Being a Channel for Light and Sound – Salt Lake City, 1971

Those that were here this afternoon, I didn’t give you the sequence of a story that I was talking about with the banker when I was talking to our young friends here about the banker who outwitted the M.D.s. who lived 35 years or more after they pronounced him to be dead or that he would live the next 6 months and he lived for 35 to 40 years afterwards. But he was a very kindly man and there was a sequence to that story which was a personal story, in which that I worked all one summer doing about everything I could do. I think I was about 13 at the time and I had earned a hundred dollars. And I put it in his bank. And, being in his bank, well, I was looking for a way to get $50 and not spend my own money that I had saved up. So, I had heard about everybody going to the bank and borrowing money and I wanted my $50 to get what they call the Book of Knowledge, which was a great thing in those days, the Wonder Book of Knowledge or something like that. It was going to cost me about $50. So, at the age of 13, I walked in to see the old man and told him I’d like to borrow $50.

And, you know that anybody who was in that position could very readily have scooted me out the door and said, “What are you doing in here?” But the old man had a very keen insight on people and he said to me, which almost shocked me, he says, “You want $50? Well, young man, you’re worth $75.” And, I almost fell off of my chair. And, I learned later that he said this simply to make me feel tall, make me feel that I was one of his best customers as if I would come in there and ask for a 3 to $5000 loan. He says, “Well, you know the State Law will not allow me to lend to you without collateral. So, your father’s good enough. ” So, I went back to my father and he says, “Well, you don’t need $50. You can get $50 some other way.” And, he knew what he was talking about, too.

So, my stepsister overheard the conversation. So, she told me,  “You know, you don’t have to have those books. All you have to do is sleep on the book one night and you’ll know what’s in the book and that’s all you have to do. Put it under your pillow.” I says, “Gee, this is really  a way to get it isn’t it?” So, what I did the first night, I needed some answers to mathematics and I put a book under my pillow and I slept and nothing happened that night. So, I put it under my pillow the next night and what I wanted all came. I’d get up in the middle of the night and I scribbled them down, you know, and then the next day got my formulas out and they were all correct and everything. So, this looked wonderful.

And, I says, “You know what? I’ve figured this up.” I says, “There are 15 books in the Book of Knowledge, see? All I have to do is go to the public library and get as many books as I can and put them under the mattress. And, the next day I’ll get up and I’ll know everything that’s in those books.” It didn’t work. I got so confused. I suppose maybe all that knowledge was pouring in there. I got so confused, I didn’t know what I was doing. So, I decided, after all, I’d take one book at a time and get a little at a time. And then, I would save my $50 dollars and I saw what they were talking about and saw what they were talking about. I could get a little knowledge at a time and it would all come to me in the dream state about what I wanted. And, I picked up a little here and a little there, but I found out I couldn’t get it all at one time.

Alright, I want to go back to one point and that’s the sound. Now the sound, we talked last night about music and this is a very interesting thing, this music feel which is actually the sound and the word which is spoken about in the Bible. The sound, which comes to us out of the audible stream of life is that which we call the Hu or our own personal word and we must, at times, feel that we should have something that is connected with this sound and something that we can work with. And, as I told you last night, there are certain renditions and pieces by some musicians who will lift us and bring us into that sound current. The other means is that which is coming from the outside. But, the other means is ourself doing the chant, doing a certain amount of repeating our own mantram or our own word. which lifts us and brings us into that certain level which opens us up to the sound to come into us or that audible life stream come into us and become a part of us.

Now, until we do this, we are not going into the fifth plane. And, when we work into the fifth plane and above the fifth plane and we begin to know it and feel it and see it and work within ourselves, we then become within ourselves within the effect we are the ECK. And, we are often are what we know to the effect or what we often call within this work, the Eckshar consciousness, which is a high state of consciousness that we can reach and we can participate in. Now, do not believe that you can live in this state of consciousness constantly because when you begin to get in this state of consciousness and can participate in this state of consciousness and live there for a certain time you are apt to get bumped and come down to what we know as the reality of this world.

Now, do not think that I, at all times, dwell in this state because I have to live in a physical body. And, I have to partake in the physical body. And, because of that reason, I myself, or any other man or anyone who is living in the physical flesh are not staying in this state of consciousness. If they are staying in that state of consciousness, they are not participating very much in the physical life. Now, I say this because, if you will remember, there was Ramakrishna, who died in the age of the ’30s. And, by dying in the age of the ’30s, he died of cancer of the throat. And, he was a man who lived, practically his whole life, in this state of consciousness but he wasn’t worth much in the physical world to anyone because he had to be fed and cared for like a small child.

And, you would say, and this is one of the things which all people who have been in any of these fields will wonder, why would a man who could dwell in this state of consciousness die of a disease that strikes an ordinary man. Why is it that these sorts of people would go out with this sort of problem like Yogananda went out with a heart problem at the age of 67? Others that I know of have died of certain problems. There was Vivekananda who had a very severe problem with arthritis and he was a great saint in the Vedanta work. There are others that I could name who did the same thing. And, you say, “What’s happened with these people?” Well, I posed that problem in myself in India to Sudarsang when I was there and I was about 14, 15 or something like that. He looked at me for a long time and he says, “Do you think that a man in this position ever wanted to take his mind off of God to think about himself?” And, I was a little stunned at the answer and I felt like I was about two inches high and turned around and walked off with my hands in my pockets kicking at the rocks along the path.

But, this is true. These people are not concerned with themselves and they are not concerned with what’s happening with their fellow man. They are concerned with reaching a state of consciousness in which they can dwell and we, ourselves, cannot dwell in. Now, this does not bring about a very workable philosophy in the life of the individual because the individual will say, “Well, what goes on here? He was at such a high exalted state. Can I ever reach that state?” And, the answer is probably no. But, if we do, what are we going to do to help the fellow man who is down the street who needs something that we could give him? In the physical, we could give him comfort. We can give him a certain type of help. We could be a vehicle for him through which the powers flow to do something for him.

We can do all these, but in this state, they are practically invalids. Now, I’m not downgrading these people at all. But, I’m trying to say that when one tries to work with people when one has to be out among people and doing things with people and working directly with people, he cannot dwell in this state constantly. Because he will go up here and he will be this for a while. Then he has to come down. Then he has to work on a same level or a same balance as the individual.

And, do you think it would be a very healthy state that if I could not go out and see people and talk with people and be with people at certain times in their lives when they are grieved? And, when I can go out among people and try to help them and give them a lift them out of their daily burdens. I could not do that if I stayed in this exalted state all the time because I would probably be carried around on a stretcher, unconscious most of the time in a trance and not seeing and knowing anything outside of what the state that I’m in.

So, it behooves one to begin to think about these things and begin to get the answers to a lot of these questions which come into their minds and not know about. As long as a person is living in the physical body, he’s going to have the problems of the physical body. We have the Masters who have overcome a lot of this but they have had the opportunity to not to be with man so much and not to go out into the world and not to work among people. And, if you notice that in the same category that I’m speaking about, Buddha, when he was approaching, I suppose, about his 85th birthday, he was on the road traveling with some of his disciples and he came to a place where there was a farmer’s home and the farmer was very honored to have him and the farmer’s wife fixed some rice for Buddha and it so happened that when Buddha was ready to eat, one of his disciples says, “Look Master, the food is tainted. It’s poisonous.” Buddha said to him in a side voice, “It is but I am in this man’s home. I must partake of this because if I tell him that he is serving tainted food to the Master then he would certainly be an upset person.”

So, Buddha ate the tainted food, moved on away from the little peasant’s hut farther down the road and there he died and the farmer never knew the difference in what happened. Now, they say in the minds of the people, many times they say, “Why is it, then, that a person does not know what’s coming to him when he has certain problems when he knows as the Buddha did?” He knows this beforehand. But, these are things that he must go through. These are things that must happen. If you were to have said that if Christ had not known what he was going through before he was crucified, then he could not have been a savior. Then he could not have been a person who visited this earth as a Master. Certainly, he knew it because he was in the garden and he pleaded with God to give him strength to go through the ordeal before he was arrested.

All these things are known to these people because there’s a great subtle factor that goes behind this sort of thing in going through these certain areas of what looks on the outside looks as voluntarily giving up themselves or that they’re hitting an unknown area within themselves by which that they cannot see what is going to happen to them. Then, one must stop and think about what goes on underneath. Because the vast cross-currents, the invisible influences, all of this sort of thing that is going on underneath are the Karmetic conditions of the race of what is taking place by this person’s individual death. It may be that he takes upon himself a whole Karma for a whole race, or a whole nation, a world situation or a condition in which that he must do something in order to give up the body to do it. But, he knows, of himself, that this isn’t the end because he steps out of the physical body into his glorious body which is the true Self he is always in.

Now, then this comes up to the question that I, myself, knew when I went to Spain last year, I knew years before that I would be poisoned in Spain. I knew it was a situation and a condition upon which there were factors that I had to meet certain responsibilities in doing. I knew what the body would suffer. I knew the conditions under which I would have to undergo all this time. And, I knew the conditions of the future, the future of the work and everything with it. But, it had to be accepted because there were certain factors that were going on at the time within the country. And, I will point out one faction. Now, as I speak, I am not speaking of what took place as the physical self. But, I am talking about the invisible and the influences that were behind a great deal of this.

And. if you had noticed that there was a very tight rein upon the people of Spain. When I was there in August and this incident occurred, there was this condition but, within two months time, this began to change and you see today that they are having a loosening of the fact of the authority that they have had over them before, because what was  being worked was being worked through the body, the vehicle, to reach and straighten out certain factions within a certain area. Now, this all comes about and if you will notice that when or if you will read the lives of those spiritual giants who went into certain areas, you will find the conditionings changing after they had been there.

Now, I will point out one example of that. That was St. Catherine, oh, it was in the, I think it was about the 15th or 16th century, who changed the whole political face of Italy.
That was St. Catherine of Sienna. And, she changed the whole political face of Italy. She did it somewhat by her physical presence but she did it mainly by her working with these invisible forces that worked underneath and began to change and interlock and pull out some things and put back in and work back and forth until they got the situation corrected as it was.

Now, there will never be any peace within this world. I have said many times but I have never finished that sentence. And, the finishing of that sentence: If we have enough chelas, or if we have enough initiates. rather, within ECK, then we can develop the vehicles by which they, themselves, can become the channels or the vehicles through this sort of thing can flow and can bring about a certain amount of peace within the world, which treaties and all the adjustments and the balances of powers and all of that sort of thing can never do.

We lose every year, everywhere, someplace in the world, a considerable number of lives, which is a pitiful thing regardless of whose government’s doing as the aggressor or who’s on the defense. It makes no difference. We still lose a great number of people. And yet, on the other hand, we have now developed in ECK, a certain type, a certain bit of philosophy among the older people who know we are only dwelling in the body. And, those who go over are either coming back or they’re going to stay on those planes and in those planes, they’re going to be able to work with those in this world. Now, there’s hardly any group or I say, I don’t say it modestly, I say it boldly, there’s not a group within the world who works in the field that we work in that can work as channels and become vehicles of themselves to spread this sort of thing. There’re lots of philosophies. There’re lots of religions. There’re all these sorts of things which have been in the past but there has not one been yet as the one that we are in.

And, when I am able to get out the information and it takes time in the physical body to get it out, I will show you, historically, where so much of this influence has worked over the past and in the centuries in the past as to spreading the light and the message and the sound current into this world and has stabilized certain positions which, would otherwise, would have been a very chaotic condition, which would have cost more lives, which would have brought about certain things within the world that would have been all for the powers of the negative to control.

So, then we have to begin to think, “What can I as an individual do?” I’ve had a lot of people who’ve said to me at different times, “What is it that I have? What is my mission here on earth?” Your mission here on earth is actually becoming a channel so that you, yourself, can bring this light and peace to those within your environment or those who are within this world. Now, you may not ever think it, but something that you say or something that you do or a reflection of the light that comes through you or the sound that comes through you may touch somebody in the Congo who doesn’t even know that you exist. And, this is the most happiest thought that one can have. You’ll even have people saying to you, they’ll walk up to you. Maybe you might be in Rome or Paris or someplace of that nature and somebody walks up to you and he says, “You know, I know you.” And, you’ll say, “Gee, you know me?” He says, “Yes.” He says, “Ten years ago, I saw you in dream”, or state or something. And, by the very fact, you know this person has received a bit of light and has received it through ECK.

I, very commonly, have this said to me but, at the same time, we have to think about what is going to be the effects of us being a channel. Now, I know that we, in the older generation, think a great deal and we look a great deal at what we’ve studied in the past and thought about what was in the past and we’re still trying to cling onto that as a security and trying to accept ECK. At the same time, we have to take one road or the other. And, until we make this decision, we’re going to be pulling back and forth. And, I say to these people, accept what you want because we do not force one into ECK. We want them to be satisfied and happy when they come to ECK. And, we do not want them to be thinking in the terms of the psychic phenomena, which so many believe that this is what the basis of ECK is. Now, we will not soul travel except in the first 4 planes because this is a plane of movement, time and space. When we’re beyond that, into the other worlds, then there’s no movement, time or space. We’re it. We just be. And, that’s about the closest thing I can say to put it to words.

We can’t put these things into words that come from out of that world. We have to write them somewhat, sometimes in a symbolic language to say, “This is it.” But, you know, the people reading them from the various states of consciousness, each and every individual will make something different out of this in symbolism. So, then we have to begin to think about ourselves, in progressing to this state of opening.

And, I find so many people are dwelling more on the negative than they are on the positive. If you dwell on the negative then it is going to defeat you. If you dwell upon the positive you are going to progress. Because I feel, in a sense, that every time we are defeated in something that the defeat is not actually a defeat but that is something to give us a better lift into a higher area.

Now, there is the case of some of the comedians that come out on the stage. They fall. They trip over a wire or something on their way to where the audience is waiting for them and they, instead of turning this into defeat, they make it into something that is a part of their act and use it. And, this is what we should do with everything in our life is to use it and make everything come to usage instead of wondering why that we are in despair and all of that. We can take despair and use it and learn out of that just as much as we can take joy and learn out of that.

Now, the one who continually lives in joy and doesn’t give himself to the world or give himself to spreading the light and the sound is actually is actually living in a negative state. It’s like a lot of people who will say to me, “I want to reach this God-state.” And, the question is, “Well why?” They’ll say, “Well, I want to be free of my problems. I will have no more of the negative in me, none of these things.” But, that’s a selfish viewpoint. And, it is as much of a selfish viewpoint as a person who comes in and says, “I want to get into ECK because I want to help people.” Now, this, in a way, is a negative viewpoint too, because the individual has two things he has to think about. He has to think about the personal and he has to think about the universal.

Now, so many people who want to help people are trying to use this as an escape route.  Or, they are trying to impress upon me that they are willing to give up something, which they are willing not, to become a part of ECK and get something and, in other words, reverse it for themselves. Now I realize that there are two parts that we have to think about in the human self. We have to think about this for self-preservation and survival.

Then we have to think about the universal side which is the side of helping the fellow man and it’s like that old adage goes, “Charity begins at home and then it expands out.”  And, I have seen so many people, especially middle-aged housewives, and this is not disparaging of them, who have come to me and said they wanted now to start work and do everything for mankind and that sort of thing. And, when I get to talking to them about their home problems, they have terrific home problems. See? So, I will try to encourage them to try to straighten up something in the house before they would go outside of the house.

Now, really there is a problem here because, many times in the family, the children grow up and it leaves a vacancy or a gap there where the wife has nothing more to do. All she has to do, she had been waiting on 4 or 5 people in the family and all of a sudden it has been reduced to one, the husband. And, she has a gap there within her family that she didn’t have before and she, suddenly, is at a total loss. And, if these people have abilities or anything of that nature, I like to try to get something to get them into movement so that they will get out of themselves and start doing something. And, when we begin to think about moving out of ourselves into other areas, we first have to have a solid foundation here before we start there. And, until we do that, have that solid anchor there, then we are not going to be much help to someone else.

But, we always have to think about this in one term. And, this is that this fellow has problems. I have problems. The other man has problems. And, there is nothing to do with most of these people except become a good ear to them. And, this is what they want to take about. But, you certainly don’t go to a banker to talk about your love affairs. Nor do you go to the psychiatrist to talk about your money affairs because that’s what he wants. See? So, you have to find the proper person to talk with and who knows, who’s got a listening ear. Because this is a great problem and this is one of the things that Freud discovered about, oh, maybe 50 or more years ago, that talking and talking out something is apt to bring more peace of mind to the individual than any of the medicines that they were giving.

And, it’s a very interesting thing. I read an excerpt of a book that is out on him now by Stone. I forget his first name. But in this, Freud, in his early days, was quite unhappy. And, he was quite unhappy because he never found the answer to something. And, when a patient came to him to talk to him about a problem or tried to work out something with him, he knew whether he could handle it or not. And, this is a perception that I think develops within any individual who has a great deal to do with people or has learned this awareness that we talk about beyond this body because he was constantly referring people to others because he said, “I don’t know what to do.”

And, this was a great revelation to me that a man in this state with this sort of mind at that position to say, “I don’t know what to do.” And, he was very worried over this sort of thing because that he could not diagnose or could he bring himself to the position of trying to give the person the answer. And, this stands well in all fields, including ECK and any other field, that we do not have the pat answers. Nobody has the formalized answer to anything that he can say to all people.

I used to know a Master in India and he was considered quite a high Master and you’d go to him. I know quite a lot of people who would ask him questions and he says, “Well, that’s your karma.” That was the end of it. It didn’t matter who went on there to see him. That was the answer.

I never will forget one. He was a very famous Master who died not too long ago.  I went  in to see him one day out of curiosity to visit him and he said to me without me even saying, “Well hello or any of that.” He said, “You have a great problem. I’ll help you. Goodbye.” You know, and I turned around and I went out the door and I stood there for a while, walked around a little bit and I says, “What’s he talking about?” All of a sudden, I saw the man was trapping me. He was trapping me into coming back to him and saying, “Gee, what’s my problem? What have I got to do now?”

And, this is the one thing that you have to be very wary of when you are talking with anyone as these formalized things and being trapped into a certain position. Don’t do it. Don’t let someone trap you in by words. Don’t let somebody introvert you to that position where that you are down here and not equal with them. And, they’ll do it. They’ll do it with everything that you go in. They’ll do it in business. They’ll do it in the spiritual works. They’ll do it in anything in order to divide you so that you’ll come back again. Now, this is one of the interesting facts, that you will have to grasp yourself, is sizing up that individual when you go in there regardless of whether you are clairvoyant or don’t even have the first degree of it. But, you’ll get so long after a while, that even if you are not clairvoyant and you don’t see how this man’s, his mind’s working, you can feel him. You can feel all of these things working, pouring out to you in this direction. See? You can feel what he wants mainly. Or, you can judge him by his words. Or, you can judge him by what he’s been doing in the past if you know anything about him. It has always been my idea that when anyone came to me on these things, I suggested, “Why don’t you go look at this man’s past record. See what he’s done in the past with other people and then you’ll begin to make a judgment of him.”

And, I says, “You’re the fellow to do it because you’re involved, not me. I can tell you what to do but I think you should go and find out for yourself. And, this is the way in following Masters. This is the way that we are trying to do with ECK is to have people to think for themselves and be free. And, by becoming free then they can make their own judgments. And, I had rather for people to be with me on an equal balance or on the same level in talking and acting and being than to try to sit up here and talk to people down there because it doesn’t work. And, it doesn’t work for the individual that’s down there, because he takes everything I say without rendering it to judgment. And, he should render he doesn’t everything to judgment because if he doesn’t, is taking everything on face value. Quickly as he learns to begin to render judgment in these fields, the better off that he will be because it will make of him a better man for himself and it will make him a better man for his fellow man. And, it will make him a better man for ECK.

Now, I have a lot of funny stories, you know, I could tell you about my home life, about all the little crazy things that happen over the world where I go but I don’t feel like I should bother with it because the time in talking to you gets precious. I have to get out. I have to say everything that can come through as fast as I can because we only have a short time here. I say that I’m just as human as the next fellow. I say that I get bawled out at home like every husband does. I have all the things which, you know, getting up in the morning, there’s the aches and the pains and the grunts and the groans and all of these various things. And, the silly dog that comes over once a day and takes a look around the yard and then goes over and drinks out of this little pool of water that hasn’t been cleaned out for two or three years and it must be a fountain of youth for him, you know,  because he’s got to come over and drink out of that or that doesn’t make his day. All of these things that go together like this, but as I say, I have to say I get the message out as quickly as I can. And, I do hope that when I say something to you that it does have a meaning and I hope you get something out of it. May the blessings be.