hotels, the waiters or someone at the hotels or wherever I might be.

The factor that I am talking about here is a very interesting thing because in one day, in walking through the grounds there at St. Mark, that has the big plaza there. Walking through this plaza, some fellow walked up to me and he stopped and he was smiling very broadly. And he couldn’t speak English. He was speaking in Italian and he was saying something to me and I knew that he was trying to get across something that was of interest to him and I was trying to say something to him and a woman stepped up. I don’t know who she was but she spoke English good. And, she also spoke Italian very well, apparently, because she said, “He’s trying to say to you that there is something about you that he knows and he wants to say that he would like to know what it is about you that attracted him to you out of all the whole crowds.”

There’s always a mass of crowds around the cathedral of St. Mark’s in Vienna. It’s just amazing, the people there. I don’t know if there are more people then pigeons, but anyway it’s always a good contention to think, “Which is the greatest, the people or the pigeons?” But anyway, the thing came out that he, and I recognized in this, that this thing that is within me, had reached out and touched this man and he didn’t know what it was and he was attracted to me. And he wanted to know why that he of all the people there, that he wanted to come up and say hello to me, a perfect stranger in his land who couldn’t even speak his native language.

So, through the woman, I discussed with him, just very briefly for a few minutes, what I considered that he would know in his own life and his own understanding that perhaps this thing was a spiritual attraction that brought us together. And we, that had at some place here at the crossroads of the world. I think he was from Milan or one of the places up about a couple of 100 miles away from there; that we had met, our paths had crossed and that there would always be a thing that we would be together in a sense. We would always be spiritually together. With that note, I didn’t even ask the man what his name was. I didn’t even ask the man if I could write him. I didn’t even ask the man if he would want to leave word with me so I could send him some literature or something because this is a Catholic country. And, these people don’t believe in what we believe, in a sense some of them are a little afraid of, so I left it for what it was. But, this is the one way that it, actually, begins to move itself out and how it begins to touch people. Then you see the books and the works that go out. They touch people in the sense that these people become what we call the Typhoid Marys or the germ carriers, of themselves, because this thing gets in them.

And, I’ve had letters from people who said to the effect that they have had similar experiences, not in a foreign land or someplace. But, in the fact that they, themselves, have met with people someplace, and they started talking and all of a sudden they learned that they had mutual interests in something that we say a longing for this spiritual strength or God or a God-realization. And, then they begin to talk about their mutual interests and all of a sudden, ECK is implanted within the person of its own accord. And then, one day, I have a letter from someone who’s saying that “Very strangely, I met this wonderful person at a place and she was telling me about you and your work and I want to know about it.”

Now, this is a very interesting way of how it works. It also works, not in this sense, many times. It works as I said before, in the silent communication in which it reaches out and it touches the individual and this individual, for some reason, has a change or an upliftment of himself to a higher step on a spiritual ladder and he doesn’t know and he wonders what happens to him. He wonders how it comes to him to have this strange spiritual experience when there was no reason for it. And, I have seen letters and I have seen and I’ve read in books and articles and magazines about people who have had these experiences. Letters that come to us, many times, say to the effect something about they had this very strange spiritual experience at one time and they didn’t understand it. And, they would like to know what happened. Well, I know what happened because somebody someplace, in being used as a channel or an implanter, not only with ECK or maybe something else, implanted within these people something in which that gave them a greater experience.

So you see, we have been coming to one thing, a very interesting point in this and that one thing is that we have what we call the Towahz and the towahz is a way that the Master looks at an individual and the individual is lifted out of himself and into a higher area or he, suddenly, is healed or he, suddenly, is changed, for the whole better, or suddenly, something is given to him from this communication that goes from the Master to the other person.

One of the classic examples of that was when Peter and I think it was Paul, I’m not sure, who was approaching the temple one day, and this is in the Book of Acts someplace. Don’t ask me to quote exactly where because I don’t know the Bible like I should know it. But anyway, a beggar asked for a coin or something and Peter looked at him and he gave him a very piercing glance and he says,”Gold, I have none but I will give you the grace of God.” I’m not quoting this verbatim but I’m just quoting as I remember it. And, the beggar who had been lame all his life suddenly jumped to his feet, healed completely of his affliction, and he went running away saying that these two strangers who he had approached to give him a coin had suddenly given him the Great Spirit or the great Gift of God to walk again.

And, of course, the two apostles were then, were probably set upon most likely I say, because no one who can create a miracle at any time is going to escape his act with the masses of people because this is the one thing that most Masters are careful of. They do not create a miracle in front of groups of people because they know what it will happen and what will happen to them. People will go more for the miracle than they will for the faith and they will start demanding miracles and the Masters, of themselves, will become slaves of their own act.

So, you see what I’m saying here, that through the look of an individual, looking at another person, who is the carrier of the ECK power can look at another person and he can completely change that person’s life. And so, many times this is, as I say again, the silent communication in which he walks through a crowd, and he looks at people and he looks directly into their face and, by looking into their face and into their eyes, he makes the change in the person.

And they, for themselves, may not instantly recognize this. But they say, maybe the next morning upon awakening, something has happened to me. “Did it happen during my sleep? Or, did it happen yesterday or did it happen this morning or what happened?” And they don’t know. And, they begin to search within themselves to say, “What has happened to me? I feel different. I feel this hunger for this thing that they call God and I must have it.” Well, a Master knows that he cannot create a too great a desire in a person for God because he knows that he doesn’t want this person if he’s a family man and he creates too great desire within the individual, this desire will be like a consuming fire and the individual will throw up everything, his work, his home. He will desert everything and he will start out this search for God.

So you see, he says of himself in this sense, the Master does, “I will give this man enough change to know there is something beyond him that is greater than himself and that there really is a God who takes care of everything and I will create enough hunger in him to want this sort of thing. Now, I’ve seen this, too, in the fact of letters, that people have come in and they have suddenly wanted the urge in them, to walk this, whatever it is, that is greater than themselves. And they began to think in the terms that, “If I can only get this thing that’s going to be greater than and it’s going to make me a greater different man.” Now, this isn’t quite true in the sense that they are looking at this and their goals are now set from a physical standpoint because they’re thinking about health and they’re thinking about finances and they’re thinking about human relationship and all this.

But then you know, the most interesting thing happens. They take a step into this area some way. Through someone, they start reading or they start talking to people. And they put their feet in and they plunge into the works and all of a sudden they find out. “This isn’t what I want. These physical things aren’t what I want. I want the spiritual things I want that which makes me a greater person. I want that which will make me enter into the universal man, into the service of God and all things. And then, they begin to think in the terms of having God in their lives, not out here someplace in future.

Or, that they are always running up the stairs trying to reach this thing that they call God but they suddenly realize that it, of itself, is here and now and it’s always working with them. And, it’s not going to go any place and it’s not going to be outside of themselves except that it’s everywhere outside of themselves and everywhere inside themselves. Therefore, it’s everywhere, within all people and within themselves and, since this is true, that all grounds that they walk upon are holy grounds. So, you see they, themselves, are then becoming, if they are in Eck, they’re then becoming the ECK carrier of this ECK power and this is leading them into the greater life. And this is, also, without them knowing it so many times.

They, themselves, walk through an area where there are lots of people. There are masses of people and suddenly changes start coming over these people, start coming over the areas that they have been in. They, themselves, can walk through a place which is turbulent, which has great violence, which has always been something that is violent, and something that has been the element, and the people there have been in constant conflict with one another for a long period of time. And, they can come into this place or they can stay or they can pass through the place and suddenly you find peace descending upon the place.

Now it’s a very interesting thing and I don’t say this is the factor that Gail and I visited the place this summer. But, it was a strange factor that this thing happened. When we got ready to go up to Venice, there were lots of newspaper reports about the students there that were doing a great deal of violence around St. Marks Cathedral because they were having a big art show there. And the police had quite a violent time with these students and had driven them back out of the square. And they even got in with the tourists. They struck some of the tourists and they we were very savage and were very brutal trying to get this cleared up. And Gail looks at the papers and says, “You think we ought to go on?” And I says, “Yes, it will be alright and we don’t have to worry about it.” And we got on the plane, or rather we got on a train, and this was still going on in Venice.

This was still going on at this particular time and when we went into Venice and went over to get our boat, they have water taxis there, and the representative from the hotel met us, I said to him, “What about the riots that they are having here?” And he kind of smiled and spread his hands out, as the Italians do, and shrugged his shoulders and says, “We’re not having them now.” And, I didn’t say anything more. We got into the hotel and finally, I got to the hall later during the day and spoke to the hall porter about it and he says. “Well, it’s very strange about these riots. They quit just a few hours ago and we haven’t had these since.” And, it was about 8 o’clock in the morning when we got on the train and they had started, began to cease, and come down just a little slower and slower until about 9 o’clock in the morning and we got there at 11. And, when we got there at 11 o’clock they had all ceased and when we went out and walked through the Plaza there and this great square around St. Marks, we could see a lot of these kids sitting around out there but nobody seeming to do anything about it.

Now, this isn’t to say that what was done there or the presence did there; what I’m trying to say to you, it becomes – a disturber of the peace sometimes, it becomes a settler of the peace sometimes. I’ve seen cases in which that it has broken up some of the old farms in some cases and it created a terrible violence. And then, when it broke up all of the old farms, it came in and settled it and started out all the new farms and set the new farms in and began to build from there. And the people go in and, of themselves, they seem to be happier and they seemed to be working into a greater area of things.

Now I’m going to bring this to a close right now but I say, in bringing this to a close, that every one of us, sometime or other, have become a channel for some sort of spiritual works, whether it was ECK or something else. This was implanted us, whether we knew it or not, and we spread the word on to someone else. And it, of itself, entered into another person who was upset, who was not in a good condition as we speak of and it changed their lives and it gave them an upliftment. And, that is what we’re supposed to be doing in life and this is the thing, what I say if we become a channel for God, then we are serving all of this purpose here on earth and actually, this is the only purpose we have for ECK. Thank you.