Children in the age of Great Fantasy – Chicago, April 1970

There he is. How did you know that might be the next leader? Well, we got more big children than we got little children. Well, I don’t know what to say to children. You know, I suppose when I was your age, I was told that I was the meanest child on earth. And, I guess I was, to my foster parents. Can you hear me now, Doc? Yeah, but you’re not supposed to be listening. After all, I got my audience on the front row. But, you know, really it’s a wonderful age because this is the age of great fantasy. This is the age of before the time you came into, what we call, society. This is the time when you come up before the age of six, and then when you get to the age of six, why what happens you must go to school. You must learn the rules of society. It’s a sad thing but it is true and I remember very well when I was this age, my stepsister took me out one day in May. And, she wanted me to, she took me out into the woods to find the mayapples because under the mayapples was a brownie. And, this was a great world to live in. And, it was a great world to know I was out searching to find these little people. And, these little people actually exist. They do indeed.

Because before one enters into this world of the adults (when he enters at six, into school) he becomes those individuals that have their eyes open to see things that we, as adults, cannot. And, I look back at the time now to know that many the things that I could see then, that I can’t see today. Because I knew then that there are such things as the little people, the brownies, the Leprechauns, the Elves, all of these people who really had a great to do with the elemental world.

And, that’s what you people have now at the age of seven, six, ten and under, actually know because when you go to school then there becomes the conformity of the mind. I know this because this is the age in which every individual lives through the whole seven stages of life. And, this is the one in which you become rebellious when you must be brought into a certain amount of conformity. And, I too went through a great deal of rebellion because I did not want to do what was said to me because somebody to me made up the rules. And, they made up the rules because somebody else made up the rules. Never write me a letter to say that your parents are against you for something because I’ll have to take up for your parents.

Now really, the beauty of this young world is something I, which I like, myself, to enter back into quite frequently. And, occasionally, I will go to a bookstore and get such books as Wind in the Willows or even Alice in Wonderland or a number of the very famous classics.  And, a lot of times, I will even get the books that have been written recently about the very young and the teenagers. And, I’ll read these all over again because I do not like to leave a world, or I’d say I like to remember a world in which consider a great world of freedom. And this is a world that we live in when we are of this age. We see and know and believe in things, as like the child who says he has this little invisible friend and don’t discount it because he may have a little invisible friend. And, as long as this little invisible friend is his good friend, then I believe that he is well enough to be let alone. I remember the little chap, many years ago, in which that every time I went to visit his parents, I would start to set down in a certain chair and he would say, “Don’t sit there. Mickey’s sitting there.” So, I had to go through, actually, the fact that Mickey was sitting there and I had to sit someplace else and if he wanted me to talk to Mickey I had to talk to Mickey. Because really this is true that, of that age, we do have them.

Now, there is a case, on the other side, where one has friends who are in this invisible realm who are vicious. Or, there are entities that will mislead you and me. And, many times these are caught by, perhaps, a wise and knowing parent who will get the certain right exercises or exorcises, or whatever you call them, to get rid of this entity and to free you, as the individual, because if they carry on very long, there can be something which would be wrong within your life and may change your life within the future.

Now, you all remember this, as people and you are people, that whole future of ECK lies in the hands of you people in the future and you don’t understand what I’m saying now but, perhaps you will one day. Because you, of yourself, now being trained in the work and doing the simple exercises, that you have will someday come into the realm of a greater work of, if you want to call it fantasy or want to call it reality, it can be all of the things that have been given to the individual in this world, this youthful world, by those who saw and worked and lived in this realm like Lewis Carrol who wrote Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass and all of these various books that I’m talking about here now, they did not grow but, rather, they had a youthful spirit which knew and understood people the youthful world. Unfortunately, the adults grow out of this because they meet with business problems. They meet with people. They meet with certain circumstances and understanding that no longer can they, of themselves, understand the youth and the youthful spirit.

We may grow old in body. but many people are youthful in mind and spirit. So, when you read the Hardy Boys or you read any of these books, which I guess are a little too  far in advance for you at the present time for the sub-teenage books, you remember that these people, too, remember back to the time when they were your age and they did not like to take up school work at the age of 6, which gave them, started giving them the rules of the adults and started then to change them and conform them.

Well, I remember very well, my parents did not get me into school for 2 weeks after school started, because every day when their friends and neighbors came along in the automobile to pick us up and they were going to school and they were all adults, rather older ones than the 11th or 12th grade, I wouldn’t get in the car. I’d run away because I knew what was coming. I knew that I did not want this sort of thing in my life. I knew that I was having to give up those little friends, those little people that I found under the mayflower bush. And, I could not, of myself, give up this world. And, to be frank with you, I never gave it up. Because, today, if I have the opportunity, again, to go into any primitive area, I look for these things and often I see them. And, I see the men, the little men. And, it isn’t the same ones that make the toys for Santa but these are the people who are actually friends in the youthful world. And, they are, also, the friends in helping to control elementals. That is the weather, the soil, all of these different things which make for a greater life that helps everyone. But we, as the wee people, can see them.

I wish there was something I could say. I wish there was some story that I could tell, which was a ghost story or something, that I could tell that would entertain you but I really don’t know how to do that. Actually, I’ve been talking too much to adults. I’ve been saying things, do or don’t do. But, to you, I can say do. And, do everything that you possibly can in the area of freedom because this is what you are going to grow up with, the independent and the free spirit.

I do not say to worship any particular deity. I do not say to obey any particular law. But, I say to you to live and to enjoy all of these things that you have in your life today. If the wee people are there, enjoy the wee people. (A baby cries out.) “Oh, he just wants to protest. He doesn’t like what I’m saying.” (Everyone laughs.)

Well, you know, this is true because so many times in my own life, I never liked what an adult was saying. In fact, I suppose there was no one in existence who had more fights with their teachers than I did. And, I don’t mean just normal arguments and fights. I meant fist fights. I used to hit the teacher and she’d hit me back. Or, she’d hit me first and I’d hit her back. And, I was always a problem of going home, you know, quivering in my boots to think of what was going to happen at home. And, I think the ECK worked many times in my life because the telephone was out of order. And, sometimes it was purposely out of order because I’d sneak out and cut the line.

And, they could never understand what happened, in those days, how lines got cut. But, I finally think they discovered they had a mischevious boy on hand who didn’t want them to know the truth. But, the truth eventually got through. And, always a strange part about it, I got the whipping when it was always discovered I had a fight. And, the next day, I would be compelled to go to school with flowers in my hands to take to the teacher as a token, which I didn’t like in the first place. In which everybody, you know, yelled at me and pointed their fingers and everything. And, that made it that much the worse and I had more fights on the way to school. And, if the teacher ever got the flowers in the shape that they started out from home with, she was lucky because they would be torn and bent and all that sort of thing while I tried to sock the other fellow with one hand. You know and sometimes I would use two and the roses were in the left hand. And, we battled and we fought all through those years, which I think it wasn’t bad. It just taught me how to survive in life. And, that is a greatest thing that you people will have to have is a survival factor.

I think Russell over here and myself had more adventures in the last few years that anyone I’ve known. Russell and I used to come up to Long Beach and Russell would, he’d do anything he’d wanted to. I’d be sitting there talking to his mother and he’d reach over and take my shoes off and all those sorts of things because he’d say, “Look at me. I don’t want you to be talking to somebody else. I want you talking to me.” And, that’s all that it was. See?

So, you see, you people have to have as much attention as the adults have because you, too, get lonely. And, it’s realizable and it’s an acknowledgeable thing because every one of us, from a baby up, begins to have affection. And, we have this affection when we are a baby and we cannot do without it because it becomes a part of our nature to have affection. And, a very interesting thing about all of this is the fact the father may die someday and even if you are 50 or 60, you will not miss him as much as a mother who dies because the mother is the pivot of the family and she is the one who gives the love and affection greater than the father gives because she is always there to give.

I remember one time, many years ago in visiting someplace, and a young mother had a child who was crawling age and he wanted to crawl over one of the little fences there and he would crawl up so far and fall back on his back. And, I got very nervous over this. And, finally, she said to me, seeing my nervousness, she says, “Oh well, he’ll learn after a while that he can’t get over that fence.” And, that was true because a few more times he quit, got up and went someplace else. And, that’s the way it is. And, that’s the way it is. That’s the way we learn in life because we are given to trial and error. All through life, we are given to trial and error.

Say, that’s a great wad of chewing gum you got there. Don’t swallow it now.

Alright, well anyway, we are all people. We are all individuals. And, we all have great love for one another. The one thing that I want you to know, that regardless of what is in your life, whether your life is any of any difficulty as you would think it might be at this at this part of or, in the beginning, whether you have what is known in the adult world as living with the silver spoon which is a life of greater ease that I, of myself, have great love for you. And, this is the one great thing that you must remember because you are as much a part of me as I am of you. And I, myself, give you as great a love as I give your mother and your father. I want all of you to know that. You know? Good, alright. Now, the very fact that I cannot physically take each of you and hold you in my arms and tell you that I love you, but you must know this because I hold you in my spiritual arms and tell you this.

This is a great thing and I think that if I had anyone to ever say this to me when I was your age, I think that would have been the greatest thing that ever happened to me. But, no one said it. Now, because of this, each of you must know and realize that I am with you at all times. And, I will comfort you, regardless of what is said or what is done, because, at this age, you are greatly or I should say, that you have great sensitivities and you are easily hurt by words or, perhaps, neglects or, perhaps, that something didn’t happen in the way that you wanted it to.

But, remember that I am there to comfort you. And when you know this. When you understand this and when you grasp this then you will have a great joy and you will always live a joyful life. I am very privileged to able to say anything to you at all. And, it is my great happiness to say something to you. With that I say, may the blessings be.